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Sarah, the Healthy Home Abortionist

As someone who is interested in natural health, I occasionally enjoy reading on the website of Sarah, "The Healthy Home Economist."

Therefore it was rather shocking for me to discover a post by Sarah titled "Natural Birth Control Using Herbs," dating back to October of last year. My shock was not rooted in the fact that she was entirely and utterly wrong on something, but that she was ignorant of the most basic of science underlying the issue of "birth control."

Lest any of my health-conscious friends and readers are deceived by her lingo, this post is intended to expose the abortifacient nature of the herbs Sarah is recommending, as well as her ignorance (or intentional deception) on this topic. Many of the comments on her original post expressed the same sentiments I am about to share, and yet Sarah has refused to take correction, so my goal is not to change her mind, as that is a lost cause. My goal is to show you the truth.

First off, the entire concept of "healthy infertility" is an oxymoron. Not being able to conceive children is the opposite of health, an indicator that things are not working as they in their most natural state should.

Nor does the fact that women have been using these methods for hundreds and thousands of years make them any more safe, healthy, or morally justifiable. Of course selfish mothers have been killing their own offspring since the beginning of time - duh! One need only crack open a Bible and read about heathen nations sacrificing their own children to false gods. 

Herbs and other "natural" substances are extremely potent drugs - just as their synthetic, big-pharma counterparts. Arsenic is a natural substance, too - but consumed in the right quantities, it will lead to quick (albeit very "naturally induced") death.

Sarah breaks her post into two main parts:

1) Sterility promoting herbs: Again, the entire concept of being healthy by disrupting the most basic and important aspect of human health - reproduction - is moronic to say the least. Infertility is ALWAYS a sign of less than ideal health in one aspect or another, whether that be age, weight, fibroids, diet, toxins, etc. - the list is endless. 

Sarah fails to explain just how these herbs cause infertility, sometimes even permanently. Which of the body's many intricate systems do they mess with to disrupt fertility, sometimes permanently? What is being poisoned to the point that the incredibly smart human body decides it is too hostile of an environment for new life? Besides Sarah's anecdotal usage suggestions, what studies prove the safety of these "natural" infertility-causing herbs?

2) Implantation preventers: This is the second, and much more grievous point that Sarah expounds upon. Before we delve into it, here is a basic lesson in reproduction for those who don't know:

About midway through the monthly cycle, a woman's body will release an egg from the ovary (called ovulation). This egg then travels down the fallopian tube. About two more weeks later, if fertilization of the egg did not occur, this microscopic egg is shed along with the lining of the uterus - the monthly cycle. Women are born with two ovaries, one on each side, and they normally alternate each month on releasing an egg. If a woman for some reason loses an ovary, the other will often take over by releasing an egg every single month.

However, if seed from a man is present in the roughly 48 hours following ovulation, under normal, healthy circumstances this will lead to fertilization of the egg, also called "conception." Please take note of this because modern science is changing these terms in order to make early abortion more palatable. 

The fertilized egg, unlike its unfertilized counterpart, immediately begins the process of cell multiplication, even as it still travels down the fallopian tube. The newly conceived child has its own set of DNA, entirely different from his father or mother. This is an incredibly critical time, and an intrinsically hazardous journey.

If the rapidly growing egg were to get trapped by tissue in the fallopian tubes, or were to accidentally attach to the lining of the tube, it would lead to an "ectopic pregnancy," which almost universally leads to the loss of the still growing baby, as well as the likely rupture of the fallopian tube in the mother.

Sometime around 8 days after conception (fertilization of the egg), the developing baby has arrived in the mother's uterus, and burrows deep into the uterine lining where it attaches and later "taps into" mom via placenta and cord. Unlike the fallopian tube, the uterus is a muscle that has the capability to expand incredibly to support, protect, and nourish the child until it is ready to be born 9 months later. 

Some doctors and scientists (though the minority) are attempting to spin the medical terms by referring to this implantation of the baby in the uterus as "conception," because it is at this point that the child (which again, is unique in his DNA and very much different from either of his parents) arrives at a certain benchmark destination. By the same logic, one could refer to birth itself as "conception," since that is when the baby first makes his visible appearance in the parents' arms.

