Thursday, November 13, 2014

Another Q & A - with a twist!

My previous Q & A posts have always been popular, and I really enjoy doing them. The reality, however, is that writing up answers and posting them in a blog post is very time consuming, and I don't get to do them as often as I would like. 

Sooooo, I thought of a fun and much faster way to do this. I will be hosting my first (and possibly only!) LIVE Q & A session. It will be streamed through YouTube on my husband's channel next Tuesday, November 18th, from 2-3 p.m. Mountain Standard Time.

To submit a question for me to answer, please leave it in the comments below. In addition, I will also be taking as many questions as I can from those submitted live during the event in the comments feed. If you submit a question here, but will not be able to watch the session live, you can still get the answer on the video recording which I will put up on the blog to view later. Does this all make sense??!? 

Hope you will be able to join us during that most restorative of all hours - nap time!  


  1. How exciting! I will tune in for sure! My question: Do you and your husband ever go soul winning together, if so do you take your children with you? I am curious we have 6 children ages 8 and under and usually take them with us out soul winning as a family but sometimes it seems crazy going up to a door with our whole and the pit bulls in this area of Virginia (Hampton Roads) seem to be taking over the dog

  2. Hello! I have often wondered, do you ever struggle with your role as a woman, being submissive to your husband? I believe in this principle as well, though I admit I sometimes have difficulty with it mentally. Any advice?

  3. Hi Zsu!
    I'm really excited about this, because I thought you were never going to do Q&As again....(never submitted for one haha!)
    There are a lot of questions here so I hope its not a huge can skip some I guess...i'm just really curious about your opinions :)

    1. Will you ever take your older children to Germany to show them the culture you were raised with?

    2. Do you have any preferences for the kinds of jobs you want your sons to have when they grow up? What if they wanted to be doctors?

    3. Living in Arizona is kind of ironic for you guys! What would you say to your daughters to help them not believe the lie that american culture sells about the standards of women? (i.e their bodies, clothes, behavior etc)

    4. How will you prevent raising daughters who would have an infantilized mindset after they get married? (i.e extremely dependent on parents, unable to have intimacy with spouse due to discomfort of situation, emotionally unstable without the presence of immediate family members) Newfound "independence" can be stunning sometimes

    5. How do you feel about the westboro baptist church?

    6. What would your advice be to your children if they married their equivalent of a Ted Bundy? (the handsome serial killer that was extremely polite, well mannered and so kind that it was difficult to believe he had a huge flaw in his character) I pray this never ever happens, but from your views of divorce being unforgivable and unacceptable i'm curious about this...

    I'm so sorry about all the questions! I love your blog! I'm not even religious but I've found myself coming here time and time again because you write really great articles about things I didn't know, you are one talented cook, and a great mother to those kids. I've never agreed harder than I did when you said you believed in keeping children in church, and I haven't gotten a flu shot since i've started reading you.
    Even though we are divided on controversial issues you are one talented writer and I am thankful that you let us peek into your life once in a while.

  4. I am having trouble balancing a newborn and a toddler and all of the housework I have to do. I find myself putting on the TV to distract my two and a half year old but I feel so bad when I leave her there for too long. I don't drive so I can't take her on any outdoor adventures at the moment so she is not interacting much with other kids with the exception of the occasional visit to the park or at grandma's. I wanted to take her to church but our church has a babysitting facility during services and i am not comfortable separating myself from her during services. I find that you often have great ideas when it comes to the kids and I was wondering if you would share anything that worked for you when you were juggling two small kids. How do you keep the toddler active and learning while tending to a newborn's needs? I feel so sad like I am not doing enough as a mom for her right now. :(

  5. I was wondering if you can give me light from the Bible on the theme forgiveness, please.
    Do I need to forgive my pastor who was a child/men molester over decades?
    And what about the children and men he molested, do they need to forgive him?

  6. Do you make your own yogurt? If so, what method do you use?

  7. Hey! I've never commented on here before but I've been reading your blog for about a year now, and my husband and I have listened to ALOT of your husband's preaching (and think it's the best!) We were actually saved as a result of his online preaching!

    Anyways, I have two questions on two totally different subjects. Question 1: Do you chart your cycles merely to know when you're fertile (and to calculate due dates when you get pregant?) I've been charting for that reason, not for birth control at all but just to figure out when I'm fertile because when I get pregnant again I want to know when my due date is! My son is actually exactly 5 days older than Boaz, and I'm breastfeeding very often with no supplements, pacifiers, etc. It's a little frustrating trying to interpret what is going on with my body, though! I would be very happy to be pregnant again at this stage, or whatever happens . . . I guess my question is, if you chart, how do you know when you're getting fertile again? Just out of curiosity, were you breastfeeding less often when you get pregnant with Isaac when Solomon was 7 months?

    Question 2: I know we're commanded to go soulwinning, and I REALLY want to start soulwinning, and I've been practicing giving the whole gospel (to my husband, haha) but I'm scared/intimidated to actually go out and do it. I don't really have anyone to go with as a silent partner. We have to drive an hour and a half to go to a decent church, and they mostly hand out tracts although they do sometimes give the gospel. We live on a university campus (my husband is a student) in an apartment building, so all I have to do is just knock our next door neighbour's door. I'm just nervous, and I'm afraid I'll get laughed at by a bunch of student atheists. Do you have any tips/advice/personal stories of how you started soulwinning? How do you manage bringing baby with you? Thanks so much! I love this blog!

  8. I was wondering how you and your husband approached the subject of you having to wear only skirts and dresses? How did he tell you? Did you agree with it right away or did you anyways never wore pants before you met him? If so why?
    With you growing family, at what point would you guys sttart looking for a bigger house? Or would you just remodel the house and build an extra room?
    Since I read the story of how you and your husband met, how would you react if one of your sons did yhe same to you (inviting a girl over like that without really telling you?) and how would you feel about one of your daughters doing the same you did? (Traveling far away to meet a guy and stay at his house?) obviously you both were i ver 18 but how would you feel? Would you be okay with it?

  9. Hi Mrs. Anderson! I, like many others, very much enjoy reading your blog, but have never commented on a post. I wondered if you could talk a little about raising daughters. I recently got married at 29, which is later than I would have imagined as a girl growing up (I figured I'd have 3 kids by now!). I did not live consistently at home past 18, and did go to college, where I earned a degree I am currently using (in a career that I find rewarding/enjoyable and of course, financially supported me for a solid 7 years). I am a Christian and was raised in a loving home with a mom who stayed home for the better part of my childhood while my dad worked. I spent most of my 20s working, making wonderful female friends (and living with female housemates), traveling, and staying involved at church, where I eventually met my husband. I was praying and waiting for my future husband, and did sometimes worry I wouldn't marry, but I was not overly discontent - I really was happy and enjoying that season of my life, with the perks of being a single woman and the inherent carefree-ness of less responsibilities! Anyway, my question is this, because I may have children of my own soon, and perhaps a daughter - It's been on my mind so frequently these days. With women, I certainly value motherhood and believe it is a high calling and great dream of mine (I personally do not plan to work when I have children) - that is not up for debate, and I need no convincing. But, we are not promised we will get married or have children. While I certainly understand training and teaching daughters to have character that is godly (hard-working, kind, submissive, etc) for all seasons and stations of life, do you specifically tell your daughters that you are training them to be wives and mothers? I have read your feelings on college, but would you encourage your daughters to find a career or marketable skill-set that maybe didn't require extensive post home-school training or cost? If only in the event that they do not marry at a young age? A kind of "back-up," if you will? Do you and your husband plan to allow your daughters to live at home indefinitely, should they not marry? I hope this question (questions, really :) ) makes sense and is conveyed with respect. I see families like the Duggars and I wonder, what if one young woman should not marry? What is her plan? Will she feel so despondent and unsure about her future? It can be hard to find a good and godly man!!! I feel so conflicted on what to tell my potential daughters - I want to speak honorably about mothering, but also know one may not marry, or may have to wait longer than she hoped. Should I encourage developing a financially supporting career? Could you share any wisdom on the subject? Many thanks for reading!!

