Friday, April 30, 2010

Update on my husband's case

It's been a while since I updated. If you recall, the case against my husband was dismissed back in December. Below are a few excerpts from the court hearings that day. All the video footage relating to this case is over 13 hours long, and much of it we just received this week, so there is still a lot that has never been published yet.

As you can see, these guys are not exactly the sharpest tools in the shed. Lest you feel pity for them for looking like such fools in court, these are the same people who brutally abused my husband the night he was wrongfully arrested.

Agent Gomez can actually be seen in one of the tapes doing stretches and warm-ups right before my husband's windows were bust out in anticipation of the physical abuse he was anticipating engaging my husband in, someone who had not threatened him or been combative at all.

Of course, as we had expected, the prosecutor has since appealed the court's ruling. The court has yet to decide on whether or not they will accept his appeal, so that is the stage we are in right now. To date, this case has been passed to I believe six or seven different judges now, as one after the other recuses himself from the case. One of the judges who has handled the case has even passed away.

The prosecutor has already told my husband's attorney that if this court turns down his appeal, he will appeal to the next highest court. The guy seems to get his personal satisfaction out of harassing us to the full extent he can.

Talk about a speedy trial. It has been over one year since this all happened. This entire time, my husband's two video cameras, each of which are worth about $400, have been held as "evidence", even though the footage of them has been released. Even now that my husband has been exonerated and the charges dropped, they continue to hold his cameras.

My husband's attorney also just filed charges against all officers and agencies involved, so that part of this case is just getting started.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Typical German

I hate to be stereotyping, but sadly, many Germans today are no different from those seventy years ago. I guess that's one reason why homeschooling has been illegal ever since Hitler decreed it to be so, worried that it might create "parallel societies". Germans, unlike any other people I have met, have a sheep-like mentality of mass uniformity. To be sure, there are many wonderful exceptions to this rule, I am simply saying there are more sheeple in Germany than any place I have ever seen. Anything out of the ordinary or going against main-stream dogma is inherently viewed as wrong and dangerous, while those same people will tout the need for all-encompassing tolerance.

Tolerance, I have learned, only moves to the left. By that, I mean that those screaming the loudest for tolerance are the most intolerant of anything that is perceived as more conservative. Their tolerance only moves left, towards more liberal morals.

Take Exhibit A, "Frankfurt", a German reader who has commented on my blog three times in the last couple of weeks. Read his/her words of love:

Frankfurt has left a new comment on your post "Exciting (but not very surprising) news":

I hope you lose it! [referring to the baby we are expecting] It is bad enough that your other kids are sick, twisted little monsters. I don't pray but I will be on my knees every night praying for a miscarriage!


Frankfurt has left a new comment on your post "Exciting (but not very surprising) news":

Still praying!

Here is hoping you lose it!

Tschuss! [bye]


Frankfurt has left a new comment on your post "Some interesting vaccine links":

Still praying for that miscarriage! COME ON JESUS! We don't need any more homophobic, hate spewing, kool aid drinking monsters in the world.

Zsuzsanna- You are a disgrace. I am glad that you are no longer living in my country.

Sie und Ihre Familie sind ├╝bel!!!!! [You and your family are sick/bad!!!!!]

Well, Frankfurt, I guess at least you feel driven to God by all my hate and homophobia. Seems to me, though, you may be suffering from a case of heterophobia, based on your rabid comments. You also seem to be guilty of the thing you are accusing me of: hate spewing. I think any normal person would classify telling a pregnant woman that they hope her baby dies as a sick, twisted monster, another thing you are accusing me and even my children of. That's a strong statement to make of someone you have never met.

Where is all that tolerance you are trying to preach to me about? You know, if your "tolerance" only extends to those who hold your beliefs, it is really not tolerance at all. Especially not when you wish all others to be dead - but then, we know Germany's history in this regard, I guess you are simply a product of your environment.

See, I don't believe in tolerance. I believe in absolutes, in right and wrong. And, like just about everyone else since the creation of this world, I consider homosexuality sick and perverted, whether or not it is between "consenting" adults. There is also a lot of incest taking place between consenting adults, would you consider that normal, too? If not, what are you basing that conviction on? Because it is unnatural? Well, so is homosexuality. You see, when you are your own moral compass, rather than an absolute such as the Bible, you are really lost at sea.

Still, you will not find me writing comments such as yours to any homo. I just say that they are all sick and perverted on my own blog, but I don't feel a need to personally go after each and every one of them. I leave that up to God.

I, too, am glad that I no longer live in the hell hole you live in. Thankfully, I am only half German, so when people ask me where I am from I can tell them I am from Hungary, lest I would have to embarrass myself by being associated with people such as yourself.

In case you were wondering, I got to see our precious baby on an ultrasound yesterday, and it looked very sweet and healthy. It measured 1.6 cm at 8 weeks, and I was watching him/her move his arms and legs and saw his/her tiny heart beat. The baby has developed all of its organs, the heart is pumping blood through this tiny body, and the stomach is producing bile.

You may think this is all a result of a giant explosion way back when, but that is so incredibly foolish that I have no time to even argue such idiocy. You believe "In the beginning, dirt...". I believe "In the beginning, God..." You are entitled to your opinion, and I am entitled to mine.

You will face that same God one day, and I hope you will have changed your belief in Him by then. But I know you won't, because you are the one drinking the kool-aid, not me.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Some interesting vaccine links

Please check out the information presented on the websites below. Whether you are for or against vaccines, you owe it to your child to make an educated decision, rather than to leave his/her wellbeing in the hands of a third party who has a vested interest in "modern" medicine.

Bovine Derived Materials Used in Vaccine Manufacturing

Vaccines that contain bovine-derived (cow) materials: DTaP, HiB, Hepatitis A, Twinrix (Hep A+HepB), Polio, Prevnar and adult pneumonia vaccines. And remember: All of these are given in multiple doses, usually 5 shots of each per child. The FDA says admits that the serum and cells just might contain a BSE agent (suspected to cause Mad Cow).

Aborted Fetal Vaccines

Chart of vaccines that have human cell lines: Polio, Hep A, chickenpox, MMR, rabies, shingles vaccines.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Abortion Practitioner Loses Medical License for Killing Wrong Twin in Failed Abortion

As found on LifeNews:

Miami, FL ( -- A Florida-based abortion practitioner lost his medical license this weekend after the state medical board evaluated his license. Matthew Kachinas was supposed to do an abortion on one of the twin babies who had Down syndrome but wound up killing the other baby in the failed abortion.

Kachinas injected a chemical to kill the baby in the abortion, but the injection ultimately killed the healthy unborn child.