The Bible is clear that a woman "conceiving seed" is the same as her being "with child.", seed being the Bible term for a man's contribution to this matter. But even if we left the Bible out of this, science has proven over and over that by definition, life begins at the point of fertilization (i.e. conception), as that is when the egg starts multiplying and developing.

Please also note the following terminology: if the fertilized, growing egg were to implant someplace other than the uterus, this is called an ectopic pregnancy. By Sarah's logic, which she shares with Planned Parenthood and pro-abortion doctors, the mother is not even pregnant until the child arrives in the uterus. I guess she would call this an ectopic pre-pregnancy?

So back to the "implantation preventers" - as even the name suggests, they are not to stop a woman from conceiving, they are simply designed to prohibit something from implanting that naturally is intended to implant. Notice, the unfertilized egg needs no such attention - it will never attempt to implant of its own accord. That's the difference between a living human being, bent on survival, and an unfertilized egg that is not a living organism.

All the herbs Sarah is suggesting are to be taken "until menstruation begins," or to "bring on menstruation if necessary" if "an 'oops' occurs and unprotected relations take place during the fertile time." Nice! In other words, you are making your own herbal concoction for "morning after" or early chemical abortion. The way they work is by poisoning and/or destroying the lining of the uterus, so that the newly conceived baby cannot implant deeply, and is shed with the onset of the monthly cycle. These herbs also induce shedding of the uterine lining even if the child is fully implanted, but defenseless and unable to "hold on." 

Furthermore, there is a real chance that this regimen is not going to be fully "successful" (for those defining success as the murder of their unborn), and will rather lead to a poorly implanted child which can bring about a host of issues down the road, such as placental abruption, low birth weight, etc.

Sarah is, in fact, sounding every bit as the founder of Planned Parenthood, and birth control pioneer Margaret Sanger, who made it clear many times that making sure menses would resume, "brought on" if necessary by the use of bleach and other similar methods, was the responsibility of every woman, and part of reproductive hygiene. 

Many, many comments on Sarah's post stated what I am writing here, and she listened to none of them. She repeatedly reiterated the greater importance of the mother's health, with the example of her gut flora. Dear Sarah, I am infinitely more concerned about my uterine flora, than my gut flora. But neither comes close to my concern with right and wrong, or what God thinks of all this.

Please beware of Sarah's scientifically inaccurate, anecdotal, unsafe, toxic, and morally reprehensible "natural" ways to kill your own babies. 


  1. I am horrified and boiling to my very core! I had no idea that this article even existed.

    I do like to read the HHE articles and have found them to be very helpful, as I try to educate myself on healthful living and nutrition. However, she needs to remove and repent of this "healthy" abortion advice immediately! Such wickedness.

    Thank you for sharing this Zsuzsa; I had no idea, and appreciate you bringing it to public attention.

  2. WOW I am shocked! I have been reading her blog for a while and using many of her recipes and had no idea this post was even on her site. :( Thank you for exposing this! I always tell people birth control is just that BIRTH control and not conception's just as bad as an abortion. As far as I know there is no such thing as conception-control unless you neuter yourself like a pet..and even THEN I have heard of people still having children!! I was listening to your husbands sermon "God's wrath because of abortion" its on it's way to a city near all of us alright.

  3. I am so grieved to read her post! I have really enjoyed that blog in the past. What a horrible disappointment in her that she would write and recommend the use of abortion-causing drugs. How horribly, horribly sad.

  4. What I don't understand is, with all this women's lib stuff, why not insist men wear a condom. That's it. But their men don't like it? Well I don't like filling my body with toxins! I think wearing a condom is a far more acceptable chore than charting and taking pills and not having sex during the time of most arousal for a woman (I for one know when I am ovulating by that alone, and I think it is completely wrong, and sexist, to be expected to not have sex when I would enjoy it most).

