Sunday, October 21, 2012

Becky's 4th Birthday

Sweet little Becky turned 4 this year. Seems that time just keeps flying by faster and faster!

It is hard to remember a time when we did not have Becky. In fact, it's hard to remember a time when we did not have a 4-year old, talking, mischievous, and incredibly cute Becky. She is such a sweet little creature, and sure knows how to keep us ever on our toes. Smart as a whip, she will never accept an easy answer to any of her many questions. She is a real math whiz, and about two years ahead of her level even at this young age.

 She had been wanting a ring sling for her doll for a long time

Dress-up clothes are always a favorite gift

 Strawberry shortcakes for breakfast

A baby carrier I sewed her for her dolly
Typically, when one of the children has a birthday, we don't do any school work. We try to do a special outing or field trip instead, and the birthday child gets to choose what they would like to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Additionally, we usually do a party for every child, every year, although siblings whose birthdays are within days of one another may share a party (John and Anna, Isaac and Miriam). 

For Becky's birthday, we visited the Phoenix Zoo, and did all the "extras" they offer, such as feeding the giraffes and riding a camel.

For her birthday dinner, she asked to eat at Chick-Fil-A. Not my first choice, but then, it wasn't my birthday.

For the party a few days later, we had a "cookie decorating" theme, and decorated all kinds of animal-shaped sugar cookies.

Lots of toppings to choose from

Becky is a sweet little muffin, and we are so grateful for her!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Update on Dr. Hovind

New Address:
Kent Hovind #06452-017
FPC PO Box 9000
Berlin, NH 03570


Well, THAT was quite a trip! Tuesday, Oct 16, 2012, I was in the Oklahoma City BOP transfer center. That morning I got a new 'celly' named Victor Chavez Jr from Dumas, TX. He was being sent to Three Rivers, TX. We had a great conversation and I was able to lead him to the Lord! He was so-o-o-o-o 'ripe for the pickin' (as I teach my grandkids in the new 3 book series-The Adventures of the Hovind Grandkids- see [edited to remove name and email address]). I bet you know someone (or will meet someone today) who is 'ripe for the pickin' and if you ask God He will show you who it is. Better yet, just give every piece of fruit a little tug as you walk by and see if it comes off. :))

Anyway, I don't have Victor's inmate number but I bet you can get it on or someplace like that. We got as far as Mt. 5:28 in our reading when he was called to go. He is HUNGRY for the Word! Please pray for him and send him some Christian books and literature to help him grow in the Lord.

I went to bed at 10 pm Tues. HOPING for my first good night's sleep but, at 2:30 am Wed. they woke us up and said "pack your stuff" (THAT was easy! 3 pieces of paper.) About 100 of us gathered to be SLOWLY processed out. Shackles, belly chain and handcuffs on at 3:30 and on the plane by 8 am. We flew to Atlanta, dropped off some and picked up some and flew to Newburg, New York. LOTS of busses and vans were waiting to take us various places. Our bus went to downtown Brooklyn to the hold over center where, at 5 pm we FINALLY got the shackles off and got a bologna sandwich! Wow! I was thinking of the children of Israel who WALKED 500 miles in chains to Babylon! I bet that took longer than 12 hours!

We drove right by the new "freedom" tower going up on the spot where the twin towers were. See for more on why they REALLY came down! We saw the Statue of Liberty and I wondered what she was thinking of America's prison $y$tem? Here she was holding up her torch offering freedom for the 'huddled masses yearning to be free' as a bus load of prisoners in shackles drove by. America has 5% of the world's population and 25% of the world's prisoners! By FAR the largest % in the world. We have about 10X more per capita than most European countries. I think somebody discovered this is a great way to make LOTS of money! God's perfect law (Ps. 19:7) NEVER calls for prisons AT ALL. See I Tim 6:10 or read "The Kennel" by Elijah Green on Amazon or on for more on that! In the Bible you got a fine, a beating or executed for your crimes. LOTS cheaper and better for families! -see Exodus and Deuteronomy for more on that.

