Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pink Stork Morning Sickness Solutions - A Review

Some time ago, I was contacted by Pink Stork Morning Sickness Solutions, asking if I was interested in reviewing their natural product line for treating morning sickness. After having suffered through Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) with most of my pregnancies, anything claiming to treat nausea and vomiting in pregnancy (NVP) immediately has my interest. Especially products that are natural, and even more so if these products address what I believe to be the true underlying cause of morning sickness and hyperemesis - Heliobacter pylori. 

I first blogged about the connection between H. pylori and NVP/HG about 9 months in my blog post, The Cause and Cure of Morning Sickness and Hyperemesis Gravidarum. With a view count of over 52,000 to date, it is THE most popular post on this blog, bar none. I have heard from scores and scores of readers who reported that their NVP/HG greatly improved by addressing the underlying issue of H. pylori colonization. During my most recent pregnancy, not only was I able to reduce my symptoms of hyperemesis and morning sickness by about 90% by following the protocol outlines in the blog post, but I was able to do so while expecting twins, which typically is accompanied by exacerbated nausea. Personally, as well as based on the testimony of others, I am convinced that gastrointestinal issues, more specifically an over-colonization with H. pylori, are the true cause of morning sickness. I just wish there were more doctors and researchers studying this subject in depth, and developing natural, safe, and effective treatment methods.

Pink Stork Morning Sickness Solutions promises to do just that with their line of natural products to relieve anything from morning sickness to hyperemesis by way of healing the gastrointestinal system, killing off the H. pylori, and addressing nutritional deficiencies.

One month supply of the full product line

1) Probiotic: Probiotics are healthy bacteria - billions of them. Taking them as a supplement helps swing the balance in favor of good vs. bad bacteria in the gut. These are to be taken ideally on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. The capsules are small, but you could also open the gelatin caps, pour the contents into some water, and take it that way.

2) Foundation, i.e. prenatal multivitamin: This is an organic, whole foods based, liquid multivitamin made from various plant extracts. The flavor is very pleasant, and I can tell that (at least for me) it would be palatable even while pregnant. If you have ever tasted the iron supplement Floradix, it has a similar taste, but milder and fruitier, and without the "blood" aftertaste. 

I was very excited about this prenatal multivitamin, and love everything about it, but then noticed that sadly, it contains two artificial preservatives: potassium sorbate, and potassium benzoate. I react poorly to both, and it was this reaction that led me to look for and discover the preservatives in the list of "other ingredients." Also, the sweeteners used are erythritol and stevia leaf extract, both of which I stay away from whenever possible. For me, this means that I would not be able to use this particular supplement in the Pink Stork line.

I have brought these issues up to Pink Stork Solutions, and they are working on re-formulating this supplement in the future. Most women will not be as sensitive as I am to these ingredients, and would probably benefit overall from this whole food nutrient based supplement. Especially since pharmaceutical solutions to hyperemesis contain their own cocktail of chemicals that are probably far more harmful than the preservatives in this product.

3) Organic Liquid folate supplement: Folate is the natural, plant based version of folic acid, which is a synthetic imitation not found in foods. Pink Stork folate is derived 100% from food sources (organic lemon peel extract).

The flavor is very pleasant. Sadly, this supplement, too, contains potassium sorbate and potassium benzoate, making it a no-go for me in spite of all its other wonderful ingredients and their health benefits.

4) Cocolaurin: This is a highly concentrated form of monolaurin, a fatty acid and form of lauric acid. It has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, effectively fighting harmful bacteria such as H. pylori, among many others. Monolaurin is a key component in breast milk. Pink Stork believes it to be the best and most natural way to combat H. pylori during pregnancy, and from my research on the subject, I must say they are probably right (though I have yet to try it during pregnancy myself).

At first I was a little baffled as to how to take this supplement, since it comes in the form of little pellets that are not to be chewed up (they are waxy).

I simply measure 3 scoops into a little paper cup like this, then pour them all into my mouth at once, and wash down with water. Very easy!