The Florida Board of Medicine met over the weekend, according to the Miami Herald, and revoked Kachinas' license for that and other cases that have come to its attention where Kachinas engaged in shoddy medicine.

Immediately after the hearing, Kachinas said he would kill himself and was hospitalized at a local mental health facility out of concerns of his well-being, the newspaper reported.

Kachinas was one of the few abortion practitioners in Florida to engage in second-trimester abortions or the practice known as selective reduction, whereby one or more unborn children are killed when a pregnancy involves more than one baby.

The pregnancy in question involved unborn children conceived through in-vitro fertilization. Records show that after the "wrong" baby was killed in the first abortion, a second abortion was done to kill the disabled unborn child as well. The babies were 15 weeks along at the time of the abortion.

The twin who was considered healthy was a girl while the twin diagnosed as having Down syndrome, was a boy.


There are so many things wrong with this it's hard to say where to start.

1) The hypocrisy of the Florida Board of Medicine to revoke a doctor's license for killing a "healthy" child, but for not even frowning upon the intentional killing of a "disabled" child.

2) What does a "Board of Medicine" have to do with overseeing intentionally taking human life? Isn't medicine about healing people, rather than eugenics and "ethnic cleansing"?

3) The gall of the parents. The article does not say whether or not they still went through with aborting the disabled twin even after the death of the healthy child, but my guess would be they did, since they never wanted him to begin with. To not even be ashamed to come forward with a story like that - "We wanted him to kill our son, but instead he killed our daughter, so now we want to press charges". Chances are, they are trying to recover the money they spent on IVF so they can afford to pervert nature again in the future.

4) This story once again proves my opinion that people who use IVF are obsessed with having a perfect token child to add to their perfectly planned out life, without any regard to the moral implications. Anyone who would intentionally kill most their children just so they can maybe have one, rather than to seek God's blessing in this area, is selfish and unfit to be a parent. This is proven by the fact that these people in cold blood were going to "reduce" their not-so-perfect offspring. This all reminds me of the story I blogged about here (an update on which is soon to come).

5) This was not the first time the doctor "messed up". My guess is that maybe it wasn't accidental. Maybe someone who kills little babies for a living enjoys it so much that sometimes he likes to kill even the ones who were supposed to "make" it.

6) Why does Sarasota Memorial Hospital carry out second trimester abortions for "medical" reasons? Isn't a hospital there to help people? It's amazing how they think size determines whether or not someone is a human being.

This story reminded me of an unrelated case I read about online of a 19-year old girl with Down Syndrome who died following what was likely an illegal, forced late-term abortion at George Tiller's abortion clinic. You can read about this very sad case here.

God help those mothers who have made their womb the most dangerous place in the world for their child to be in. One cannot pervert nature much more than that.


Edited to add: I received a comment from someone preferring not to have their comment published who pointed out to me that the article does, in fact, make mention of the fact that the parents ultimately aborted the second baby as well.

"Records show that after the "wrong" baby was killed in the first abortion, a second abortion was done to kill the disabled unborn child as well. The babies were 15 weeks along at the time of the abortion."

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Becky turned a year and a half this month. I cannot believe how quickly my little girl has grown! She is such a funny little creature to be around. Life is good with a little toddler in the house, you just never know what they are up to next.

My nickname for Becky is "silly chicken", and that's just what she is. She has a very silly sense of humor. For example, she loves to break into her big brother's room, take a marble out of his marble run box, and them come to me with the marble in her mouth, grinning. Just look at the mischievous look on her face.

She looks grubby like that most all of the time right now, because she is forever munching on something, and usually likes to make a point of smearing it all over her hands, face, and hair. For lunch, I got her these big bibs with full sleeves, which helps. Her favorite food bar none is strawberries. I have to hide them from her if any of the rest of the family is going to get any.

Grape juice mustache

Becky is a real ham when she sees that my camera is out, and she loves posing for pictures. Of course, she is again munching on something. The hat she is wearing is one of the boys' pirate hats.

Her little feet look good enough to eat. That is, until she shows the bottom of them...

Becky also loves to help with the housework. Given her age, there is not much she can do yet. I gave her a spray bottle with some very diluted all-natural cleaner the other day, and since then, she loves "cleaning" the mirrors with it.

Because I am pregnant, I only nurse her at night any more, which has been an easy transition. She goes to sleep for her nap and nighttime by herself, and loves being tucked in on all sides and kissed good-night. When she wakes up, she sits in bed and calls me until I get her.

Funny thing is, she does not call me "mama", she calls me "anya", which is the Hungarian equivalent. It's all she's ever called me, and I don't know how she came up with it since I never taught it to her. My guess is that she learned it from my Dad, who was visiting us from Hungary when she was just a few months old and not yet talking. Apparently, it stuck with her.

She is just starting to chatter a lot more, and her little voice is very funny, it sounds like the voice of an extraterrestrial in a cartoon would sound. She calls all of her brothers "Isaac", and generally likes to boss them around. When they tell her "no" about anything, she does not like it one little bit. Most of the time, her and Miriam get along absolutely wonderfully. The only exception to that is if both girls want to play with the same doll or stroller, and start fighting and shrieking over it. But that is very rare, as Miriam almost always lets Becky have whatever she wants.

Becky is a real cuddle bug. Anytime she sees me sitting on the sofa, she climbs up beside me and plops into my lap. She loves hugging and kissing all of us. She is very fond of her Daddy, and is always super excited to see him or listen to him talk to her on the phone.

I think her hair is starting to curl in the back, which would be a nice change from all the straight hair that is so dominant in my family. I LOVE curls! Maybe it's just wishful thinking, we'll have to wait and see.

Anyway, that's my little doll in a nutshell. I can't wait to see if we are having a little girl or boy next - we won't find out until the birth. Children are such a wonderful blessing!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Food, Inc.

Food, Inc. is a documentary that does a great job of explaining how our current system of food production works. It was a real eye-opener for me, and since watching it, we have entirely changed the way we buy food.

If you have not yet seen it, you can view it online for free here.

This documentary only barely touches on the issue of genetically modified foods, which is another important aspect of today's food. I also do not agree with the political conclusion and solutions that this movie suggests. Overall, however, the information presented in it is so very worth learning. Please take the time to watch this important documentary.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

More thoughts on warfare

Not surprisingly, every comment attacking my previous post has been from someone who has family in the military, or is in the military themselves. I have not published a single one of these comments, as frankly, I will not allow anyone to defend indiscriminate murder on my website.

