Monday, November 17, 2014

Essential Oils

I have, of late, discovered my love for essential oils. The thing that had held me back for years was the fact that the "BIG" companies like DoTerra and Young Living are all based on multi-level-marketing schemes, something I positively avoid at all cost. Each middleman = more overhead = higher final market price. No thank you!

Still, I ended up ordering some basic oils from DoTerra, as well as their flagship book "Modern Essentials", and loved their impact so much that I was positively and irreversibly hooked on the use of essential oils. 

But... still not so much on the price.

Then I discovered Eden's Garden, and life has been rainbows and unicorns ever since. Seriously - to be able to order the oils I needed and wanted - at affordable, direct marketing prices? Yes, please! I am not a sales rep for Eden's Garden, they do not pay me commission, I am simply here to say: I have been using their essential oils, and am extremely pleased with them. As are thousands of other reviewers on Amazon.

Thanks to essential oils, our family has averted coming down with not one, but two cases of the flu that were going all around. They are used daily for bumps, bruises, cuts, mosquito bites, fussy babies, stressed mom, and on and on. How did I ever live without them?

My favorite book on the subject of essential oils is "The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy." 

In addition, I have also discovered the ease and convenience of making up mixtures we use frequently (such as for mosquito bites), putting them into roll-on bottles, and having them ready at my fingertips any time.

If you have been thinking about giving essential oils a try - please do! You will likely come to love and depend upon them. But please remember - I am not a doctor. I just play one on the internet.


  1. So funny, because I could have written this post! I just recently started getting into EO's. A friend of mine is into one of "those" companies and has given me samples to try, but there's no way in a million years I'd join an MLM company and I can't possibly afford their prices. I checked on Amazon for EO's and found Eden's Garden. Totally affordable and great product! My dh just got me the ultimate set for our anniversary gift so I can make more blends that we need. I'm making salves with them and will be ordering roller bottles soon. Can't wait! :) EO's have saved our family from so much sickness this last year. We normally spend Nov.-Mar. sick and this year diffusing Theives oil and we only had 2-3 bouts of any sickness. In a family of 13 that's quite a feat! (at least it is for us) It also cured pink-eye that my baby had. She had it for 3 months. I tried breastmilk and coconut oil first (my usual go-to's and cures for it) and it just got worse. She ended up using 3 different antibiotic eye drops and 1 antibiotic eye ointment and every time the course ended it came back. I used EO's and it was gone in less than 3 days and NEVER came back! I've also used them for many other things including post-partum care, cuts, hemorrhoids, stress, mole removal, keeping away sickness, made cleaning products, help with colic, help with sleep, dyslexia, muscle pain, headaches, and many many more things. Love essential oils! Can you tell? ;) I cannot tell you how much of a blessing finding Eden's Garden was to my family because we could not afford those other companies.

  2. I was so happy to see you post about this! I've been using Doterra essential oils since shortly after my son was born 6 months ago . . . I was having significant postpartum anxiety, and they helped so much! What really changed my life was Doterra's Life Long Vitality Pack. I'm convinced it's the world's best daily supplement, and it's drastically changed how I feel in every way. Even if you don't use Doterra's oils, I highly reccomend their Life Long Vitality Pack! How do you feel the Eden's Garden oils compare to Doterra? Like you, the one thing that's less than optimum about Doterra is the price tag, but at the same time, I believe you get what you pay for.

  3. See this is where i've always been on the fence about Essential Oils....I'm a huge advocate for holistic health but the way some companies like DoTERRA and bloggers who promote them are acting like these oils can be the equivalent of going to the hospital...

    And their behavior towards these oils really turned me off to them because they were treated like a fad that is going to go out of style eventually...

    But i've bought a couple in the past and do think they make great scented powders, lotions etc And they do last forever so I kind of get the pricing being fair

    I just wish that companies that sell these wouldn't make them seem like the end-all remedies to everything, they are good internally (as is a good diet and exercise) but they're not gonna cure cancer y'know?

    1. I would be careful with that comment. Kris Karr has made an entire career out of the fact that an alternative lifestyle healed her from cancer. Also there is this book called "Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds" by Kelly A., PhD Turner, that speaks about the power of alternative healing practices and lifestyle changes.
      von: "

    2. I can't tell if you're joking or being ironic but i've seen people sell a lot of stuff because it cured their cancer (like if you've seen any of the holistic food docs they mention it cured their cancer)

      I think its coincidental, if it worked for many people then I'd ask why there were so many poor children in hospitals suffering from something they don't deserve to have inflicted upon them....

  4. I also agree about the MLM stuff!!! I have recently tried Native American Nutritionals. So far so good, but will be looking into Eden's Garden!! Thanks for the post. Do you have a diffuser and if you do which one do you like the best? Thanks!!

  5. I am in love with essential oils too. I had a bad patch of psoriasis on my leg from stress. I tried everything and nothing worked until I talked to my friend about what essential oils would be best. Cleared up the psoriasis in about two weeks. I have also made a wonderful arnica salve that works (and smells) better than Bengay. ~ Traci

  6. I've always been interested in the oils but have never really researched them. What oils did you use to help fight off the flu and were they used with a vaporizer or applied topically with the body butter you make? As we go into flu season I'd love to know how you fight it off naturally. Thank you.

  7. We have been dealing with a horrible bout of the flu here and I'd love to know what you used to fight it off successfully. What oils or combinations worked and how do you use them? Diffuser or with your cream? If you could please answer this I'd be very appreciative. Thank you, K

  8. I couldn't have written this better myself. I work with a girl that uses and sells young living. After she swore that essential oils work I became curious. The prices were being my budget so I started my own research. I found out edema garden provides oils that are just as pure at an affordable rate. I also liked that they have synergy blends so I don't have to feel like a mad scientist mixing the oils to get what I want. Edens garden is the way to go and I will be ordering more and sharing my experience with family and friends.


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