Tuesday, April 30, 2013

America's Mass Infanticide

The trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell has once again shed light on the horrific and gruesome reality of infanticide as it happens every day in America's abortion clinics. The pro-murder crowd will scream and holler about how he was one of a kind, and not representative of abortionists everywhere. These videos by LiveAction.org tell a different story.

First, here is a clip of a debate on the Sean Hannity Show between Lila Rose of LiveAction.org, and abortion-supporter Tamara Holder, talking about the undercover investigations that Live Action had carried out at two late-term abortion clinics.

Ugh! Could Holder be any more loud, belligerent, and generally unbecoming in her behavior??? Why am I not shocked?

Shocking as they are, please take the time to watch the videos discussed above, in detail. Full footage of the investigations is available on the LiveAction.org website (linked in each of the headings below).

Obama's/Clinton's cute little quip of "Abortion should be safe, legal, and rare" is an oxymoron. For one, no abortion is safe for the baby. Secondly, if it is either safe, or legal, it will never be rare anymore. In order for abortion to be rare, it would either have to be illegal, or unsafe, in order to offer the necessary deterrent to make it rare. It would have been just as logical to say "abortion should be safe, legal, and always result in the birth of a living child." The first half of the sentence, and the second, will simply never add up. The easier and safer access to abortion is, the more commonplace it becomes.

And yes, I can only imagine what brought that girl into the clinic at 16 herself...

Investigation #2 - Washington, D.C.

This man is a monster. Words fail me to describe just how despicable of a human being he is. God has a place in the lowest hell reserved for him.

Basically, his method is to strangle the baby by severing the umbilical cord, which means he is cutting off the oxygen to the baby, and then delivering it in one piece - albeit dead. He compares this to denying care to a terminally ill cancer patient at the hospital.

Florida Planned Parenthood

During a hearing on a Florida state bill that would mandate that an abortion survivor be given emergency life-saving care, Planned Parenthood representative and lobbyist Alisa LaPolt Snow testified that her organization, Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates, endorses infanticide as a “decision … left up to the woman, her family, and the physician.”

Pennsylvania: Gosnell House of Horrors

Truly, God will judge our wicked nation for allowing the murder of these innocent babies. We MUST spread this information, so that those faced with a situation where they might consider abortion, will reconsider, in spite of being encouraged by society, school, death care providers, and everyone else to snuff out the life of their innocent child with the excuse of it being "legal." Everything that is legal is not right, and just because something is illegal, does not mean it really is wrong. God is the ultimate judge, and these wicked people will answer to Him one day.

The only thing the abortion crowd gets right is that there is zero difference between murdering a child inside the mother's womb, or outside. No difference whether you snip the spinal cord, strangle, dismember, and/or poison the child a few inches on either side of the mother's cervix. It's all murder. The conclusion ought not be that we might as well allow infanticide up to, and even past, the point of birth, but that rather all life should be protected from the moment it is created, which is conception.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

My cute little window washer

When Solomon was a baby and toddler, and probably until he was about 4 years old or so, he was deathly afraid of the windshield wipers. If it was raining while we were driving, and we turned the wipers on, he would cover his eyes, cry, and repeat "Solomon scared! Solomon scared!" while pointing at the windshield. Yeah, he's come a long way... :)

Stephen, on the other hand, absolutely loves playing with the wipers, turning them on, and squirting window cleaner at the windshield. I think he enjoys the feeling of power he must derive from orchestrating this marvelous chaos, all with the flip of a switch.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April recap

This has been a very busy month for us. Just in the last 8 days alone, we have gone on four (4) field trips. In case you are wondering, that is a lot. Somehow, it just happened to work out where many venues in the area chose this week for their homeschool days. "Exhausted" doesn't even begin to describe how I felt when it was all over! :)

Thankfully, today was a quieter day, and we are back in our regular routine. 

I don't remember when these pictures were taken (other than that it was before I put away the winter clothes), but the two little girls are just too precious not to share.  

Family Bike Ride - Saturday, April 6

Tempe is home to a wonderful web of designated bike trails along the canals. All 9 of us went on an 8-mile trip that evening, followed by a picnic at the park. (Solomon is holding my bike for the picture - he is NOT the one hauling all the kids!)

It didn't occur to me until we were 6 miles into the trip, and Miriam started saying that she was getting tired, that she had never before gone on such a long bike trip by herself. Considering the size of her little bike, we were extremely impressed with how well she did!

Wildlife World Zoo - Monday, April 8

Other homeschool families from our church

 Anna with her good friend from church. These girls are always playing together! 

This wallaby actually came close enough to allow Solomon to pet it! 

Isaac loved the birds, and the birds loved him. They must have known he is our "chicken man" at home, and great at taking care of his flock. 

Boyce Thompson Arboretum - Wednesday, April 10

We went on a guided tour talking about "Plants in the Bible" - great stuff! The weather was absolutely perfect, too.

Friday, April 12 - Maricopa County Fair

Check out my cool license plate - a birthday gift from my husband! (I know what you are thinking - "What are you going to do if you have another baby?" Well, I guess we can always change the number if need be when the time comes to renew the plates.) 

These girls are so sweet!

