Monday, January 28, 2008


This blog is open for comments again, but there has been one major change. Basically, only comments left anonymously will be allowed. You can leave your name at the end of the comment, but no links to other user names/profiles/or websites.

Right now, all previous comments are being copied and pasted into anonymous blogs, with names only given, but it will probably take me until the end of this week to get that all done.

This may seem drastic, but there are lots of freaks out there who comment on "mommy blogs" to drive unsuspecting readers to their filthy smut. So he may leave a comment on the website of a lady who then comments here on my blog, linking me to him indirectly.

This exact thing happened last week. Every day since then, I have been getting calls from a freak (or maybe the calls were all from different, unrelated people).

For example:

(phone rings, I pick up)

Me: Hello, this is Zsuzsanna Anderson.
He: (long silence, then:) Ah, yes, is the senior pastor there?
Me: May I ask who's calling?
He: Yes, and who are YOU?
Me: Eh! (hang up)

(phone rings again, I pick up)
Me: Please don't call again! (hang up)

(phone rings again, I reject the call)

Shortly thereafter, I get notified that a voicemail message had been left. Let's just say that I hit "delete" a couple of seconds into the message because it was the most profane, vulgar, perverted and disgusting subject matter and language imaginable. He sounded demon possessed. He could have fit the profile of "AKM" last week, or he could have been just another freak. It's not like there aren't enough out there, lurking in churches for easy targets.

All that to say this: I do not mean to offend anyone by not allowing links to other websites. My only goal is to protect readers of my blog.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

10 Creative Uses for Cheerios

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Just some ideas to get you thinking.

1. Use as counters for math.
2. Use as toilet targets for little boys.
3. String into a necklace for a little girl.
4. Have your child glue them onto paper in the shape of letters, numbers, etc.
5. Use for bird/duck food and observe the animals.
6. Lay out in a "trail" and have your baby follow it.
7. Make a quick rattle by filling a small plastic container with them.
8. Glue together into interesting structures and buildings.
9. Have child write a note and use cheerios in place of all o's
10. And of course, always keep a small baggie in your purse or vehicle for a quick, non-perishable snack.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


We have been busy as usual since I last posted. Schoolwork is going very well, and I finally feel like I have the right balance of how much to do each day with each child. Isaac's reading and math just skyrocketed this last week. It's a relief to me because my patience was wearing a little thin with the poor guy. He is turning 5 next month, a few days after Miriam's first birthday.

Miriam also has reached an important milestone: her hair is long enough to put in a tiny pigtail! Yes, I have been waiting for YEARS to fix my daughter's hair! Isn't she cute??

With her proud big brother Solomon

Doing what she does best: digging through my purse

Miriam has also been taking a couple of steps this week. She has been cruising along the furniture for several months now, but has never had the courage to let go. We think that she could walk across the room if she tried, but she is too cautious. Other than digging through my purse and wallet, her favorite pastime is trying to crawl into the dishwasher when it's being emptied/loaded. She can hear the dishes banging clear across the house, speed-crawls over, and tries to crawl inside. Solomon used to do the exact same thing. It's funny because he was the oldest boy, she is the oldest girl, and they are very much alike.

John decided to squeeze into Miriam's snowsuit in an attempt to dress up as an astronaut:

Of course, with weather like this, we really don't use the snowsuit much anyway:

Well, actually, we only have to drive 2 hours North to get to one of the most beautiful places for skiing and snowplay. I am thinking about taking the kids up there Saturday next week. Don't be deceived by the picture above: only the spa part is hot, the pool was only about 40 degrees. It won't be warm enough for swimming until May. It is warm enough during the day to go swimming, but the water is too cold from the nighttime temperatures. Even though we have a pool heater we don't use it because it would cost hundreds of dollars to keep the pool water warm even just for a few days. So we just heat up the spa by itself, which is fun enough in the winter.

This Sunday, our church had 4 baptisms, two of which were Solomon and Isaac. Solomon has been saved for a year and a half, and Isaac for about a year now.

My husband with Solomon in the water and Isaac waiting for his turn


Isaac - he was literally jumping for joy after he came out!