The phrase "Support our Troops!" stands for unconditional support of our military, which I refuse to do. I am not saying that I think every single member of our military is evil, or that every maneuver they carry out is wrong. I am not against war or military in general. I believe, just as the Bible says, that there is "a time of war". But I believe that this should be a defensive war, not one of preemptively striking against imaginary enemies.

Both World War I and II were started because countries thought "I'll get them before they get me". Germany was responsible for the killing of approx. 6 million Jews and dissidents. I think few would argue that every single German, and every single German soldier, was personally evil and demented. No doubt, many of them were just following orders, or were unaware of the full extent of the evil that was going on. By themselves, they had to chance of standing up against their tyrannical ruler. Yet I am sure that almost anyone would agree that the German government and military as a whole was wicked and wrong, and could not be supported by any moral society.

Our American Troops so far have killed well over 1 million Iraqi civilians. People who died only because they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. In the video below, civilians are gunned down by laughing soldiers simply for being outdoors, and two soldiers involved in this have said that the acts depicted in this video are everyday occurrences of this war. Daily news reports, video footage, and photos only provide further evidence of this.

How many innocent bystanders have to be killed before it can be said: I do not and cannot support our troops? If Hitler had "only" killed as many Jews as we have Iraqis, would he have been justified, as our troops seem to be? Where is the threshold from it being a "noble" cause to where it becomes genocide?

I refuse to give a military that accepts indiscriminate murder of innocent bystanders as normal a blank check of my "support".

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I DO NOT support our troops - An Open Letter

*** Edited to add below ****

After comments on my tax day post were closed, I received the following comment from Amanda Negley, an army wife who took issue with me exposing how the US military, funded by our tax dollars, has brutally killed hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in the Middle East, including women and children. I am giving her name and link only because that is how she left the comment, so it was her decision and preference to make her name and profile public.

Her comment read:

Instead of attacking our troops, maybe you should be thanking them. They are the reason you are allowed to spew your nonsense. They are fighting for you. Even if you weren't born in America. And I will not sit quietly while you spew nonsense about my husband, who serves in the US Army, and puts his life on the line for idiots like YOU. As for the sinful people, people make mistakes, I made a mistake. I think I've paid for my mistake a million times over. I hope you NEVER have to feel the pain of giving your child to another person. I hope you NEVER feel the pain of having your husband go over seas to fight, with the possibilty he might not come home. Until you can feel compassion and until you've walked a mile in someone's shoes, you really should just stop. And I think closing the comments on the above post was cowardly. You spew your crap on a public blog, you should be willing to take the crap people give you. Especially when you are so wrong on so many levels.

Dear Amanda,

I hate to break it to you, but I will not be thanking your husband or any of "our" troops. He is not fighting for me, as I have never in my life been threatened by an Iraqi. Your husband is not putting his life on the line for me - I live in Arizona, not Iraq.

The September 11 attacks were fabricated by our own government, just as Nero burned down Rome and blamed it on the Christians and Hitler burned down the Reichstag and blamed in on the Jews. 9/11 was the springboard for their industry of mass murder and global tyranny. This "war", which was never declared by Congress, is a fabricated killing machine with a goal to bring about a one world government and eliminate all who will not comply. The urban warfare tactics learned and practiced in the Middle East are coming to the USA very soon to subdue those who might get sick of what they view as an increasingly out-of-control, evil dictatorship.

You see, every day in the news, there is a new story of how American troops are raping, abusing, and killing civilians, ones that are not part of any fighting or "war" at all. People, women, young children who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Apparently, living in the Middle East in 2010 is enough reason to be executed by US Troops.

Today, I came across the following video footage of classified US military video depicting the indiscriminate slaying of over a dozen people in the Iraqi suburb of New Baghdad -- including two Reuters news staff.

Please stop reading right now and watch this entire clip, as words cannot accurately describe the depths of depravity of these animals in uniform, whose paycheck we finance. I guess this is the animalistic behavior one should expect when a policy of "Don't ask, don't tell" allows "natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed" (II Peter 2:12, Jude 1:10) in the military.

This is sickening and disgusting beyond words. There was no "battle", only unarmed civilians standing in a public square. After they got gunned down for having done absolutely NOTHING wrong, one lone survivor crawls down the side walk, severely injured. Even IF he had a weapon as the guys in the helicopter lied he had to get permission to shoot him, he would have been in no condition whatsoever to shoot it at them or endanger them in any form. Next, a van comes to pick up this wounded man. The people in the van are likewise not armed, yet our soldiers beg for permission to open fire ("Come on, let us shoot!"), killing several more and injuring two children. They later have the gall to say that they shouldn't be bringing kids "to a battle". Shooting at civilians on the ground from an aircraft is NOT a battle. It is an act of violence and cowardice of the most despicable sort.

This is not warfare. This is a handful of young guys, losers, who could amount to nothing better after high school than to join the military for a paycheck, playing war games. They may think that they are just playing another computer game, and in their warped minds, they probably do, as evidenced by their sick laughs. Only, they are not. The people they are killing with the push of a button are real human beings, and the fact that they are a different ethnicity makes them no less human.

Former U.S. Army specialists Josh Stieber and Ethan McCord, two soldiers who were in the same company as the culprits featured in this video, have now publicly apologized for the massacre, expressing in an open letter to the Iraqi people their sorrow at the incident while pointing out that it represents just one example of the brutal suffering inflicted on the Iraqis since the March 2003 invasion:

"From our own experiences, and the experiences of other veterans we have talked to, we know that the acts depicted in this video are everyday occurrences of this war: this is the nature of how U.S.-led wars are carried out in this region.”

As for soldiers fighting for our civil liberties, our civil liberties were guaranteed to us in the Bill of Rights, and have existed long before this war. On the contrary, since the start of the Iraq "war" under President Bush, we have LOST civil liberties through warrantless wiretapping, the Patriot Act, and other violations of our laws under the guise of keeping us "safe".


Edited to add:

Please also read this.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Question & Answer

Below are some questions I have received in recent months, but have not yet answered. I am sure I have left some out without meaning to, so if you have asked me a question in the past and you are still waiting for an answer, or you have a new one, please leave me a comment below.


By MamaVee: I'm new to reading your blog, so forgive me if you have posted about this before, I just haven't come across it. How do you handle and/or explain to your children the racist terms and derogetory depiction of Native Americans in The Little House books? I read the series a few years ago, before I was a parent and wondered how people would talk to their kids about it, and now that I'm a mom, I'm still wondering!

We have currently only finished the first three books in the series, and just started "On the Shores of Silver Lake". So far, only one of the books ("Little House on the Prairie") took place in Indian Territory, and I'm guessing you are referring to Ma repeatedly stating that she "just doesn't like Indians" and that Laura was going to look like one if she kept leaving her sunbonnet off. Honestly, I don't find that too offensive. I mean, I don't even think our kids are picking up on that, especially since Pa is always defending the Indians, and Laura (the author) is obviously fascinated by the Indians. I think it's easy for us today to look down on the settlers' apparent racism, but the Ingalls family was almost killed by the Indians for having built their cabin a few miles into Indian Territory mistakenly, when they believed it was land that had been bought by the American government. I think the books offer a very authentic glimpse into early pioneer life and into the lives of those who started this country.


By Mary Grace: love reading your blog and learning about your family. your children are beautiful...wondering how you feel about adoption? Have you heard of this legal case? or I am an adoptive mom and love my son more than anything. However, I couldn't live with myself if I had done the things this couple has been accused of doing in order to gain the child. I think the bio-mom should be applauded for not giving up.

I think adoption is a great option, and definitely Biblical, as God says that when we get saved we are adopted into God's family. But I am very wary of adopting children who are not orphans, as it often leads into cases such as the one you mentioned above. I think our current Child Protective Services are horribly out of control, taking children from parents and forcibly adopting them out to keep themselves in a job. I have also read that a lot of international adoption of orphans is not really a case of orphans at all, but agencies overseas paying poor parents to surrender their children so the agency can collect the adoption fees.

By Karen: Hi Zsuzsa, You had mentioned before that you get a lot of books from the library for homeschooling etc. I was wondering if you pre-read these? If not, how do you go about knowing which books would be okay for them to read? I assumed I would pre-read or at least read along with them buy with such large quantities is this possible? Or more so with just fiction?

Good question. 99% of the books we get are non-fiction or picture books for young children. The only fiction we have gotten are old classics such as the Little House books, Heidi, Robin Hood, Robinson Crusoe, etc. Most of the books we get are the ones suggested in our curriculum, Galloping the Globe, which is a Christian curriculum and the publishers only included suggestions they found wholesome and in line with the Bible. When I take a book off the shelf, I quickly leaf through it and scan for anything offensive. The two oldest boys are the only ones who can read the books independently, and they are old enough to know if they came across a wrong teaching, but so far, that issue has never even arisen.


By Alice: I've been meaning to ask you for ages but I have been wondering where your husband gets his ideas for his sermons. I should probably search around and find his blog and ask him myself but I tend to be a bit strapped for time most days

He reads his Bible/listens to it for hours a day. He also has well over 100 chapters of the Bible memorized (about 1/10 of the whole Bible), and he has to quote some of these chapters every day to keep from forgetting them. He gets ideas as he goes over these scriptures daily, and notices common themes in unrelated chapters. He also gets ideas just from everyday conversations and encounters.


By Anonymous: Hi I had a ? I read before you don't wear make up. Do you think its wrong or do you just not like it? Just wondering.

By Anonymous: I was just wondering why your think 2 peice swimwear is wrong (which it is) but your boys dont wear shirts? I also have noticed you are agaist make up just wondering why on that to?

I never wear make-up. I don't think that it is wrong to wear make-up if it is only intended to restore a natural look, such as cover up a scar or blemish, although I don't think it is healthy to apply such chemicals to already compromised skin. But I do think that wearing make-up that is supposed to be seductive and accentuating eyes, lips etc. is not only hideous but also sinful. The Bible makes a few references to makeup, and they are all negative. The only woman recorded as having worn make-up was Jezebel, the ultimate picture of a wicked and rebellious witch who died by being thrown out of a window and eaten by dogs. Ezekiel speaks metaphorically about the nation of Israel acting like a promiscuous woman, part of which involved her painting her face. The Bible calls this woman lewd, an adulteress, and a harlot (see Ezekiel 23, verse 40 and on). Not even one hundred years ago, no decent woman would have ever been caught with makeup on her face. Besides the moral question, I think make-up is hideous and some extreme forms make women look like weird animals or insects.

As for the bare chest on boys: the Bible never defines a chest/breasts as nakedness. Nakedness is from the loins to the thighs, i.e. from the waistline to the knees, for both men and women. A bare-chested woman by that definition would be immodest (also a sin) because men find a woman's breasts sexually attractive, but not as nude. I don't think anyone finds a young boy's or even a man's chest attractive in that way, so I find nothing wrong with them going swimming in just trunks. It's not like they go to the store in swim clothes. My husband never gets around people outside our immediate family without a shirt on.


By Chris: Hi and congrats on your new addition to your family.I know the bible cleary tells us how we as women are suppose to act,dress and live.It also tells us how our hair should be.Do you think that it's okay for women to wear wigs or scarves if they have hair loss or have short hair?

Yes, absolutely.


By Anonymous: I live in Mesa. May I ask where you buy your free range meats and that dairy farm on the outskirts of town is where? Thank you!

We get our milk here, and our beef here. The difference in taste, quality, and health benefits is amazing. The ranch recently started carrying pork, too, and we are getting our first batch this month, something I am very excited about as I have been looking everywhere for natural pork at a price we could afford.

By Anonymous: What do you think about an ectopic pregnancy where the dr. is pressurring you to take methotrexate to terminate the pregnancy before rupturing your fallopian tube. I have had 2 ectopics the first one treated with metho, and the 2nd I didn't know about ruptured my tube. I've been told that I have a high chance to experience another ectopic, and have wondered what I will do. I have felt guilty about taking the metho... The dr told me it was the only way, and I've since thought otherwise. Just wondering what your opinion was.

I am sorry to hear about your two previous pregnancy losses. This is a difficult situation, and one that I hope to never have to experience personally. I know that no ectopic pregnancy is viable, or can be transferred to the womb for a chance to survive there, so the baby will die in any case, or may never have developed from the start. I know that this condition could in extreme cases lead to the death of the mother, and in most cases her tube would rupture and thus be lost. Personally, I would not fault someone if they took the medication rather than risking their own life for a child who has zero chance of survival, but personally, I am not sure if I would rather take my chances because I can see myself forever feeling guilty about it otherwise. I think I would just pray for the baby to pass quickly and with minimal damage on its own, while staying under very close medical supervision. But honestly, I think this is a question of personal conviction. In any case, you should not be feeling guilty. Your baby, if there was actually one developing, rather than something like a blighted ovum, had no chance of survival..


By Christy: I think I have read that you use homeopathic remedies, and if you do I would be interested to hear about them. I have heard from a Christian friend that the medicine has something to do with 'energy' and she is not convinced that Christians should use homeopathic rememdies. I'm wondering how much research you have done on it and if you have anything to add.