 Fresh mozzarella and tomatoes - always a favorite picnic food. 

Monday, April 15 - Musical Instrument Museum

Not sure what Anna was upset over - probably being interrupted in her water play?

Stephen LOVED the "Experience Gallery", where kids get to try out all sorts of instruments. He would just look from one sound to the next. Of course, his favorite were the rattles - pretty universal the world over, huh? :)

One of the favorite aspects of field trips for our kids is me packing them a sack/picnic lunch. Seriously! It's fun for me, too, though I certainly would not want to do that every day of the school year.

That's it for now! I'm thinking we will lay low on field trips for a while... ;)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Things I like to order on Azure Standard - Part 2

(For part 1, please click here)

One of the most critical staples that I order from Azure Standard every month is butter. To be more specific, the Rumiano brand butter

I love how the butter comes in randomly shaped blocks, just like good cheese. 

Rumiano is an artisan cheese company in Northern California. I highly recommend all their products.

Their butter is my favorite item, hands down. Though not labeled as organic, this butter is pasture-fed (as the rich yellow color also proves), free of growth hormones and antibiotics, and GMO free since the cows are never fed genetically engineered corn. The butter used to be labeled as such, but no longer is, simply because it is against the law for products to be labeled as non-GMO, unless they pay for organic certification. 

Forget about demanding labeling - it is actually illegal to do so of your own choosing! Insanity.

Anyway, several years ago I called the company and talked to some high-up guy, who explained to me that they work with a number of small dairy farms along the coast, where the cows have rich pasture year-round. Many of these farms cannot afford to pay for organic certification, even though their cows are raised according to organic standards. 

The quality of this butter speaks for itself. Our family's butter evolution went something like this:

regular butter 
(rBST, antibiotics, etc.)

organic butter from Costco 
(we later received a letter from a class action law suit settlement, as the butter and even Costco brand organic milk turned out to be the worst type of conventional. I had already suspected this because the butter was tasteless and white as snow.)

organic butter from Whole Foods or Trader Joes

Kerrygold butter from Ireland 
(pasture fed, presumably non-GMO because it's imported from Europe)

This butter definitely is the best that money can buy. The only possible step up is when I make my own butter from raw cream, which I cannot always get a hold of, especially not in the quantities in which we consume butter. 

One month, Azure ran out, and we got none in our order. It was such a shock to my system that I now always make sure to keep no less than an extra month's supply in the fridge. 

I spy with my little eye... 24 lbs of butter! Looks like it'll be time to order more soon.... ;)

See? I'm serious about this!! :) What is that you are saying? That it's people like me who make the butter sell out in the first place? Probably - I'll be the first to admit to that.

I can quit any time! Or not...

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Miriam's 6th birthday

First off, when I sat down to blog Miriam's birthday, I realized I had never put up a post about Becky's 4th birthday all the way back in October 2012. Since the primary purpose of this blog is to be an online scrapbook of sorts for our family, I went back and posted about the birthday, and then set that date to publish when it was supposed to have, almost 6 months ago. Because chances are, years from now when I want to look up pictures of Becky's birthday, I won't know to look in the archives of April the following year... ;) 

So please hop over here first, and read that post. I'll wait for you - promise! 
Miriam is our first, and thus oldest, daughter. It is hard to put into words just what a special little girl she is. She has a true heart of gold, and is extremely loving and caring. Even at the young age of 6, she loves nothing more than to help me out around the house, whether that be folding the laundry, loading the dishwasher, or playing with her much-loved baby brother. I never even have to ask her to do any of these things - she'll just do them of her own accord. She always shocks me with her wonderful sense of taste, and her eye for making everything pretty and special. She started piano lessons this year, which she very much enjoys.

  Miriam's favorite gift was this ironing board and iron I made for her (she's sweet like that)

 This tutu was also a huge hit

For the special activity on her birthday, our whole family went to a homeschool skating event at a local skate park.

 I'm guessing it must have been cold that day?

 For the special birthday dinner, we lit the fire pit, grilled hot dogs, made marshmallows, and rounded it all out with ice cream all around. 

The party a few days later had the theme "Ballerina Tea Party." The little girls got to decorate tiaras, and enjoy lots of fancy finger foods.


Daughters are a blessing unlike any other! 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter Photos

We had our Easter dinner on Saturday this year, to make things easier on Sunday, which for us is typically a very busy day. That worked very well, so I think it will become our new tradition.

On Sunday morning, the kids had a treasure hunt, in which they found letters that would spell the location of the collective "Easter basket."

Traditionally, we give the boys new swim trunks, and the girls new dresses. I had a ton of super cute pictures of the girls that morning, but somehow sadly I accidentally deleted them from my memory card. Waaaaaaaaaah!!!!

Okay, there are plenty of other pictures to make up for the loss, at least a bit.

Since we had just done family photos in the fall, we didn't feel the need to drag along a photographer just so we parents could be included in the pictures. So my husband went home to get lunch started, while I took pictures of the kids at a favorite nearby spot. 

My boys

My girls

Solomon (11)

Isaac (10)

John (8)

 Miriam (6)

 Becky (4)

 Anna (2)

 Stephen (8 months)