My husband's business travels took him to Washington, DC and Pennsylvania last week, where he recorded the third part of his ancestry series. You can watch it here:

And finally, I wanted to give my Grocery Game update from yesterday: I spent $ 42.42 on $ 125.52 worth of food and other stuff. That's a savings of $ 83.10 (or 66%). All I can say it's really fun seeing how little I can spend. I guess that's why I love thrift store shopping, eBay, and craigslist! It's hard to tell from the picture how much I really got. My favorite this week was $.25 for a pack of sausages that usually costs $2.49 per pack. I had eight coupons, so there's lots of sausage in my freezer now... They are really, really good, and all natural.

Afterwards, I took the kids to Coldstone Creamery next to the grocery store. Good friends of ours had given us a gift card for Christmas, so this, too, was free. Thank you! :) I think this was our third or fourth time going there on the card, but we finally used it all up yesterday.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"The Grocery Game" Update

A little while ago I wrote about a new thing I was trying, "The Grocery Game". Please click here if you missed my posts and would like to read about it. I thought I would give a little update on it, because I think more families could benefit from this if they gave it a try.

First off, let me say that up until starting this, I never used coupons. Sometimes I would get ambitious and clip coupons for things I knew I would buy, but I would either forget to use them, or forget to bring them to the store. Now I use them every week.

This is different in that I go to the store with a list of items that are on sale, as well as all my coupons ready in a pile. By combining coupons from previous weeks (and even months) with this week's sales, on average the final price comes out to be 60-65% cheaper than full price. The Grocery Game does all the work for me, I just print a list of items I want to buy and get the corresponding coupons.

The savings build up more and more each week as my stockpiles grow and I find myself having to buy less and less items at regular price. This includes groceries and many household items such as toiletries, cleaning supplies, paper towels, over-the-counter medicines etc.

Our family has had a budget for about five years now, and although I always stayed "in the ballpark" on spending my categories, I don't think I have ever not gone over any of the set amounts by the end of the month. This month, January, may be the first month that I will not go over at all. This is largely due to the significant savings from The Grocery Game. Another factor is that I pulled out half of my monthly allowance in cash on the 1st of January, and the other half on the 15th. I have found that staying on track is so much easier when I can see how much money I have left in each category, rather than thinking "Well, I need this, so I'll just buy it and worry about fitting it into the budget later." Not that I was a horrible spender, but by month's end I probably went over the budget by about 10%-20% or so. Besides, I was spending about 2 hours a week entering all my ATM card transactions into the checkbook, as well as into a computer-based banking software, which I have now eliminated almost completely since I only have to enter two cash withdrawals and the online bill payments. My husband doesn't use his ATM card because he hardly ever buys anything. He has a company card for his expenses while working and traveling. On the 14th, I still had almost $50 left over in cash, so I am on track to meeting my budget this month. All that while my cupboards are all full to the brim with stockpiled food, while I am wondering where else I could store it.

It certainly takes some time and effort to cut and categorize the coupons. A lady at our church gives me her coupons, as well as those of other ladies at her work, so I get about 5 sets of coupons each week. For example, the Sunday paper a week and a half ago had 6 coupon booklets in it. To clip and categorize all the coupons would probably have taken 30 minutes. But I had 5 sets (5x6=30), so it took me several hours to clip and file them all. Every Tuesday afternoon I sit down on the sofa with the baby napping in my arms while the other kids are also napping or playing quietly, and clip all the coupons, categorize them, and go over my list. The shopping itself probably takes another hour. Of course, if you have older kids, you could have them do all the clipping and maybe even the categorizing.

This is us at the store. I pick my store based on how many
kids can fit in the cart at the same time. This one holds 4,
two in the bottom and two in the top, but Solomon prefers
to ride on the roof. Try pushing this around for an hour! :)

This week, using the coupons saved me an additional $59.08. If I spent a total of four hours, that's $15/hour that I earned by saving. Remember, "A penny saved is a penny earned". Actually, a penny saved is a lot more than a penny earned, because I don't have to tithe or pay taxes on it, and there are none of the usual expenses that come with a job (transportation, wardrobe, child care, etc.). I think a lot more Moms would be able to live without that second income and instead stay home with their children if they realized how little of their pay they are actually taking home.

The bottom of my receipt lists the total savings, $ 172.89.
Of that, $59.08 was from coupons, the rest was from store
sales. Overall, I saved 62%

Regular price: $284.08
I paid: $111.19

We needed two carts by the time we were done shopping.