I used homeopathic remedies some years ago, but have not done so after wondering the same thing as the question you are asking. For lack of time to look into the subject, I now treat our family with herbs and other natural remedies. Sorry I have no better information to give you, maybe one of my readers has some input?


By Anonymous: Zsuzsanna, this isn't related to this post but just wanted to ask a quick question. On the side bar under your most popular posts I've been clicking to read them and I'm getting an error message that they no longer exist. Are they gone or is something up with my computer firewall? I would really like to read some of those. Thanks

The links went dead after changes to my website, and I never took the time to update them again. They are all working now. You can also type a search word/phrase into the search box of the top left of the blog.


By Mindy: I have an honest question. What exactly do you mean when you say that public schools in Germany make public education in the US look like Sunday School? I understand your metaphor, but I'd be interested in hearing some examples of the differences between American public schools and German public schools, especially what makes them so much more difficult for children and young adults than American public schools. God Bless you and yours!

For one, German public schools are compulsory, and this is strictly enforced to the point of taking custody from parents who will not comply and incarcerating them. The teachings are, of course, pretty much against anything set forth in the Bible. I had never even heard of anyone who did not believe in evolution, including "religious education" teachers. Some of the faulty evidence for proving evolution, such as the horse evolution or that babies in the womb go through a fast version of evolution from looking like the embryo of a fish, amphibian, reptile, and then human, has long been yanked from most American textbooks after having been proven as fabricated, but in Germany, I was taught all of these. I had and knew of many, many teachers who were pedophiles and preyed on the children, which was usually ignored if the student was a teenager and thus considered "consenting". Age of consent in Germany is 14, I believe. The dirtiest of "teen" magazines, advocating every dirty and perverted act, were freely read and circulated by all. Adult supervision was minimal to non-existent. Smoking is permitted for those age 16 and up, on school grounds in a special smoker's corner, though it is often tolerated in younger students.


By Kat: This comment is off topic but I can't figure out how to email you-pregnancy brain, i guess. Would you mind if I made a post suggestion? I noticed in an old entry you don't circumcise. I'm considering that right now and am getting a surprising amount of resistance from my family. Would you mind posting about care and why, etc? If you get a chance, that is. By Stellar: Okay: What are your views on circumcision? My mom is a Christian midwife, but she is very much so against it and is even active in groups against it, and the reason why she said she's not a big fan of the Duggar's is because they circumcise their boys. By Missina: Forgive me if I'm mistaken, but I once read on your blog that you do not circumcise your sons. I am currently looking into the issue, and especially after watching a video of a baby actually being circ'd, my heart is like, "NOOO NEVER! Not to my babies!!" We have yet to be blessed with pregnancy, but I would like to formulate an opinion for the day we might have a boy. I would really be interested in hearing your perspective, whether you are for or against, and why. I know you don't know who I am, but my husband and I have been following your blog for about a year now, and you are always well spoken and respected by us with your opinions. Thanks :)

We do not have our children circumcised. There is no Biblical mandate for us to do so; rather, the Bible makes it clear that it was a symbolic OT law that never extended to the Gentiles. Historically, circumcising all males in America became common during World War II, when mostly Jewish doctors stayed behind from the war and advocated for it. In Europe, this is not common practice. The American trend toward circumcision was further fueled by a fascination for Judaism and Zionism, both of which are contrary to true Bible doctrine. The Jewish religion teaches works salvation just like ever other false religion, and I have no desire to emulate their customs any more than those of Catholics, Muslims, or other false teachers.

My husband preached a sermon on this issue, you can listen to it here.

Another question is the motive behind doing this entirely unnecessary surgery. Of course, as always, the love of money is never far off. Many, if not most hospitals sell the tissue for various uses, such as making cosmetics, stem cell research/cloning/animal-human-hybrids, and other perverted uses.

The most common argument given for circumcision is that it makes the son look "like his father". This is a stupid argument if I ever heard one. Our sons all have blond hair, whereas my husband's is brown. Yet, we have never considered dying their hair brown just to make them look more alike. By that argument, nobody would have been circumcised to begin with, and it has to stop somewhere. It's not like father and son should be exposing themselves to each other and comparing body parts, anyway.


By Zetsubou: What are your kids going to do when they get into the workforce and have to interact with people who live different lifestyles than what you and your husband have taught them to live? They haven't been to school (either public or private), so how will they know how to deal with other people, especially other people who aren't the same religion/do not share the same values as them? In the workforce, people come in contact with others of all different values and beliefs, and a boss isn't going to care what your morals are- you're there to do your job. How do you intend to prepare your children for that reality?

Hopefully, they will be just like their Dad, who follows the convictions we teach them and is very successful in business, which I believe to be a direct result of God blessing us for the stands we take. At 28, he owns a nice home, has started and runs a church and a business, and is the father of 5, all with no government assistance at all, and on a single income. Our children are exposed to lots of people with other beliefs and values, but they view all these in light of the hundreds and thousands of hours of Bible reading/teaching and preaching they have heard from birth. Ultimately, our responsibility is only to teach them the right (i.e. Bible) way, it is their responsibility to chose to follow it themselves.

By Hilary/Eden Evangeline: I would love to hear about the time from your marriage to the starting of the church. I know that's not really a question but I am very curious. I would also love to hear about your growth - I also changed drastically after salvation. I love your writing style and your willingness to share in a public blog setting. I know it must be hard sometimes to read the absurd comments people leave in response to your posts. Your boldness is an encouragement to me. :)

When we were first married, we lived in Sacramento, CA where my husband had grown up his entire life. He started working in the alarm business; his experience in working with his Dad growing up (an electrician) helped him get the job and succeed in the field. We attended an independent, fundamental church in Sacramento, CA where he had been going for several years. I was a new Christian and learned so much there. I first got pregnant in December, four months after we got married, but almost immediately miscarried. I got pregnant again the next month, which is our oldest, Solomon.

We lived in California for the first three years on our marriage. We didn't have much money, but we loved our baby son, and then were thrilled to have another baby boy in February of 2003, Isaac. My husband had told me all along that he wanted to be a pastor or a missionary, and decided to go to Bible college in Indiana. We arrived there on the exact day of our third wedding anniversary, in August 2003. At the time, Solomon was not quite 2 years old, and Isaac was 6 months old. We lived there until December of 2005, and had another baby (John) in December of 2004. In those 2 1/2 years, my husband had almost completely finished his 4-year degree in pastoral theology, but after much thought, prayer, and consulting with our old pastor back in California my husband decided not to finish his degree because the doctrine and standards at the college were deteriorating so quickly. While in college, my husband continued working in the fire/security alarm business, and when we moved to Arizona that company kept him on to expand their business here in the Western States. We started the church in Tempe on Christmas Day of 2005.


By Andrea: I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which causes insulin resistance. Doctors try to make me think if I'm not constantly in stirrups getting embarrassing internal exams, I am doomed. But, seeing as you do a lot of nutritional/medical research, what can you tell me about what you think I should be doing as a woman? Do you know of any good natural methods for reducing the effects of insulin resistance? I maintain a low calorie, low sugar (but NO substitute sugars!) diet and get daily exercise. However, I know my body is still out of whack, because of the weight gain I struggle with, lack of a consistent menstrual cycle and persistent infertility that has lasted nearly five years. Your advice would be so much appreciated. I hate doctors telling me how it is and shoving medications down my throat, while constantly throwing those embarrassing exams my way. Are pelvic exams/pap smears even necessary?

Unfortunately, I do not have any tips for dealing with PCOS or insulin resistance beyond what you have already mentioned, partly because I have never faced either and therefore have not studied into it. My recommendation would be to consult with a knowledgeable naturopath or midwife about your specific case.

As for pelvic exams and pap smears, this depends on your personal life style. The pre-cancerous cells that pap smears check for are caused by a very common venereal disease, but in monogamous couples who are not carriers this would not be an issue. Then again, I have known of several married women who contracted it from their husband, who was committing adultery behind their back. Sadly, we live in such a sick society. I guess this is a personal decision. I do a pap smear every two or three pregnancies because it really makes the midwives feel better to know that I am well and cared for and not just "blindly" trusting my husband (which I am glad I am). I am sure that doctors do more pelvic exams than they need to, for the same reason why a dentist will fill a cavity that really wasn't one, or why a mechanic may want to perform unnecessary repairs - it means easy revenue. I do not know enough about your personal circumstances to give you any advice in this area.


By Patricia: I'm curious as to how you and your husband will handle dating and what (if any) influence you'll have over your children finding a husband or wife. Will you use 'courting' as some families do, or will they be free to go out in life and meet another person without supervision (for lack of a better word), as you and your husband did? Will your girls pledge their purity until marriage and wear a 'promise' or 'purity' rings that have become popular in the US? I know they are (absolutely precious and utterly adorable) babes in arms now, but the teen years loom and with it the question of behaviour with the opposite gender. I'd be interested in your opinion on such matters if you ever find the time to express your beliefs regarding the subject, I know you must be very busy! I enjoy reading your blog, it's an interesting mix and definitely makes the reader think in regards to the topics you choose--and of course the sweet pictures of your children. Thanks so much and God bless

Well, our kids are still years away from having to deal with this question, so I can't say I have it all figured out exactly. I do not like the current "courtship" movement, which to me seems is all about the suitor trying to impress his father-in-law, rather than his future bride. I think that young people should be free to chose whomever they want to marry. I also think that this decision should be guided by Biblical principles on how to chose a good spouse, with the most important criteria being that the person they are considering is also a Christian. I see our role as parents more as gatekeepers: we have a certain threshold of who our kids will be allowed to socialize with, but within that parameter, the decision is theirs, and hopefully by then we will have succeeded in teaching them wise principles. Our oldest is currently copying the book of Proverbs in cursive, and has finished writing out the first seven chapters. It is amazing what things he has told me, without being prompted, of what he has learned about life, and finding a spouse (it talks about that subject a lot). I think promise rings may be a nice token and reminder for young girls that they are valued and appreciated as a person, and should not give themselves away to the whim of those who would take advantage of them.

By Lucy: Just wondering, do you teach your kids about other religions? How would they react if they met someone of the muslim faith for example?

By Vicky: Just a follow up
question about the religious studies option: If you don't mind studying them, and find they are all very similar, Would you ever be comfortable if one of your children decided to follow one other than Christianity?

Yes, we do teach them. They learn about it in the context of learning about other cultures and countries, and when the preaching deals with in what way other religions disagree with the Bible. No, I would not at all be comfortable if the grew up to be anything but Christians, as Jesus said: "I am the truth, the way, and the life: No man cometh to the Father but by me." So far, all of our children that are old enough to make this decision for themselves have believed and put their faith in the clear teaching of the gospel, and I make it my goal that this will be the case with all of our children.


By Stellar: I was wondering what you thought of vegetarianism. Not animal-welfare vegetarianism, but more so for health reasonings. My mother had high blood pressure and high cholesterol before she was pregnant with me, and she had two choices; a natural remedy of vegetarianism, or a lot of prescription medication. She is still a vegetarian today for health reasons, and so am I. Just want to know what you think about it :)

I think that people who are vegetarians for moral reasons or because they think the Bible commands us to do so are wrong. I think people who are vegetarians because they believe it is a healthier lifestyle are also wrong and mislead. BUT I do think that people with certain health problems may benefit from a number of restricted diets to help relieve their digestive system while dealing with this problem. In your Mom's case, I'm wondering if switching to a whole foods diet would have had the same effect (i.e. pastured, non-hormone treated meats, raw dairy, etc.), as high blood pressure and cholesterol are typical results of our society's degenerated diet.


By Susan: I'd like to know which country you consider to be well-run country and why?

You know, I still consider the United States to be a great country, in spite of our many problems. Unfortunately, the Bible tells us that in the end times, there will be a push for one-world, all-controlling government, and I am afraid we are headed there. The closer we get to it, the harder it will be to find anyplace that still maintains freedom. As my husband's attorney put it, the legal system in the United States is the second worst in the world, and the worst legal system is everywhere else. At least, we do still have a Constitution and certain inalienable rights on paper, even if they are often violated in reality or can only be pushed through by those who have the money to take their case to court. No other countries guarantee the amount of freedoms that the Bill of Rights gives our citizens. It is sad to see how many would casually give up these freedoms and strive to be like other countries who treat their citizens much worse.

If I could live anytime, anyplace in history, I would say that I probably would have loved to live in the United States anytime between its founding and the beginning of the 20th century.


By Muliebrity: I would like to know how a woman can avoid abortion while staying off government assistance. I am pro-life, but am not sure how I can push my pro-life stance, if I am not willing to support mothers who choose to have their babies. I would guess the best solution would be for those women not to be in that situation, but it does not seem realistic. Would love to know your stance!