    I am not saying everyone should use condoms, I understand many women here are against birth control altogether, but if people are not so convicted and are going to prevent it either way, whether you believe preventing conception is wrong, the fact is a condom is a conception preventer, Sperm does not enter the woman to fertilize the egg, there is never a life. Why is this not preferable to poisoning your body so that it won't do what it's supposed to, or not having sex when you most desire it. Another example of women's lib actually disadvantaging women? I simply don't understand why women are willing to do all of these potentially dangerous things but their husbands won't just wear a condom. (and don't bring up the failure rate, did you know that failure rate includes people who generally use condoms but forgot or chose not to the night they conceived? Provided there is no tear or hole and it is used properly it is completely effective, moreso than the pill, but most people who conceive with it have put it on too late, or put it on improperly, or tried to use it for 'two rounds' or have allowed it to slip off during sex)

    Why are we resorting to poisoning our bodies so that they cannot conceive?

    1. Here, here. I agree with you completely. That's why we use condoms.

  5. This is response to Karen R. There is chemical contraception that blocks conception. The "pill" blocks the egg from leaving the ovary. Thus not letting it get fertilized. The condom blocks the sperm from entering the female (again, blocking conception.) It's obviously not 100% effective because people do become pregnant but it's design is to block conception/fertilization.

    I am unfortunatly one of those people that had to "neuter" myself. I had horrible medical problems with my 2nd pregnancy and my child almost died. But for the grace of God, she didn't. Rather than risk another pregnancy that would only end in death (for the child and/or myself) I opted to get a tubal during the emergency c-section. Did I want more children? Yes. But I opted to stick around for the two God gave me. I think and hope God will understand my reasoning.

    I didn't go to HHE's blog but just from reading what you wrote Szuszanna, it's dangerous to try to stop a pregnancy with herbs etc. Not just to the upcoming baby by virtue of death but if it doesn't work, the child could be born with all kinds of issues due to the poisoning effect of the herbs etc. There is also risk that the mother could poison herself and die or become infirm.

    There is only one sure way to not get pregnant and that is not to have sex. If you cannot afford another child or don't want another child at that time....refrain. It's pretty simple.

    1. I understand what you are saying but have you read the story of Onan in Genesis? The only person we see practicing a form of 'natural conception prevention'? How did GOD feel about it? Pretty strongly I guess if He killed him on the spot.
      I know many women who were told they should hot have any children and in fact the following pregnancy or more is what helped their medical condition...and that includes myself. We have a lot of power over our health in general and pregnancies in particular with our diet and lifestyle but surely closing a womb is something easy God can do if it's His will as we see time and time again in the Bible. Again I don't know your situation but I do know and have lived that Faith, Trust and Obedience goes a long way with God more so than medical expertise. We need to admit that there are health risks to anything that opposes God's design and that includes a tubal as well.

    2. Loren, I am not sure if you are aware that the "pill" is considered to be abortitive in nature as it does NOT always prevent an egg from being released. It does work to create an hostile environment so that if conception does happen the chances of implantation are grim, so it would then cause a "spontaneous abortion". There is no way of knowing for sure which method was successful each month; it could have prevented an egg from being released OR it could have prevented implantation of life (then causing that life to be aborted). Although there are cases when the embryo manages to survive such hostile environments against all odds anyway. Too many women are remain in the dark so to speak as to how many methods of birth controll work as we are too often blindly believing what we are told (or not told) without doing our own research (while also seeking The Lord for His wisdom & guidance through the process).

  6. This is very interesting - I have differing opinions than you on a lot of things, but I emphatically agree that herbs are not better just because they are natural - and often, they are worse, because they have been less studied.

    I am interested in what you have to say about science proving that life begins at conception. Do you have links for this? I know it is spiritually debated in many different ways. On one hand, I believe that life begins at conception - on the other, the sperm is alive and the egg is alive, so doesn't it begin before conception? It seems to me that there should be something *else* that happens at conception, since life begins before that. I also know that many early and influential Christians (St. Thomas of Aquinas, for example) felt that the baby got its soul upon its first breath. Is that what we're talking about, when we're talking about "life"? That the fetus starts having a soul at conception?

    I've seen so many contradicting opinions on this, I would love to see the science.

  7. A sperm is "alive" and an egg is "alive" but neither by themselves make a baby. Just as hydrogen and oxygen dont make water unless mixed in the proper combination. And if the baby got its soul at first breath (versus in utero/at conception) then all the quirky stuff babies do while in utero (sucking its thumb, kicking, crying, etc) is just....what?

