Monday, January 23, 2017

Family Cabin Trip

Our main Christmas gift for the kids was a 3-day cabin vacation up in northern Arizona. As our family continues to grow and our house does not, we have found it necessary to switch to giving them gifts that create memories rather than clutter. This has really turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Speaking of family size, we had to rent two cabins right next to each other to fit us all. Each of the cabins was huge and had an identical floor plan, though the decorations were different. The downstairs consisted of a a living room, complete with full size kitchen, a bedroom with a queen size bed, a full bathroom, and a laundry room. The upstairs had a spacious loft with two twin beds. In all, each cabin slept 6 people, with tons of space to move about.


We separated the cabins by big kids and little kids, that way even when the younger ones were napping or asleep at night, the older ones could keep playing and being loud. At night, I slept in one cabin with Chloe in my room, Boaz and Stephen on the sleeper sofa, and Anna and Becca in the loft. My husband slept in the other cabin with Miriam and up. 


Both cabins also had a large covered deck in the back with a spa. The kids had a lot of fun with these, and the washer and dryer sure came in handy for all the towels they were going through.

Through God's providence, we were able to book these cabins for a third of their usual rate because their owner is a business associate of my husband. Our goals for this trip were easy - just relax and enjoy time together making music, playing board games, eating great food, reading books, and enjoying the outdoors.

We decorated a gingerbread house, which we enjoyed with hot cocoa and whipped cream. We also made cookies from scratch easily with a nifty kit in a jar from Trader Joe's.

I love this picture with Isaac in the back holding a laughing Chloe.

Two teens and an almost teen. They are such good kids, and so much fun to be around!

Cookie monster!

Chloe was getting spoiled as usual, being everyone's favorite person to hold and play with. It's funny to see how each of the kids has their own unique tricks to keeping her happy and occupied.


On the second day, my husband took all the kids except Chloe to Show Low for the morning, giving me quiet uninterrupted time to read my Bible in the middle of the day (a very rare treat!) and just enjoy myself. 

 The view from my rocking chair. I loved the high ceilings and huge windows.

I was hoping there would be snow for the kids' sakes, and hoping there would be none for my sake. As it turned out, in spite of the elevation, there was no snow during our stay which I can't say I minded. Being from the desert our kids are not used to being in the cold anymore, so they didn't mind much either.

Bible time - evidently everyone except Anna was tired after staying up too late the night before.

We had a wonderful trip, and hope to be able to go again sometime.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Family Pictures

In a continuation of the recent photo overload, I bring you our new family photos. These were taken by a young man at our church who is not a photographer by profession, but who might as well be. The only difference between these photos and others we have had done was that they only cost us the expense of treating him and his family to ice cream afterwards. :) We are very thankful for talented helpers in our church!

The whole family


Just my husband and I


Just the kids

Just the boys

Just the girls

 In age order 

 Solomon (15)

Isaac (13)

John (12)

 Miriam (9)

 Rebecca (8)

 Anna (6)

 Stephen (4)

Boaz (2)

 Chloe (6 months)

And with that, Merry Christmas to you and yours! I'll be back after the holidays.