Each week, there are also items that I am getting for free because the sale price is less than the value of my coupon (which is usually doubled, sometimes tripled). This week, I got 3 bags of dog treats and 6 bottles of Purell hand sanitizer for free. Other free items in the past have been toothpaste, shampoo, cleaner, Nestle choc. chips, yeast packets, rice-a-roni, and various Betty Crocker items, just to name a few.

The subscription for this service is pretty cheap, $10 for 8 weeks. A 4 week trial is only $1. You can have lists for more than one store at $5 extra for each additional store, but I find that one store is plenty. If you do decide to give this a try, I would very much appreciate if you could put down my e-mail address in the referral line. I think I get an extra week (or is it month?) for every person that I refer to this service. You can find my e-mail address under "Contact" on my profile to the right.

In addition to saving me tons of money, this is really FUN! Seriously! I love seeing the cashier's reaction when she realizes how much I saved. I love paying $.10 for an $2.89 item. I love having tons of food and household items on hand, and not having to run to the store for that one item I need to finish dinner (and come back with tons of other stuff I didn't mean to buy). I love calling my husband on the way home from the store and gloating about how much I saved. It's almost addictive!

Give it a try!


On to a different subject: This is what John put on when I told him to get ready for bed. You may not know this, but in Arizona we actually sleep in igloos...

I just love that look on his face. It's so typical for him. He is my little heart-throb, and women and girls of all ages fall for his sweet, little face. His name "Johnny" only adds to the charm. I have never taken him anywhere without just having strangers gushing over him. Of course, he just eats it up... :)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Family Ancestry Part 2

This is the next installment in my husband's tracing of his family line. Click here if you missed the first part and would like to watch it.

I think his new hobby of family ancestry had a lot to do with my husband agreeing to go on a trip to Germany. He has since traced his family back to a tiny village in Switzerland, where his 5th through 11th great-grandparents lived. As I found out on the internet today, the old historic building in that village, a major tourist attraction, is actually named after his ancestors, the Knuttis. Below are two pictures of the Knutti-Haus. Although I have not yet found out how old this building is, my guess is that it is several hundred years old. The church building in the village dates back to the 12th century, and still looks like it is in great shape, so this house could likewise be very old.

We are hoping to be able to visit this place while in Europe, but it is far from where we will be staying (315 miles one way) and the road conditions (snow) in the very mountainous region may be too bad. It looks beautiful, though. I have driven through the Alps (the mountain range spanning from France across Switzerland and Austria into Southern Germany) and it is simply the most breathtaking scenery, unlike any other mountain range I have ever seen. You may have seen pictures of the famous Neuschwanstein castle, which is also in the Alps.

It is even more beautiful than that in real life. I took Solomon to see this castle the first time I flew to Germany with him, but he was only 6 months old and doesn't remember it, of course. It would be nice to take the whole family there this time, but we may not have time for that.

Can you tell how excited I am about this trip??!!?

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pictures from this week

This is what it looks like when I go shopping with four little ones in tow. See how much room there is left in the cart for all those things I need to buy?!

Fall is here! Yep, that's right. In Arizona, the trees are just now losing their leaves. The boys were very eager to help rake them all into a big pile, and then went jumping in the pile.

One night before bedtime this week, the kids were putting on various puppet shows:

How many kids can fit in one bathtub?




Solomon is reading through the New Testament on his own this year (in addition to our daily Bible reading as a family). He has read it on his own every single day so far, and is very excited about it. Here he is before bedtime, reading.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


January 8, 2008


Colorado parents Tom and Tina Shiflett were shocked to face a SWAT team invasion of their home after their son was involved in a minor accident. The parents had chosen to monitor their son themselves rather than taking him to the hospital after the injury occurred.

Eleven-year-old John Shiflett was injured when he grabbed the door handle on a car as his older sister was starting to drive away slowly. When the child hit his head his father immediately brought him to the house. Tom, who served with paramedics in Vietnam, checked his son for any broken bones or signs of danger such as dilated eyes. Seeing that their son was capable of spelling words and even reciting entire Bible verses, and had no symptoms of serious injury, Tom and Tina decided to keep him at home and let him rest while monitoring him closely.


A neighbor, however, who was alarmed at observing the accident, called an ambulance to the home. When the Westcare Ambulance and paramedics showed up at the door, both parents consented to the examination of their son. While the paramedics were not able to find any significant issues, they still wanted to take the boy to the hospital for an examination-to which Tom and Tina objected. Feeling certain their son was fine, and not wishing to incur the hospital costs, they elected not to send John to the hospital.

