Monday, October 3, 2011

Watch "Food Matters" online free

Through Saturday only, watch the documentary "Food Matters" for free HERE.

This is the trailer:


  1. Looks great...scary but great! I hope to try and watch it this week. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. I watched part of it-have to go back and finish watching it when I get the chance. I did recently watch a video on titled, Trouble in Amish Paradise, that was interesting.

  3. That's interesting !
    I love documentaries, I have only watched the trailer but it seems interesting. Like you, I think most people taking medicines don't really need them. You can become addicted in a very few time, that's a bit insane.

    This is what I like about your blog :) Nice links about a healthy lifestyle. That sounds interesting.

    For instance, I already never watch tv (I don't have one in my appartment) but seeing your blog convinced me never to own one when I have a family on my own.

  4. Thanks for posting this video. In fact, you offer so many helpful ideas and information in various areas of life that I find it incredible to read some of your critics......

    Which brings me to another point, and this is OT, but I'm appalled....appalled at the Free Jinger site. I didn't even know it existed, but recently, after seeing it mentioned here, I found it and read some of their tripe. Unbelievable. Not only are they very embittered and hateful people, but to actually create a forum based upon people like you, the Duggars and others seems incredibly obsessive.

    It left such a sour taste that I won't read it again, even out of curiosity.


    I thoroughly enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work.


  5. Funny how its not ok to watch it on the "hellevision" but watching a movie on the "computer" is guys cracks me up.

  6. Some of us FUNdies do have TVs even though we have read books like,Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman, The Plug-in Drug by Marie Winn, Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television by Jerry Manders, and read books like Born to Buy: The Commercialization of Children(and other books in the library about tv marketing to children), and articles like the one by Matthew James,M.D. entitled Early Television Exposure a Possible Factor in Attention Deficit Disorder(funny thing in our culture that we want to protect our babies). Some of us,FUNdies, don't pay an absurd amount of money for tv service and do watch videos on TVs. Some of us,FUNdies, don't have computers or TVs because we don't want one in the house. I do agree that tv should be called "hellivision"- and Halloween should be called "Helloween". Mary Pride explains in her books,The Way Home( and All The Way Home, how we can have family fun without the tv in our homes.

  7. This film is left wing propaganda.


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