  8. Loren - I agree that neither sperm nor egg makes a baby by itself, obviously. I am more interested in defining the words that we use to have these conversations, because I don't think "life" works very well, given that all of the components are already alive.

    I also don't think that the baby gets its soul at the first breath, although in many languages the word "soul" and "breath" are very closely related, precisely for that reason (Russian, for example, "dusha" is soul, "dyshat'" is to breathe). I honestly don't know for myself when, in the timeline, the child becomes a child and not just a cluster of cells. I don't think that science can explain it, because all of the components are alive beforehand, and so "life" doesn't cover it, and science doesn't generally deal with "souls." I don't think religion can cover it, because there have been so many contradicting views over time about when a child gets its soul.

    I'm not trying to argue, just interested in how to define what happens at conception.

    1. I'd say that conception is the point where a new human entity has been created. That human entity is a new life, a new human and a new soul by any viewpoint I can look at it from. I appreciate the need to define our terms given how hard people fight to confuse them. :(

  9. Infertile men and women may be "unhealthy" because one part of their body doesn't work. In the same way, your son Isaac is unhealthy because of his allergies. And you are "unhealthy" because of your extreme morning sickness.

    In effect, nearly everyone is unhealthy under your definition.

  10. There are hundreds of homeless children in Tempe alone. What do you and your husband do for them? It sounds like once a child comes out of the womb, the worry for them ends.

  11. question Zsuzsanna...I was perusing your husbands (and your) church website and on the Doctrinal Statement page it had this: We believe that life begins at conception (fertilization) and reject all forms of abortion including surgical abortion, "morning-after" pills, IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), birth control pills, and all other processes that end life after conception.
    which ok...I get the abortion/birth control thing. But IVF? It's not abortion. Could you explain?

    1. I'm not Zsuzsanna, nor a member of their church, but I believe IVF is considered abortion because A. often more than one egg is fertilized and implanted knowing that it will not implant/develop and B. Often 5-10 eggs are fertilized and cultivated but only a few are actually implanted, the others are destroyed.

      So, if the belief is that life begins at fertilization, then the fertilized eggs that are not chosen for implantation are considered abortions.

  12. You are welcome to throw bricks at me if you please, but I will share my experience. Once the sperm and the egg meet... there is no herbal remedy in the world that will end the pregnancy. I tried black cohosh, I tried pennyroyal, I tried angelica roots, I tried immense and unbelievable amounts of vitamin c, I tried all those urban legend kind of things that people recommend online. The best part - do I even dare say? - is to place parsley bunches near your cervix. You name it, I tried it. Because I did not want to be pregnant and I wanted it to end. I am so ridiculously fertile that it brings a rabbit to shame. But I don't want to have children. I love other people's children, though. But I don't want any. I cannot handle them. You can hate me all you want Zsuzsanna but I don't want to have children and I'm not going to have any. I'm just posting this comment so that people will see a testimony against medieval or caveman like abortion methods. They will not work, do not risk your health, and do not waste a PENNY on these natural remedies. They will not do the work. And also... I would trade reproduction organs with any infertile women any moment. This is a really twisted joke of nature, to provide women that dedicate their lives to singlehood with unstoppable eggs, and making women longing for babies infertile. I am failing to see the justice and logic in that.

    1. I too tried to end a pregnancy with a combo of blue and black cohosh and pennyroyal and could not. The herbs did nothing but make me violently ill.
      Herbs are not safe.
      BTW I feel a great deal of shame for trying to end that pregnancy for in the end I gave birth to a little boy that I do love with all my heart. Never again will I ever even think about ending a pregnancy. It was a terrible sin and I begged the Lord for his forgiveness for my wretchedness and thank Him daily that the herbs were useless.

    2. Oh my, Anonymous. I feel totally speechless feminism abortion tale. I mean, I realize women have been shoving hangers and bleach up their gardens forever. I realize that 1 in 3-4 babies lives will be ended at the hands of their own mothers, but to read someone callously describe their murderous rampage as simply as preparing her lovely, summer salad topped with parsley. Your behavior is expected from a world that brazenly sacrifices their own children to Moloch, but it still stops me in my tracks to read. Boast about it if you will, but you may not tout your commitment to singledom when you're obviously committing to playing a harlot. That is not 'single', that is uncommitted feminism whoredom- the destruction of our society.