The ambulance crew became irate at the family for refusing to allow them to take the 11-year-old to the hospital. Their attempts at calling police to report the family failed, as the police informed them that it was the parents' decision. The crew then resorted to calling the sheriff's office, which responded to the home and saw that the child was being adequately cared for.

Tom and Tina were shocked, however, when the following day social workers showed up on their doorstep, demanding to interview 11-year-old John privately. Tom and Tina had to get their son out of the bath to bring him to the front porch where the social workers could see him.


The most appalling segment of the Shiflett family ordeal occurred when an armed SWAT team attacked the home later that afternoon, entering with guns and seizing 11-year-old John at gunpoint. One official pointed a gun straight in the face of Tom's 20-year-old daughter.

The horrifying experience led to John's forced examination by a physician--who pronounced him fine.

While the Shiflett family is currently pursuing legal action after the terrible assault on their family, their story remains a symbol of the disturbing attack on parental rights within our nation. "I don't know where social services ever got started, or where they got their authority," Tom said, "But I want to know why we have something in this country that violates our rights, that takes a parental right away."

Today, more than ever before, we must be actively engaged in protecting and preserving the right of parents to make crucial decisions for their children-because no government entity can replace the role of a parent in a child's life. Please join with us by encouraging your friends to get involved in the battle to protect parental rights. Please forward this email to your friends, and encourage them to join the campaign today at


SWAT officers invade home, take 11-year-old at gunpoint

Monday, January 7, 2008

Our upcoming trip to Germany

I have a new favorite website:

As I was browsing the prices today for cheap airfares for a relative of mine who was thinking about visiting us, I found trips from Phoenix to Munich, Germany for [:::::drum roll::::] $158. That's going on the main airlines, United and Lufthansa, which cost about $2500 during peak season. Of course you have to add the taxes and "security fees" to that (i.e. taxes by another name), and the tickets came out to be $350 per person. In more than 7 years that I have lived in the US I have never found a ticket for less than $550. We had been thinking about possibly going to Germany sometime this fall, but I never really thought it was going to happen. When I found this today I knew that nothing would beat this price, so I called my husband and - much to my surprise - he agreed to go to Germany with us. I have flown to Germany three times since we have been married, but it was only ever me and the kids because he couldn't take the time off as well as afford another flight. Flying to another continent by yourself with four little kids is not that easy, especially because there is not direct flight from Phoenix to Germany and we have to change planes once. Besides, I really didn't want to go without my husband again. Many of my relatives had never even met him before.

I am so excited! We are not leaving for several more weeks. I think the wait is going to kill me. We will be gone for a week and a half, the longest time we have ever gone anywhere. Obviously, we can't be gone for longer than that because of church. Already, my husband is missing three of his services (two Wednesdays and a Sunday). Of course the kids thought we were leaving tomorrow, and John started crying when I told him it would be a while. So I filled a glass jar with marbles, one for each day until the trip. They get to take out one marble each day, and the day they take out the last marble is the day we are leaving.

But back to the website: I had to call their customer service twice, and both times I got through to a real person immediately. They were very competent and even more courteous. When they put me on hold for a minute I was listening to classical violin music, which is about the best you can expect these days. There were no hidden fees or any other scams.


Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Pictures

Oh, it's so rough living in a place where the temperatures during the cold months are around 70 degrees in the daytime...

Isaac and John are still wearing their firemen costumes everywhere.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Creative Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

You can tell what's been on my mind... but, it's never too early to start planning. I will have to have a plan all in place, because once I find out I am pregnant I just can't wait to let my husband know that day one way or another. I'm just not good at keeping secrets. Here are some funny ideas I found online:

  1. Buy a baby rattle, baby booties, baby bottle, a bib and a small teddy bear. Tie them together with ribbon and hang them over the rearview mirror in your husband’s vehicle.
  2. Hang a “Baby On Board” sign in your husband’s window.
  3. Put a baby doll in the front seat of your husband’s vehicle, seat belt the baby in with a card of Congratulations.
  4. Have a Parking Sign Made and put it in your driveway. “Pregnant Women Only” or “Dads Only”.
  5. Rent a Stork yard sign – have them write on it “Welcome Home Daddy”
  6. Post signs on the side of the road – on the route your husband takes home from work. Attach two balloons to the top. Write, Congratulations (name) you are going to be a Daddy.
  7. Announce your pregnancy on a “Billboard” that is on your husbands way to work.
  8. While your husband is taking a shower, go in and write on the mirror, “We Are Having A Baby” and a bunch of little hearts with your lipstick.
  9. Have a Bath towel embroidered saying “Daddy-To-Be” and hang it on the towel rack.
  10. Put Baby Shampoo and baby bath in your shower or by the bathtub.
  11. Buy Pre-Natal Vitamins and put them by the kitchen sink or next to sink in your bathroom.
  12. If your doctor writes you a prescription for prenatal vitamins, give the prescription to your husband and ask him to get it filled for you.
  13. Wear a t-shirt that says, “Baby on Board” or “Baby due in ... (the month that you are expecting)".
  14. Buy small baby toys and put them under your husband’s pillow and under the covers on his side of the bed. If he asks what’s going on, tell him he is going to get used to toys being around the house.
  15. Put a baby diaper in your husband’s underwear drawer. Write on the diaper,”You are going to be a Daddy”.
  16. Decorate a bedroom in you home with balloons, streamers and a Banner that says, “Future Baby’s Room” include your due date.
  17. Buy a “Shhh..Baby Sleeping” Door Hanger and put it on the future baby room.
  18. Play a game of scrabble and do your best to create all words pertaining to baby.
  19. With a washable marker, write on your belly, “Hi Daddy”.
  20. Wrap a ribbon around your belly area and put a bow on.
  21. Buy a bag of Pink and Blue balloons and helium tank, blow them all up and have the pregnancy test wrapped around a ribbon from a balloon.
  22. Put pink and blue balloons filled with helium in a large box with a pregnancy book. Wrap it up and give it as a gift to dad.
  23. Put your Positive Pregnancy Test in a Card that says Congratulations.
  24. Have a T-Shirt made, “Daddy-To-Be”.
  25. Buy a glass jar and have them engrave “Daddy-To-Be” with your due date on it. Fill it with pink and blue M&M’s.
  26. Buy a Key Chain that says “Daddy” on it and put it on your husband’s key chain.
  27. Make a mini scrap book from the time that you met all the way to you getting pregnant. On the last page put a picture of a stork with your due date.
  28. Have a Custom coffee cup made, “Daddy-To-Be” and exchange it for his favorite coffee cup.
  29. If your husband is a cook, have an apron made that says, “Cooking for 3”.
  30. Create a Dinner Menu that lists Drinks: Baby Formula, Baby Apple Juice, Appetizers: baby peas, baby carrots, baby green beans, baby squash, Main Course: Baby Back Ribs, Baby turkey, Baby Turkey Dessert: Applesauce, Teething biscuits ect and ask him what he wants for dinner.
  31. Next time your husband asks you to get him a drink, fill a baby bottle up with his favorite beverage and hand it to him.
  32. Bake your husband a cake and write “Congratulations Daddy” or “Daddy-To-Be”
  33. Order a cake or large cookie announcing the news and have your husband go pick it up.
  34. Order pizza for delivery and have them write “Daddy”, with your husband’s favorite topping.
  35. Take your spouse to his favorite restaurant and have them put a little flag in his drink or in his dessert saying, “Congratulations! You are going to be a Daddy”
  36. Take your husband to lunch or dinner and ask the hostess to bring a high chair to the table. When your husband asks what it is for: share the great news.
  37. Make reservations at a restaurant for “3”, when your husband asks who else is joining you, just say they won’t be here for 9 months.
  38. Prearrange with a restaurant, give them little plastic booties, bottles ect and have them put one in his drink, one on the appetizer plate, one on his meal plate ect. See if he can figure it out.
  39. Go out to dinner and order more then you usually do and burst out with, “I am eating for two”.
  40. Have fortune cookies made that say, “We are having a baby”.
  41. Take your husband to the same place that he proposed to you and get down on one knee and hand him a bracelet box that has your pregnancy test enclosed.
  42. Buy Baby Bibs that say, “I Love Daddy”, “I Love Grandma” or “I Love Grandpa” wrap them up and give it as a gift.
  43. Buy Baby Booties, wrap them up and give it to them as gift with a card saying Congratulations.
  44. Buy a Photo Frame that says, “#1 Daddy”, “#1 Grandma and Grandpa” or “#1 Aunt and Uncle”.