5) Organic apple cider vinegar: This probably doesn't sound appealing to a lot of ladies, but ACV even by itself is often enough to wipe out mild to moderate morning sickness. Pink Stork brand apple cider vinegar has a very pleasant taste to it, and does not taste overly acidic, especially once it is added to a glass of water. ACV helps restore proper balance and acid levels in the stomach, wiping out H. pylori thriving in the folds of the stomach walls.
Side note: If you suffer from heartburn (caused by pregnancy or otherwise), drinking 1 Tbsp of ACV in an 8 oz glass of water will put an instant stop to it. If you suffer from chronic heartburn, even heartburn so severe that you are using prescription drugs to control it, it can be safely and effectively overcome by drinking 3-4 cups of water + ACV every day for just a few days.


6) Magnesium Spray: This works along the same principle as the magnesium flakes, but can be used quickly and efficiently when taking a bath is not an option. Again, I had a liquid, spray-on magnesium supplement I used during my most recent pregnancy, with wonderful results. Anytime I felt my nausea increasing, I would spray it on my arms and legs, rub it in, and feel significantly better almost immediately.


7) Magnesium Flakes: There are multiple studies showing that magnesium deficiency greatly exacerbates morning sickness. Presumably, this is due to the electrolyte balance being out of whack, causing dehydration, which causes nausea and vomiting. 

Magnesium is best absorbed through the skin, as opposed to taking it internally in pill form. These flakes are to be added to bath water or foot soaks for quick, overall absorption and almost instantaneous relief. 

During my last pregnancy, in addition to supporting my GI system, I also used magnesium salts in my bath water with great success.

8) Organic Peppermint Oil: Peppermint helps quell nausea. This little bottle is for wafting under the nose when nausea strikes, as well as for masking unpleasant odors (you could put a few drops onto a tissue and hold it in front of your nose). Diluted with a carrier oil, it can also be applied to bottoms of feet or wrists for additional nausea relief.

9) Peach Ginger Tea: The typical suggestion of "try ginger to fix your morning sickness" makes me stabby, and I'm pretty sure that anyone who has ever endured hyperemesis will agree with me on this point. To be truthful, ginger DOES greatly support the GI tract, as well as help kill off H. pylori, but in a mom suffering from hyperemesis, it may only be a drop of water on a hot stone. Besides, the last thing I want to do is choke down a spicy-hot ginger beverage if my throat is already sore from throwing up.

So it was with some reluctance that I tried this tea, but a review is a review, right? Imagine my surprise to find I actually really, really LOVE this tea! It is neither spicy-hot, nor does it have an overwhelming ginger taste to it. Actually, it tastes like peach tea, which is the natural flavor it contains. 


Just to see how much ginger was in there (since I hardly tasted any), I tore open one of the used tea bags. Sure enough, lots of ginger in there! They are the little yellowish chunks in the picture below.

This tea has since become a treat for me. Each bag steeps up to 4 cups, so in the morning, I steep 1 bag in 2 cups of boiling water in a quart Mason jar, which I top off with cold water once the tea is done brewing. Then I sip on it throughout the day.

All these supplements come accompanied by a very readable booklet explaining each product in detail, as well as giving diet restrictions and recommendations (for example, cutting out sugar, processed foods, unprepared grains, etc.). There is also an extensive list of references backing up their claims.

Overall, I would definitely recommend these products to any mom suffering from hyperemesis or nausea and vomiting, with a word of caution regarding the preservatives in two of the products. I am excited about regularly incorporating the other products to my daily routine if and when I am blessed with another pregnancy.

To read more about Pink Stork Morning Sickness Solutions or to order their products, please click here. They are currently offering a 20% discount for first time customers! (Use discount code "first" at checkout.)

Note: I received a one-month supply of all of the above products for free in exchange for this honest, unbiased review.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

If I had a nickel everytime someone said...

"Wow, you sure have your hands full!"

I typically just ignore whoever says it, because I HATE that comment! If it's a nice old lady, I might give her a big friendly smile. If it's a rude jerk, I might say, "Wow, I've never heard that before!" But most of the time, I just pretend I didn't hear them.
Yes, I have my hands full. Is that wrong? And is that the most creative thing you can think of? And could you kindly stop communicating the message to my kids that they are a burden, whether that's what you are trying to say or not? Just because you are stating an obvious fact does not make it okay to say (again and again and again and again). Do you really think you are the first person to say that?