Anyway, in Brooklyn we sat crowded in small stifling rooms till 11:30 pm when we finally got into a cell with a bed! I was sleeping like a rock (actually-no one knows for sure how they sleep but I was sleeping HARD) when the guard knocked on the door at 3:30 am to get processed out again! Shackles on by 4:30 and onto a bus to drive across Connecticut and stop in RI and finally at Fort Devens, NY where they took the shackles off at 11 am and 4 of us rode in a van to Berlin (they pronounce it burlen), NH. The drive up was beautiful! It is a little too late for the flaming colors the trees are famous for but still incredible! We got to the camp about 2:30. 


The prison has been built for about 2 years but was sitting empty. It is a medium security for about 1800 (none here yet) and a camp next door for 120. There were 47 campers here but we bumped it over 50. I was #51! Hmmmm? 17x3=51. 17! (1+2+3...17) =153; 51x3=153 -the # of great fish in the net in the Bible. THAT is a VERY interesting number! (But that's for another blog- see my blog on "17 What a number!" on

The camp is not 100% done so we all stay in the HUGE medium security for now. We have a great view of Mt. Washington where the greatest wind speed on earth was recorded. (243? mph!) Moose and bear come to sniff out the camp regularly. Hmmm? Hope the bears are not hungry!

Because the prison and camp are brand new there are no books in the library. No chaplain yet, no piano, no Bibles etc. If you feel led to send some books that I can then donate to the library please contact [edited to remove name and email address] so he can coordinate so I don't get more than 5/day. We need KJ Bibles, a Concordance, Bible doctrines book, any good Christian novels (Shack, Heaven is for Real, etc) or books on creation (The Evolution Handbook, Secrets of the Ica Stones, In the beginning by Walt Brown, Noah's Ark by Mary Nell Wyatt, etc). Spanish and French for Dummies (i.e.-me) or any other books God lays on your heart.

The camp has one large open dorm with lines painted on the floor to indicate the "cubes." Each two man cube is about 8 ft x 6.5 feet and has a bunk bed, two lockers and a desk. The most crowded sleeping area I have seen in my travels. This is my 5th one.

The staff here are mostly new as well. They were very friendly and helpful as we processed in. It was SUCH a blessing! I pray THAT doesn't change. Every other place I have been seems to have a few staff who think it is there job to make life as miserable as possible for the men. Hello! We are in prison! Away from our families, jobs and friends. We are not here FOR punishment, we are here AS punishment (or, in many cases, vindictiveness or persecution). Some don't know the vast difference between power and authority. I was school principal and I know you can maintain strick discipline and still be NICE and FRIENDLY as you do your job. Anyway, pray for them to keep the helpful attitude as this place swells up. Better yet, pray the who-o-o-o-o-ole federal system downsizes about 90% so we can go home and save a FORTUNE and reunite families. Support legislation to REDUCE the system and time served. States give about 20% of the time for the same crimes because they can't print money to pay for it. WHEN Jesus saw the need He was moved with compassion.... Hmmm? why not before? When Ezekiel was "among the captives," he got a burden from the Lord. Several bills like HR 223 will cut time to 50% and send me home! Please support them!!!


[edited to remove name and email address] is still working hard on various aspects of the case. He and the others who study it are very confident it can all be overturned! Contact him for updates to to help with expenses. Please pray Acts 12:5 style for my soon release!

I thank all of you who contacted Senator Marco Rubio about this move. It is still not too late! They can move me closer any time they want. One man had his family call the Grand Prairie, TX transfer center 3 times a week because of the hardship the distance placed on the family and they finally got tired of the calls and moved him. Hmmm? See Luke 18? about the unjust judge. (I don't have my Bible-or any Bible- so I can't find the exact place right now.)


Romans 8:28!

Kent Hovind

"Life with Lily" book giveaway winner

My apologies for this being late, the giveaway ended on Thursday.

There were 17 qualifying comments. I used to pick a random number.

Which means that the winner is...

... Heather! 

Congratulations! I am so happy for you. Please send me the address you would like your copy of the book mailed to.

Many thanks to all who participated. I will have another exciting giveaway soon.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Urgent request for help!!!