  45. Have a picture taken where you are holding your belly, at the bottom of the picture write “Expecting a Miracle” and “Due Date”. Frame it and give it as a gift.
  46. Go to the store and visit the baby department. Say to him, “Do you think we will be having a girl or boy in “The month you are due”?
  47. If your husband reads the local newspaper daily, put an ad in the newspaper announcing your pregnancy.
  48. If you know a police officer, have him stop by the house telling your husband he is under arrest because of an unpaid ticket – have the officer give his a ticket saying “Congratulations”
  49. If you attend church on a regular basis, share the news with others and ask them to walk up to your husband and say “Congratulations” ONLY! Have your preacher come up and Congratulate him on being a Dad-To-Be.
  50. At Christmas – Hang Stockings over the fireplace and have one just for “Baby”
  51. At Christmas time. When you sign the cards that you send out to family and friends, put your name, your husbands name and TBA in “the month you are due”.
  52. If it is Christmas time, buy an ornament that says new mommy, new daddy, Parent-To-Be or Baby’s 1st Christmas and put it on the tree.
  53. Around Valentines Day, Buy a Large Hershey Kiss and remove the tag, stick in your own tag reading “Congratulations Daddy”.
  54. If you want to surprise your mother around her birthday or Mother’s Day – Order a cake that says Happy Birthday Grandma or Happy Mother’s Day Grandma.
  55. Buy a “Grandma’s Brag Book” to announce the news to the grandparents.
  56. Have a puzzle made announcing your pregnancy.
  57. Have a 12 month calendar made with picture of you and your husband and family. The month that you are expecting, have a picture of a stork and the baby’s due date.
  58. When you have your first sonogram, get copies and put them in greeting cards to announce your news to family and friends.
  59. Create a family tree and add an area for the soon to be baby and put TBA or due in “whatever month the baby is due”.
  60. Send out “Save The Date” Postcards – Have the date the baby is due.
  61. Send out an invitation to join you at a family gathering, on the inside write your due date, the hospital, and ask for RSVP’s.
  62. If you husband plays golf, write on his golf balls “Daddy” before he goes out for the day of golf.
  63. Hire a singing telegram to announce the news.
  64. Get a hotel room and have them put flowers, and baby items on the bed, along with a crib in the room.
  65. Print out a candy wrapper that announces the due date, the parents, any brothers and sisters ect.
  66. Create a website site or online journal and have the details listed.
  67. If you already have a child, buy them a t-shirt that says, “I’m going to be a Big Brother” or “I’m a Big Sister”.
  68. Change the screensaver on your computer to say “Congratulations Daddy”.
  69. Write a letter from the baby and give it to your husband.
  70. Go over to your parents’ house or your husband’s parents’ house and take the video camera. Be nonchalant about taking it out and let them know that you want to test it because it had been giving you problems earlier in the week. Walk around the house with it videotaping random things and then rewinding it every so often to “check” to make sure it has recorded. During one of these “checks” (make sure you’re recording) get both of your parents in the frame and then offhandedly say “Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention. We’re pregnant.” Not only will this come as a shock to them, but you will get their genuine reaction on film for your family and future child to cherish for many years to come.
  71. If you are too far from your parents and in-laws to announce your pregnancy personally, go to a card store and buy some beautiful blank cards. Inside, in a child’s handwriting, write something like, “To my future Grandma and Grandpa. I can’t wait to meet you in 9 months! Love, Baby.” They will get the picture!
  72. If you or your husband is technically inclined, develop a website and send a link to it in an e-mail sent to your friends and family. Write something that doesn’t disclose what the website is about like, “You all HAVE to check out this website. It is hilarious!” On the website itself you can choose how to design it. It can be as simple as having the phrase, “We’re expecting!” centered on the page or maybe a scanned image of the baby sonogram centered on the page with an approximate due date listed on the bottom. Remember, it can be as detailed or simple as you want, as long as it gets the point across!
  73. Take a picture of your positive pregnancy test and frame it with the words, "Positive proof that in nine months you will be the best dad around, just wait, you'll see."
  74. Have a fun afternoon at the paint-your- own-pottery store and make him an ice cream bowl that says, "You're going to be a dad!" Fill it up with his favorite ice cream and watch his reaction when he gets to the bottom.