People by and large have been pro-life throughout most of history, yet there were no government programs to help women in such situations. It used to be that if you got yourself in such a bad position by acting stupid, you had to live with the consequences of such actions. Government programs are a major contributing factor to the rise of promiscuity and single parenthood. It used to be that the women had to pay for their actions by maybe having to skip a meal or humble themselves and ask for help from family and others, which served as a deterrent to other young girls. Now, people on welfare expect to live a lifestyle similar to that of people who work hard and are frugal, and many do, thanks to limitless credit spending and government handouts. All else aside, I thing it is wrong to steal from someone else, even in the guise of chivalry and noble intentions of helping others. According to the Bible, the role of government is the punishment of evildoers, and that's about the extent of it.


By Anonymous: Must wean my 13 month old for medical reasons. I have always nursed him to sleep, and have never let him "cry it out before" and do not want to start. I think it is going to be very hard. Tips?

Well, sadly, it will be tough, although how tough will depend on the temperament of your baby. It also depends on how long you have to wean him - a couple of weeks or pretty much cold turkey - and how much he currently nurses.

The easiest feedings to drop first are usually the daytime feedings, as most kids will be distracted by "real" food and happy to fill up on that. The harder feedings to phase out are the ones upon first waking, upon falling asleep, and during the night. If you have a couple of weeks, something that has worked for me is using a phrase such as "You're all done!" every time the child is done nursing. Once I feel that they are making the association, I then start saying it when I want them to latch off after shortening a feeding, and then latching them off while distracting them. If they fuss, I pat them and talk to them soothingly, and usually that would do the trick as the baby is sleepy during these harder-to-eliminate feedings. I start shortening the nursing time, until at the end I say "You're all done!" seconds after them latching on, and by then they usually latch off on their own, roll over, and go to sleep without noticing that they never even really nursed. In no time, they stop even waking for that.

Of course, this may not work for other kids at all, this is just my personal experience. I think it might also be helpful to have your husband distract the baby and/or try to feed him in another room. Good luck!


By Margitta: Do you teach your children german? And if you do, how fluent do they speak it? We are a Norwegian/german family with 5 kids (ages 10years to 10month).

I do, but not nearly as much as I should. The boys can understand when I tell them everyday stuff in German pretty good, such as "Shut the door" or "Take this to your room". They never say anything in German though, and I have been trying to work extra hard in incorporating more German in their education. Really, it's my fault for not being consistent. My husband is fluent in both German and Norwegian, and has been to both countries.


By Anonymous: What type of food do you eat on a weekly basis?

Pretty standard fare. We mostly eat typical American meals, Mexican, German, and Hungarian meals. There is a German bakery and a German butcher in town who not only keep me supplied with German cooking magazines, but also with all the ingredients needed to make them. We do try to emphasize healthy, whole-foods cooking with lots of fresh produce. I make most everything from scratch. I love baking more than cooking, but it kills my waistline so I try to stay away from it or make stuff for people at church instead. My favorite cuisine hands-down for eating out is Indian.

By the same Anonymous: Are you going to continue having kids until menopause?

Yes, Lord willing. It may seem strange and unusual in our culture, but it is what women have only ever done for thousands of years. Even 50 years ago, this question would not even have arisen. We don't have kids because we feel that we "have to", to us, they are the greatest blessing in life and the more, the merrier.


By Kathie: 1. What are your best remedies for "all day sickness"? (I refuse to call it "morning sickness" because it's not). I have been surviving mostly on candied ginger, mashed potatoes, and saltine crackers. My husband has been changing most of the stinky diapers because I literally throw up at the smell of them.

I posted about that here. I also have another post on that coming up later this week. Hope you feel better soon!


Also by Kathie: 2. How do you combat the tiredness? When I was pregnant with our first, being tired was no big deal, I just went to bed early. Now that we have an active toddler to chase around and no older kids to help me, I can't exactly just nap whenever I feel like it. Help??

I don't, because I can't. There are two types of chores: those that will stack up if they are left neglected, and those that won't. For example, your family always needs to eat and have clean clothes, and if you stop doing those chores you will only face a bigger mountain later on. But a floor or a bathroom can get dirty and stay that way, and still be put back in order by a single, one-time effort no matter how many cleanings you skipped. So put those things on the back burner, and ask someone to help you with chores if they are volunteering their help. Try to take a nap every single day when your toddler is sleeping; it will give you more energy and help you get done more than if you had stayed up.


By Michele: I have a question for you. What are your discipline methods? I don't have any children yet, but I want at least 6 and that has always been something that i've wondered about, how do you deal with discipline in a big family. I love your blog by the way. I hope your morning sickness goes away soon and you have a wonderful pregnancy.

Well, this will have to wait for a post on its own, but it is definitely in line with the discipline put forth in the Bible, mainly the book of Proverbs.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Another Q & A

Just wanted to give a heads-up that I am working on another "Question & Answer", to be published this weekend. If you have previously asked a question and are still waiting for my answer, or if you have a new question you would like to ask me, please leave a comment below and I will include it.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 15, Tax Day - The day we are reminded that we are all slaves to the global banking elite

*** Post edited below ***

Please head over to Jessica's blog for some great info.

Campaign for Liberty also has interesting articles on this topic.

Or, go get another beer and watch TV while our country goes to hell and we all finance it.

My husband has been out since 10 pm last night working not just to provide for our family, but to also finance every lazy whore who lives on welfare and expects my husband to pay for her bastard children she has with all different exes. Or abort them. Or put them through the brainwashing government school system. Or pay for the doctor that they need all the time because they live a horrible and sick lifestyle that takes its toll on their body.

No wonder I am feeling extra sick today.


Edited to add:

I think I should clarify that my problem is not so much with how other people chose to live their lives, but that our government forces us to finance such lifestyles, which in turn only promotes them more.

I also realize that there are honest people who find themselves forced to accept such government assistance, after they have been bled and forced into that position by the same government in the first place. For those in honest need, I do not think it is wrong to accept such programs, as they will have paid for whatever they receive tenfold through taxes, indirect taxes, fees, and employers that pay lower wages because of all the costs associated with having employees. But I do not consider it an honest need if someone willfully put themselves in a bad position through their sinful choices.

It is wicked and wrong of the government to steal money from one family with certain values and morals and give it to someone else who lives a sinful, lascivious life financed by those same moral people they want to be nothing like.

As far as roads, schools, water, etc. - those are all covered in local taxes such as sales tax, property tax, tax on gas, etc. which everyone has to pay, poor people included, because they are added to everyday items we all consume.

Federal income tax pays for welfare and warfare, both of which I am entirely opposed to. In fact, it really only pays for the trillions of dollars in interest that we rack up each year as we finance these programs through loans which can and will never be paid back. The only ones getting rich are the global bankers who have been setting this up pretty much since the founding of our country, which is why the founding fathers were opposed to a central bank.