      I would that you would repent and see the error of your ways! Those poor little lives!!

  13. Very good information. I put a post on Face Book with similar info. about birth control and how they not only are supposed to block actual conception, but also prevent implantation. Hardly any of our "friends" responded or "liked" and most claim to be Christians. Sad that so many Christians do not see an issue with potentially killing their own children. :-( Thanks for sharing this.

  14. Wow. Well, I´m a very healthy, God-loving woman, who exercises regularly, has dream cycles - but doesn´t get pregnant. I guess, it´s the devil in me, huh? You have many children, but that doesn´t make you a better person. You are full of hate and telling others that they cannot get pregnant because they do something wrong is just mean. What if it´s His plan that we cannot get pregnant? He has a plan for everybody, so maybe for me as well?
    Getting pregnant is no big deal, even cats can do this. Living a wonderful, fulfilling and God-honoring life - in spite of not having the biggest dream fulfilled - that´s the real deal.

  15. I remember seeing this a while back, but if you are familiar with Sally Fallon Morell and the Weston A. Price Foundation, I am surprised you were shocked by this. Sally and the WAPF have long been proponents of birth control and Sally has very strongly implied in several of her publications that she believes it immoral to get pregnant more than once every three years. So, this attitude from Sarah is right along the Nourishing Traditions party line.

    Also, Sarah never takes correction: she felt justified in calling that daughter of a holocaust survivor a Nazi on her Facebook not long ago. She is all about drama and fear-mongering propaganda, and while I believe in many of the food-based principals she espouses, I am often turned off by her use of fear as a motivator for life changes and the constant, subtle declaration that her readers cannot make educated decisions so they must be frightened into them. Slow down and really look at her writing and word choice and you will see the manipulative propaganda.

    That said, I still really like her cooking videos. However, I prefer

  16. To the person asking about IVF, because the unused fertilized eggs are generally thrown away when the couple no longer needs them, many people consider it (if not abortion) morally and ethically unacceptable.

    To Karen R.: I find it deeply bothersome that not only do you tell a woman that she if only she trusted God, she would not need to use sterilization. (This smacks of the abusive, "If you loved me, you'd do what I want" line). My husband and I opted for sterilization because my life was endangered by another pregnancy. I have conceived nine children, but I only have three living children. I very nearly died with each pregnancy, and six of my precious babies DID die. To continue to recklessly get pregnant knowing that my children were more likely to die than to live and that there was a good chance I, too, would die and leave my husband without a wife and my children without their mother is a reprehensible idea. Yes, God had the power to close my womb. He also gave the doctors the wisdom and skill to provide my husband with the vasectomy that ultimately kept me alive. I have faith that God gave that doctor the wisdom to perform the procedure correctly and that I will no longer get pregnant. (Then again, given that you believe we hold all the power over the ultimate outcome of our pregnancies, I suppose you also blame me for my pregnancy losses. To that I do not even dare speak what I think.)

    I appreciate strong opinions, even when they do not agree with mine. I do not appreciate the idea that couples who make different choices than you are automatically wrong and out of God's will. Onan was not struck dead for merely spilling his seed but rather for his open defiance to God's command.

    1. Thank you said what I wanted to but in a way that was much much more kind than I was able to come up with.

    2. ---thanks for clearing up the IVF thing for me

    3. ^What she said!

    4. Amen to the anonymous poster who stated the truth about Onan. Onan disobeyed a direct command from God. He was struck down for THIS, not for practicing "birth control." There are a lot of posts on this blog that are dead on, but others state things that are absolutely not truth. And guess what? I had three babies and am done. Would I have more if I could? Probably. However, the choice is not just up to me. I won't explain further. If that is a sin in this blogger's eyes, or she thinks I don't really love my kids, sobeit. She won't be the one judging me some day.

