Friday, November 25, 2011

Amber Necklace Review

Some time back when Anna first started teething, I purchased an amber necklace for her out of sheer desperation. She was the first of our children to have a hard time teething, except for maybe Solomon who ran a fever for one day when his first tooth poked through.

At first, I was a bit skeptical as to how and why an amber necklace would have any sort of positive effect, but this was my last resort. It seemed to help make her feel better almost immediately (within a few hours). Then one night I took the necklace off Anna when she went to sleep, and then misplaced it. The difference was very noticeable the whole next day that she was not wearing it. We finally tracked the necklace down again, and within about 4 hours, she was back to her happy self.

For the last few weeks, two of Anna's top teeth have been trying to push through. Her gums looked swollen and white/yellowish. Yet, she was never unusually crabby or fussy - just her contented, sweet self. Only the evening before they finally broke through did she start to be cranky, and sure enough, the next morning, two new little pearly-whites had poked their heads through and she was once again feeling better.

Seeing how well the necklace worked for Anna, I ordered a similar, adult-sized one for myself from Inspired by Finn. The necklace I purchased was made from Baltic amber and beaked hazel wood, which some reviews said help with acid-related ailments such as morning sickness. 

While I cannot yet say if it will be effective in that area, I can say that Anna has had much relief from her amber necklace, and that I could not be more pleased with the service and quality I received from Inspired by Finn.

If your baby is having a hard time teething, and you are considering an amber necklace, I can highly recommend this online retailer.

Disclaimer: I was offered a discount by Inspired for Finn in exchange for an honest blog review. If my experience had been unfavorable, I would not have hesitated to say so. But it wasn't, in fact, I couldn't have been happier with everything.


  1. I love Anna's amber necklace! Lovely photos of your beautiful girl!

    I bought all my kids amber, from Only had one problem with them...when I ordered Meg's just recently, they sent the wrong one. I didn't mind as it was still very nice!

  2. I've been going through (very old) family photographs and have a picture of a relative at about Anna's age wearing a teething necklace--I can't be positive, but I really believe it's amber. I thought it peculiar and thought of the one you put on Anna!


  3. The photos are wonderful : they made me realize how GORGEOUS Anna's eyes are ! