Saturday, November 15, 2014

Recipe for Whipped Body Butter

Today, I would like to share my recipe for a decadently rich and nourishing, whipped body butter. I do not use this daily or even regularly, but it is wonderful to have in the winter when the air here gets incredibly dry, everything is brimming with static electricity (I think that's a desert-in-the-winter thing), and my skin gets itchy. 

Also, our family uses this lotion daily as a carrier / base for applying various essential oils (more on that in another post).

It is incredibly easy to make up, and keeps very well at room temperature. A small amount goes a long ways, and while it is oily at first, it absorbs very quickly, and does not leave a shiny residue.

Best of all, it smells just like a bar of exquisite chocolate, thanks to the cocoa butter in it. 


equal parts (by weight) of:

coconut oil

(typically, I use 4 oz of each) 

1. Heat the oils over very low flame until just melted; stir gently. I do this right in my stainless steel mixing bowl, which I set on my stove top on the lowest heat. 

2. Allow to cool down in the fridge until solid but still soft.

3. Whip with egg beaters on high until the body butter is white, soft, and fluffy - much like marshmallow creme. 

4. Transfer to containers, and store away from heat.

  • If you live in a very hot climate, use 2 parts each of shea and cocoa butter for every 1 part of coconut oil to make the lotion more robust.
  • If the lotion does get too warm, it will melt and lose its "whipped" consistency, but is still every bit as nourishing. If you like, you can whip it up again. (I have never had this happen, but I know it's possible if left out in the heat or direct sun.)


  1. I.Have.Got.To.Try.This!

    I'll finally have an excuse to walk into a vitamin store to see if they sell shea butter (they should!) I also think I saw some at Hobby Lobby I could be wrong...

    But that Coca Butter must be ordered from amazon....*sigh* at least bulk is better than being ripped off at some fancy store for only 1oz

  2. How long is shelf life? does it go rancid quickly?

  3. Since this has no type of preservative in it how long will it last? I was thinking of making a batch big enough to last 2 months, do you think that would be ok?



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