The Federal Reserve Bank is not federal, as it is a private institution, and it is not a reserve, because they do not back any of their bank notes (i.e. paper money) with real stored assets such as gold. They print money for cents per bill, regardless of whether it is a $1 or a $100 bill. They then "loan" this money to the government at face value. Since the Federal Reserve was started in 1913, the dollar has been devalued by more than 90%. Inflation would not exist if they did not keep printing money and adding it into circulation.

Inflation is, in a sense, another indirect taxation, in that we have to work more and longer because the government keeps adding play money to the economy to finance their programs and devaluing the already existing bills even further. Our federal income tax goes to pay the interest on this loaned, fictitious play money. Ron Paul was the only candidate who wanted to end the Fed. JFK wanted to do it before him, which is why he was assassinated.

As for "render unto Caesar" - we do not have a Caesar. Rome was an occupying force of the nation of Israel in Jesus' day, and they taxed the Israelites because they were under tribute, just as the Israelites in the past, for example under King David, had taxed foreign nations that they occupied. Jesus said:

And when they were come to Capernaum, they that received tribute money came to Peter, and said, Doth not your master pay tribute? He saith, Yes. And when he was come into the house, Jesus prevented him, saying, What thinkest thou, Simon? of whom do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute? of their own children, or of strangers? Peter saith unto him, Of strangers. Jesus saith unto him, Then are the children free. Notwithstanding, lest we should offend them, go thou to the sea, and cast an hook, and take up the fish that first cometh up; and when thou hast opened his mouth, thou shalt find a piece of money: that take, and give unto them for me and thee.

Notice, also, that in both passages the annual tax was one coin. That's a lot different than what we are faced with today. In the Bible time's economy, this equated to less than 0.5% of their annual income, and there were no other taxes involved.

We supposedly are living in a "free" country and pay HALF of our money to the government by the time we have paid all the hidden taxes and fees.

I am not at all "pro-Republican". I am for small, limited government that lines up with the Constitution. I think both President Bush Sr. and Jr. were horrible, horrible people. The Democrats and Republicans are puppets controlled by the same global elitists. They may say different things, but they act the same. Bush gave us 9/11, which led to the Department of Homeland Security and The Patriot Act. He gave us the Iraq "war" (No war has ever been declared by Congress since WWII, they only vote to approve spending on these conflicts. This in spite of the fact that the Constitution makes it clear that only Congress can declare war. The President (Commander in Chief) has no right to just send our troops wherever he wants to, but that has never stopped them yet).

Obama, Mr. Nobel Peace Prize, is continuing the warfare and unwarranted murder of people in the Middle East, in spite of promising otherwise on the campaign trail. He has not only not pulled out of Iraq, but is now also occupying Afghanistan and poised to start attacking Iran. Why? Because he thinks that they might be in a position to build a nuclear missile. Never mind that WE already have thousands of them, and no doubt many of those are pointed at Iran right now. Never mind that WE are occupying other countries and forcing them adopt our values, they don't. I guess being Muslim inherently makes them psychopaths who cannot be trusted to have a nuke, while we are the moral compass of the world and would never abuse this power. Why then are there stories of abuse by our troops in the news daily, such as this, this, or this? Mr. Obama is a mass-murderer who likes to kill babies, and people overseas, and wants to do so with our hard-earned money. He is no different from Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and countless other wicked men before him.

The only reason why America was once a great nation is because while the rest of the world has been down this road of self-destruction for longer, or was never free to begin with, we were one of the very few truly free nations that have ever existed in history. As all the others before us, we will be destroyed from the inside, from having eroded all morals and thus bringing upon ourselves a monstrous government that has to rule our every step and eventually become tyrannical. It's sad to watch this progression.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Here I go being a slacker blogger again. Actually, I have a couple of finished blog posts, but they are both more on the negative, issue-oriented side, and I feel like I need to post something more positive again for a change, as well as some pictures.

BUT... I am soooooooooo tired. As in reeeeeaaaaaalllllllyyyyyy tired. I sleep like 10 hours a night, and nap another hour during the day, and I am still just sleepwalking the rest of the time. I feel like the biggest slacker mom - the floors need mopping, the laundry needs to be put away, the dishes stay in the sink dirty at night, and if I do storytime before bed with the kids, it literally sends ME to sleep while I am reading. Pathetic.

I should be out of this phase within the next couple of months. Yawn. I HAVE to go to bed now.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Exciting (but not very surprising) news

We are happy to announce that we are expecting another little blessing, due sometime in early December. Other than being very fatigued and experiencing the usual morning sickness, all is well. The other kids are all very excited, especially John, who is hoping to have a brother AND a sister born on his birthday, which is December 11.

If you are so inclined, please pray for a safe pregnancy and birth, and for God's continued blessing on our family in these uncertain times.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ooops.... Where did Guam go??!?!

Georgia Congressman Hank Johnson is questioning Navy Admiral Robert Willard, the commander of the Navy’s Pacific Fleet, about some troop movements involving the island of Guam. Congressman Johnson actually told the Admiral that he was concerned that with the additional 8000 people on the island, Guam might “tip over and capsize.” This imbecile of a congressman receives $174,000 yearly pay, but doesn't even sound smart enough to work at McDonald's or Wal-Mart.

In case you were unsure, islands are not floating pieces of land that can just capsize. Does this look like something that will just tip over and sink under?

It's people like this who run our country, educate our children, write our laws, spend our money, and wrote the "health care bill" (which has nothing to do with keeping anyone healthy).

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Homosexuals brainwashing our children in elementary schools

Go here and throw up in disgust. God have pity on these poor children in public school.

Really take the time to watch these two short clips. To me, they were shocking and eye-opening. Kids are taught this kind of garbage in schools around the country, even though most parents would not teach their children these same values at home.

It doesn't take eight hours a day to teach an elementary student to read, write, do math, and cover basic subjects like science and history. The vast majority of homeschooled kids spend much less time studying than that, and yet score far above their peers in public school. Kids are at public school all day because it is a vehicle to bring about social change, not to impart actual knowledge.

EVERY public school, no matter how "conservative", is part of this indoctrination machine. The more subtle the message, the more dangerous it is, because young children may not pick up on the underhanded contradiction of the values they learned at home.

It is sickening to think that these children will all grow into voting adults, and be the ones to make up the society that my children will have to live in. They are not the product of their parents, or of previous generations, but of a small percentage of sick perverts who exercise control over the minds of the vast majority of the next generation.