Imagine me commenting to random strangers:

- Wow, you sure look lonely! (to the single)
- Wow, it must be horrible not being able to walk/see! (to the disabled)
- Wow, your family sure is small!
- Wow, you sure look old/young/haggard/fat/tired/etc.
- Wow, you sure are covered in tattoos!
- Wow, are you really going to eat the junk you just loaded into your cart?
- Wow, you sure are wearing an interesting outfit today.

I could go on. Remember, there is a time and a place to voice whatever your opinion is, such as "I think birth control is stupid and wrong," or, on the contrary, "the planet is overpopulated and people should stop breeding." You are fully entitled to your opinion. But you will not find me personally confronting individuals I encounter at the store about their choices. That's just common courtesy.  Now if it's something grossly inappropriate and reprobate, such as a big burly guy in a flouncy summer dress, you may overhear me telling my kids to stay far away from you and not look your way, but I don't think we fall into that category, so please resist the urge to add to the thousands who have said, "Wow, you sure have your hands full!"
So, what is your favorite response to this stupid remark?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

You can't miss us!

For Father's Day this year, I made up and ordered these shirts for my husband and myself:

I figured these would be fun to have on outings this summer, when we are asked the typical questions (repeatedly) pretty much every time we go anywhere with the whole family.

And since I like to dress the kids in matching bright colors so as to make it easier to keep track of them at busy venues such as the zoo etc., I also ordered shirts for the kids with their name and birth order on the back.

My favorite? Boaz' tiny onesie :)

All these shirts were ordered through CustomInk, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Outstanding customer service, great turnaround time, easy to navigate website, and the best prices I found anywhere. I have no affiliations with the company, just recommending them because they deserve the publicity.

We have also updated the sticker on the breedermobil family van....

The lady who originally sent us these stickers had wisely included the baby on the far right for future use :)

and changed the license plate to reflect our growing family size. 

We can be spotted (and heard!) from a mile away... :) Most all of the time, people are very friendly and happy to see our traveling circus. The critics are definitely the exception, not the rule. 

And if you want to make the kids' day, just ask "Are they all yours??!?" They will break out in cheers because we spring for a round of ice cream each time we get asked that, just so they never get resentful of hearing that question. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Abiding Radio

At the homeschool convention, I was excited to come across a booth by "Abiding Radio", an online conservative Christian radio station that streams music 24/7 on four different channels. As it turns out, they are based out of Mesa, Arizona - right here in our own backyard. I enjoyed getting to know the people behind the radio station a little bit. Like us, they are independent, fundamental Baptists and share our conservative values. Not to mention they were just simply nice people!

This radio service free because it is supported purely by donations. You can connect not only from your home computer, but also through a smart phone app.

The children have been enjoying tuning in to the Kids' channel during meal times, car rides, and other down times. They know all the "Patch the Pirate" songs on there by heart from owning all the albums. I love how many scripture songs they play on there, too. Baby Boaz is not at all fond of riding in the car, but as long as I keep the music playing for him, he will either listen contently, or doze off peacefully. 

Maybe you, too, will be blessed by their ministry! :)

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Large family joys

Having a large family definitely comes with its set of challenges, not the least of which is having lots of different personalities trying to live together in harmony for the most part. There just are so many possible combinations of family members to interact with one another that conflict cannot be avoided all the time. 

Yet, by the same token, seeing our children being sweet and loving with their siblings is one of the greatest joys for this mama.

This big guy has been with us almost since the very beginning. Truly, children of the youth are as arrows in the hands of a mighty man. My husband and I were both just young pups ourselves when we had this guy, so he's been there for most of the growing and learning we have done as adults and as parents up to this point. I'm thankful he is an especially loving and forgiving soul! :)

Isaac loves helping with his younger siblings in the service. Little Boaz is clearly enjoying it :) Anna in particular adores him, and always wants to have him be her "buddy" when we are out in public and the kids are paired up. Isaac is also my go-to guy for helping with getting the youngest ones ready for bed and all tucked in. He can brush their teeth, bathe them, and wash their hair like a pro!

John is another doting big brother. Little Boaz is very popular around here :) His favorite thing is to bring younger siblings along on his animal chores, and to play Legos and Playmobil with them.

Relaxing on Miriam's shoulder while waiting to get our tire fixed. She's basically a "mini me" with the babies.

Becky is only allowed to hold Boaz while she is sitting down, so she usually mothers Stephen and Anna. Here, she is pretending "house" with them and her dolls, tucking them in for a nap.

Look at the difference in size 22 months make! Stephen is still super excited about his baby brother, and dotes on him daily with kisses, hugs, pats, and occasionally trying to sneak him food. 

I am thankful that for the most part, our kids get along with each other wonderfully, and treasure their siblings. I truly believe that there are two keys to their close relationships: For one, the fact that rather than being separated from each other all day in different grades at school, they are around each other all day, every day. And secondly, the fact that we view children as God's greatest earthly blessings has been impressed on each of them as the years are going on, and the family keeps growing. Somehow, they seem to have caught on to the notion! :)

Friday, July 18, 2014

The three little fishies

Our kids go swimming in the pool pretty much every single day from April through October, as well as a few days a week in March and November, when the water is almost too cold. By "almost too cold" I mean 70 degrees, which is my threshold for letting them go swimming.

All that chlorine in the water was really doing a number on the girls' hair this year. Miriam loves jumping in and diving underwater, so her hair was getting drenched every time she went swimming. Her hair became dry and brittle, and the ends were feeling like plastic doll hair - yikes!

I found these cute little swim caps on Amazon, and must say they work great! Only the hair around the very edges of the cap gets a little damp during swimming now, no matter how wildly the girls play in the pool. They go on pretty easily, though it helps that I braid their hair first. At age 7, with hair all the way down to her hips, this swim cap still fits Miriam well, though I doubt it will still work next year.

The girls also came up with a fun little game, "The three little fishes and the big bad shark." The big bad shark being one of their brothers chasing them around the pool. 

No affiliate links or anything - just wanted to say these swim caps are cute and very good at keeping the girls' hair dry. :)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

My personal gelato shop

My husband really is the greatest guy! 

For years, I had been wanting a compressor-style ice cream maker. Unlike machines that require the bowl to be frozen, those with their own compressor have a built-in freezer. This offers several advantages. For one, they can keep up with the Arizona heat and crank out a batch of firm ice cream even on the hottest summer days. More importantly, they can make batch after batch, without the bowl having to be frozen overnight. A major boon when feeding 9 eager mouths hungry for ice cream. 

Anyhow, several weeks ago, I found a commercial gelato maker on Craigslist. I just love commercial anything, because they have greater capacity and there are so many of us. Plus, commercial stuff usually holds up much better. The price was ridiculously low, just a small fraction of what this puppy costs new. The only problem was that the people selling it lived a couple of hours away in the sticks, which must have been why they kept lowering the price. (By comparison, someone was selling a BROKEN unit for three times that price here in the city.) 

I had mentioned it to my husband, but there was no way I was willing or able to go that far to pick it up, with Boaz still being little and not liking to ride in the car. Later that week, I was having a particularly rough day. My husband came home from the office that night, and realizing I'd had a long day, asked what he could do to cheer me up. To myself, I thought "I would really like that ice cream maker right now!" but of course didn't say so. 

Well, he walked back out to the van, and walked back in - with my new (to me) gelato maker! I thought he had been at the office all afternoon, but he had, in fact, driven for hours to get it for me. I had not seen that coming, at all! Ever since then, we have made "ice cream" part of our family's daily food pyramid :) So many possibilities!! Just check out my Pinterest board for ice cream recipes :)

I set up a dedicated "ice cream station", where we keep the gelato maker, ice cream dishes/spoons/scoops, paper and plastic tubs for gift-giving and freezing, jars with various toppings, and a waffle cone maker. It has seen a lot of use this summer!

Pumpkin Pie gelato, topped with whipped cream, graham cracker crumbs, and pecan pieces.

Mmmh mmmh! Let me tell you, fresh ice cream goes a long ways towards a happy marriage!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Highlights from the Homeschool Conference

And by highlights, I mean cute pics of my family :) 

The conference was great, as always. I loved catching up with friends and acquaintances in the homeschooling world, being around thousands of like-minded people, browsing the exhibit hall for fresh ideas, sitting in on a few sessions, chatting with fellow exhibitors when we got there early to set up our own booth and stay late to clean up, etc. In a way I wish the conference were longer, and in a way I'm glad it's not.