  10. Hello,
    I think you are a great role model to young women like myself who are about to embark on the journey of marriage!
    My questions:
    1. How did your parents and friends react when you came back from the States both married and saved? And what did they say when you told them that you were actually emigrating there?
    2. How would you describe the early days of your new life? What were the highs and what were the lows? Did you at any point have regrets or doubts?
    3. What advice would you give to a newlywed couple starting out

  11. Do you (your husband/your church) believe that Calvinists are saved?

  12. I love baby names and would love if you shared your children's full names and the stories behind them.

  13. Hi, I was wondering if you could explain to me who qualifies as reprobate. I know in the past you have said it is okay and good to hate reprobates, but I don't know how to tell if somebody is beyond hope. Is it just gay people? Abortionists? What about supporters of gay people or abortionists? Murderers, thieves, etc.? Atheists? People who interpret the bible wrong or interpret it right but don't libe by its principles?

    Thank you!

  14. What is you advise concerning obeying the husband:
    1. The husband would tell the wife to give the children to church members to look after them that they both can do church work for a day or a weekend without the kids, but the wife does not trust the church members in that extend to give them to look after.
    2. The church plans a weekend for the kids with a few minders without the parents. The wife is not keen to leave the kids with them but the husband thinks he must obey the leaders of the church.

  15. I don't believe i have heard you mention missionaries and wonder if your church supports any missionaries? Does your husband ever invite a missionary or another preacher to preach?

  16. Whats your view on body image and beauty as it relates to society and reality:)?
    what are your tips for keeping the marriage "spark" alive?

  17. I just listened to your husband's sermon on breastfeeding, and I was so happy to hear his stance on women breastfeeding in public. I couldn't agree more. I was wondering how to reconcile beliefs about modesty - like that women shouldn't wear bathing suits in case a man would be tempted - with bearing of the breast. I don't think breasts when being used to feed baby are "tempting" or anything, but I know of men that do. How can we remain modest and not tempting, but also breastfeed when the baby needs it, even if that is in public?

  18. Budgeting tips for large families.

  19. What sources do you trust for news and information. These could be online, radio, newspaper.

  20. Questions regarding using birth control (not the pills or hormonal):
    What options does a woman have who starts her period within 6-8 weeks of giving birth to a baby? Prior to delivering my baby, I studied up on Lactational amenorrhea, read your post on your blog about natural child spacing countless times, and began the process immediately as soon as my baby was born. I know most people say that starting your period is caused by not following one of the requirements for Lactational amenorrhea, however, I really believe I followed every single one to the T.
    I agree with you that any form of birth control is not what God intends, but I also recall hearing in one of your husband's sermons that it is definitely not healthy for a woman's body to have a baby every 10 months. What is a woman to do in the case of starting her period so soon?

  21. I hope I'm not entering this in twice, sorry in advance if I did. My question is how do you handle getting baby to sleep multiple times a day and at night when you have all these little ones out and about. I have an almost 7 year old and a 6.5 month old. My husband and I decided to have as many children as God would bless us with last year and now we have a beautiful new baby in our family! The thing that constantly vexes me though, is how am I going to do this? Our children don't sleep much to start with, and then also quite often they have a hard time going down. I've always had more of an attachment parenting approach, they often fall asleep while nursing and our babies sleep with us not in a crib. Any advice will be much appreciated! Thank you.

  22. I know you have expressed your support for Dr. Kent Hovind, as he serves his prison sentence, and have brought your family to visit him. Does your family subscribe to the same principles when it comes to taxpaying and property?

  23. Hi, I would like to ask for advice in home schooling. My husband and I are planning to teach our future children thru home schooling (me as a mother, as their teacher.) How does home schooling works? Is it the same as with the school system where education is by level for example: preschool, elementary, highschool etc.? How do you prepare the lessons? And does this include certificates valid for employment in the future?


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