  17. This woman is advising other ignorant and possibly desperate women to take herbs like Queen Anne's Lace and blue and black cohosh and pennyroyal.
    These herbs can be very dangerous. Queen Anne's lace flowers are toxic and the root/seeds should never be taken unless an expert had identified it as queen anne's lace because it looks similar to Water Hemlock which is deadly poison. Pennyroyal ingested can cause violent vomiting. If the women of some indigenous tribe was known to eat toadstools to cause sterility or abortions would she have recommended that too. "The women of such and such Indian tribe used to eat toadstools everyday to prevent pregnancy or to abort their babies. I know they are a bit poisonous and can make you violently ill but hey, it's all natural and so worth it ladies to keep from having babies."

  18. Fantastic job demonstrating that "natural" has different meanings: because a substance grows naturally doesn't mean its action isn't toxic to you or your unborn.

    But I do need to point out one fairly serious misstatement in your post. Namely, being unable to conceive children does NOT indicate that there are problems with your "health", and telling women so can worry them for no reason. To take the simplest example (I'm a GP, not an OB-GYN, but my facts are clear on this one), there are women born without parts of their reproductive anatomy, like ovaries, blockages, and other congenital issue that have zero overall systemic effects on their "health". They are just unfortunate, much like someone born without several fingers will never be a professional violinist, but about whom we would not infer poor overall health.

    Where I would agree with you is that any woman who, at a reasonably young age (before late 30s) cannot conceive naturally, needs to have a full medical work-up for herself AND her partner, to ensure that it is not a correctable health problem, or a grave one hopefully caught early.

  19. Actually the Bible says that life doesn't start until your first breath. (Gen 2:7)

    1. I don't think that's what that particular passage means. Traditionally, that passage is considered the moment when Adam received his immortal soul. Many translations in fact states that Adam became "a living soul", and not merely a living being. Trees are living things, but we know God didn't breathe on them.

      We also know that something can be alive without having drawn it's first breath - in fact, scripture is clear that we exist as individuals knowable by God prior to birth.

      Science is pretty clear that a human life begins when a ovum (egg) and spermatozoon (sperm) meet. A unique human being is encoded in DNA, and immediately it begins to grow. It was just in the news a couple of weeks ago that there's even a flash of light when this happens!

  20. I <3 this post (I actually <3 everything I've seen on your blog so far!) and I just wanted to expand a bit on your description of the process of conception. I am a Catholic who practices ecological breastfeeding to space our children, and occasionally have used Natural Family Planning when we've needed to further space our children (we have a special needs child and while we're very open to life there have been times when medical demands make it unwise to conceive another child at that moment).

    A woman can release her egg(s) pretty much at any point in her cycle, from the time she's having her period (which is why you shouldn't have sex while bleeding if you need to avoid pregnancy as it masks the symptoms), until 30, 40 or beyond. The 14-day rule is actually a fallacy that has resulted in many babies. I have a regular 28-30 day cycle and I have NEVER ovulated on day 14. I know you said "around 2 weeks" but many people will interpret that as 14 days.

    Once she ovulates, however, the period of time between ovulation and menstruation (the luteal phase) is fairly fixed for an individual woman, and should be no less then 11-12 days for a successful pregnancy. Mine are typically 12 days. Luteal phases over 16 days almost always mean a pregnancy has occurred.

    In reality, a man's sperm, under ideal conditions, can live up to 7 days inside a woman's body. The best kind of cervical fluid for this is similar to egg whites in texture, but a variety of fluids can provide a medium for sperm survival to varying degrees. A woman can observe these changes in fluid as her cycle progress to determine the best time to avoid or have intercourse, depending if she's trying to conceive or avoid pregnancy.

    A women can release more than 1 egg per cycle, but if multiple eggs are released it will always be within a 24 hour window from the first release. A egg can live for 24 hours, and then if it's not fertilized it will die. So from the moment of ovulation, there's a potential window of 24 hours (egg) + 24 hours (window for multiple ovulations) + 24 hours (survival window) = up to 72 hours hours where an egg is present and conception can occur. Add that to the 7 days a man's sperm can live, and you get a window of approximately 10 days a cycle that a women can have sex and get pregnant.

    Of course, a woman can space her children typically 18-30 months using the rules of ecological breastfeeding, as developed by Sheila Kippley, a Catholic breastfeeding educator. You can read about the rules at


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