Day 1 - Orange

 Day 2 - Yellow

And a happy baby both days!

We had a booth for my husband's "Complete Church Piano Course" again this year, and also gave out thousands of sermon CDs and hundreds of the "After the Tribulation", "New World Order Bible Versions," and the 22-hour Revelation series DVDs for free. 

We were busy half the day on Thursday packing and setting up our booth, and were at the conference about 12 hours each on Friday and Saturday. With 8 kids who needed to be fed, watered, entertained, kept in line, (some) diapered etc. this was no easy feat!!! Plus, I wanted to go to some of the sessions and shop for materials, too. A sweet lady from our church helped us all day both days of the conference, which was absolutely awesome!

Would you believe Solomon is starting 9th Grade this fall? I just cannot believe how fast time is flying by. Isaac will be 7th, John 5th, Miriam 3rd, Becky 1st (she is repeating last year because she only finished her books half-way, being as she is only 5 and likes to play a lot), and Anna has a few Pre-K workbooks.

Speaking of Solomon, he got his first major paying job at the conference! When we went to the exhibit hall on Thursday to set up our booth, before it was open to the public, we got to chatting with a fellow exhibitor, "Creating a Masterpiece". He mentioned that he needed two volunteers to demonstrate the art curriculum he was selling by going through the DVD, following the instructions, and creating a piece of artwork during the hours that the convention was open. Both Solomon and John jumped on the offer. The exhibitor then asked if Solomon was interested in helping other kids go through the DVD both days of the conference, 2 kids per hour, during the public hours of the exhibit hall. Of course, Solomon said yes! His job was basically to start the DVD for the kids, stop it every time the instructions got to the next step, help as needed, etc. Then repeat every hour from 10 am to 7 pm (minus breaks).


I must say both his Dad and I were mighty proud of him. He worked hard, even though I am sure that after going through the same DVD for the 15th time, it must have started to be a bit boring. Every representative at the booth that he was working at said he was a big help to them. His boss paid him $9/hour, which I thought was very generous for a 12-year old. Not to mention the fact that they were willing to work with someone that age in the first place, and offer him such a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow. Solomon spent some of his money buying 3 of the art DVDs because he liked them so much (I bought 3 more, because they really are wonderful), and took the rest of his wages in a paycheck. (Sniffle!) Where oh where has my little baby gone??!?!?

They offered him the job again for next year. Of course, Solomon excitedly told them "Yes!" I do hope it works out for him.

All the kids did remarkably well, especially considering how much time and effort we put into this. It's been several days, and I am just now getting caught up on sleep. But always so worth it!!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Progress update on Trim Healthy Mama

If you have read my previous posts on the popular "Trim Healthy Mama" book, you may remember that I like the plan, except for the frankenfoods and artificial "natural" sweeteners it promotes. If you have not yet done so, you can read my previous posts on the topic here and here

The authors' insistence to the contrary notwithstanding, YES, the plan works fabulously well when raw honey, dark maple syrup, or other wholesome sweeteners are used in the recipes. Yes, you CAN kick stevia and erythritol/xylitol to the curb where they belong, still have great success with the concept of separating carbs and fats, and see the pounds melt away.

I started THM 2 weeks postpartum, and have lost 15 lbs in the 7 weeks since then, or roughly 2 lbs per week. Because I am not restricting my caloric intake, losing weight at this rate has not negatively affected my milk supply. In fact, I feel that it is better than ever.

You may think that being so recently postpartum, I was bound to lose weight without effort, but that just is not true for me. Without a concerted effort on my part, I would weigh what I weigh the day after giving birth indefinitely. Even now, if I go off-plan, my weight loss immediately stops, even if I do reduce portion sizes when "off-plan."

Specifically, I have never limited how much honey I use with "E" dishes (carb-fueled), and limit myself to about a tablespoon or so per serving for "S" (fat-fueled) or "FP" meals. The exact amount may vary from person to person. Generally, I do not sweeten my foods very much even when not trying to lose weight, and mostly avoid desserts. If your goal in eating THM-style is to be able to eat desserts at every meal, the plan may not work for you with natural sweeteners. I am saying that because a lot of ladies in the THM camp sing the praises of being able to have chocolate for breakfast, cake for lunch, and ice cream for dinner. Okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration. In any case, moderation is key - that should go without saying. But by and large, I do not find that the plan is any less effective now that I use honey than back when I used it with stevia. 