We received the following email from Kent Hovind today:

October 12, 2012
From Dr. Kent Hovind:
Hey friends!  It's Friday morning at 7 am MST.  I packed my stuff yesterday so they will be moving me at any time.  It may be today or it may be days from now BUT, I was just asked by my case manager to sign a release form for the BOP to release info about my situation to Senator Marco Rubio's office in Florida.  Apparently he contacted them and is seeking to help me get closer to home!  BOP policy is that inmates be within 500 miles of home but, unless many step in NOW, I will probably end up in Berlin, New Hampshire to help fill their new camp.  The fact that it is further from home than here doesn't matter.  They need bodie$ to rai$e the budget.
  Anyway, I will most likely be in the Oklahoma transfer center for a day or two so they can STILL change and designate me to PENSACOLA or Maxwell in Montgomery, AL which is 170 miles away.  PLEASE contact Senator Rubio's office TODAY and ask that they designate me to inside my region according to BOP policy and as my sentencing judge recommended.
   I predict the form I just signed will be SLOWLY processed (ie-weeks) to attempt to prevent the Senator from interceding in time.  When you call his office mention that I did sign it and do want his help.  He can contact the camp here and my case manager Mrs. Beiker, who has the form, can fax it or verify it right away.  While I am en route they can still redesignate me IF they get enough pressure!  Like Esther, sometimes action must be taken before it is too late!  Please pray for this situation and make a call!
   If any of you that post this can add Senator Rubio's phone or email or address please do.  Thanks for your prayers and help!!
 Kent Hovind

To give you some background info, Dr. Hovind has been held in Colorado since last year, well outside the 500 mile radius recommended by the BOP (Bureau of Prisons), making it very difficult for his family to visit.

With this new camp opening in Berlin, NH, he would be even farther away from  home if transferred there, which is what it seems like they are trying to do. 

Please heed his call for help by contacting the office of Senator Marco Rubio from Florida TODAY by emailor by phone at  (407) 254-2573. Please ask to speak to Tom.

Please mention that: 

  • Kent Hovind received his request to release info about his case, has filled out and submitted the form, and would like Marco Rubio's help.
  • Please ask for Marco Rubio to contact Kent Hovind's case manager, Mrs. Beiker, to ask her to fax or verify the form right away. To contact Mrs. Beiker, please ask Marco Rubio / his office to call the prison at 719-784-9464. The switchboard will ask him for the name of the inmate (Kent Hovind) and his number (06452-017) before being able to transfer him to Mrs. Beiker. Please do NOT call Mrs. Beiker yourself - this information is on here only to make it easy to share with Senator Rubio. 
  • Please ask for Marco Rubio to intercede on Kent Hovind's behalf immediately, as he is already ready for transfer, so he can be rerouted closer to home (per BOP policy and the recommendation of the sentencing judge), rather than being moved further away from home. Dr. Hovind's first choice would be to be transferred to Pensacola, FL; his second choice is the Maxwell facility in Montgomery, AL. 

Please also share this post on Facebook, your blog, via email, or any other outlet you choose.

Thank you all so much!

Camping, my style

Camping would totally be my thing, if it were not for the lack of indoor plumbing, temperature control, and a zillion other reasons.  Just something about always having two little ones in diapers makes me truly appreciate being able to wash my hands in running water any time day or night. In other words, my favorite place to sleep is my own bed.

My family, of course, is another story. They all LOVE camping. 

So last month, we struck this compromise - indoor camping on my bedroom floor.

It was a bit cramped, but that's part of the fun.

Needless to say, the kids had a blast. We even followed it up with a camp-out worthy breakfast the next morning.

While this would be enough camping to last me for a while, we did actually go on a "real" camping trip just last week. More on that in another post.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

"Life with Lily" Book Review and Giveaway

Last month, I received a copy of "Life with Lily" from the author. Mary Ann Kinsinger was raised Amish, but as an adult realized she was not truly a Christian, and as a result, was born again and is no longer Amish. She chronicles her journey on her popular blog, A Joyful Chaos

Her book, aimed at children ages 8-10, recounts stories from her childhood through the adventures of "Lily Lapp". It is a glimpse into the life of a young girl growing up Amish in today's world. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mitt doesn't have my vote

Some time ago, I blogged about why I don't vote. To my surprise, this topic really struck a  nerve with many people.