I also make an exception for milk, allowing myself one cup of raw whole milk most days with E meals, without any adverse effects.

If you follow the THM plan and have advice or feedback to share, please do so in the comments below.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

More summer fun

Oh my, has it REALLY been two weeks since I last blogged? Waaaah! - where has the time gone??!? This summer is certainly a busy one. We have been working down our "bucket list" some more:
  • Visit the Arizona Science Center: We went with friends from church. Their daughter is the age of our oldest two boys, which made it particularly fun for them.

Both Becky and John were picked as volunteers for one of the demonstrations :)

  • Go hiking at Mt. Humphreys, the highest point in the state of AZ: This was for the guys only! About 15 men from our church went that day, plus our three boys. Conditions on the mountain that day were insane, with wind speeds approaching hurricane force. Of course, as there were only guys on this trip, nobody would be dissuaded from soldiering on to the very top, in spite of the fact that every other hiker they encountered that day turned around when they reached the timber line, and were exposed to the elements. I'm just glad nobody got blown off the side of the mountain, and made it home safe and sound... 

  • Go geocaching: We finally tried it, and loved it... more or less! :) I think this pastime is best enjoyed by more nerdy-leaning folks who enjoy high-tech scavenger hunts. Some of the caches are simply impossible to find, clues and coordinates or not.

  • Make marshmallows from scratch: There are many recipes online for making your own marshmallows. I chose one that uses honey and high-quality gelatin, thinking that something cannot both be a yummy candy AND completely wholesome, but was glad to be wrong: the kids LOVED these, and I felt good about letting them eat as many as they wanted. I didn't take a picture, but in spite of the honey syrup being brown, as I whipped the mixture, it became perfectly fluffy and white, as one would expect a marshmallow to be. We saved some of the marshmallow creme to make rice crispy treats, too.

  • Make personal pizzas: Of course, this is always a favorite with the kids!

  • Go on a camping trip: Our church's annual camping trip was at the end of June. This year, we had a total of 80 people, with 41 of those being children (38 of which were 9 or younger - wow!)

Fair warning: get ready to be photo-bombed with my cute littlest camper, who has been giving us the biggest and sweetest smiles :)

  • Set up the projector in the back yard and watch a movie/docu while floating in the pool after dark 
  • See fireworks  
We combined these last two into our 4th of July activity. The kids all agreed that they would much rather set off their own fireworks than watch a big display somewhere else. My husband set up the projector, and we played "KJB - The Book that Changed the World" on the back wall of the house by the pool, while he grilled sausages for all of us to enjoy as we floated in the pool and watched the docu. Once it was over, him and the kids set off fireworks on our street. It was close to 11 pm by the time everyone was in bed that night. 

  • Make s'mores: I wasn't motivated enough to make a solar oven with the kids, or to light the fire pit, so we just made these under the broiler in the oven. To make it more fun, we used PB cups, mint patties, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and coffee & cream chocolate for the s'mores.  

One activity that was missing from our bucket list, but that I was hoping to be able to do, was playing in the rain. We simply cannot count on rain in the desert, but thankfully, we have so far had one dust storm, followed by torrential downpours, this summer. It started late at night, just as I was about to send the oldest kids to bed. Funny enough, the kids had all been told to go to bed in their swim clothes that night, because we were planning on getting up at the crack of dawn and heading to the splash pad for a picnic breakfast before the sun got too hot. So it was easy enough to just send everyone out the front door, even though it was getting late. Miriam had fallen asleep already, but since rain is so rare, I decided to wake her up and see if she wanted to go play in it. She was so disoriented when she got up, that she started brushing her teeth, thinking it was morning and we were leaving for the splash pad. The next day, she had no recollection of that, whatsoever! :)

The rest of this week is very full as well. Tomorrow, I have to get some dental work done, take  a meal to a new mom, and then there is church at night. Thursday, we are packing up for the homeschool convention, and setting up our booth in the afternoon (we are exhibitors again this year!). All day Friday and Saturday will be spent at the convention. Sundays are busy days for us, and by Monday I will be ready to just crash and rest.

Thank you for checking in! :)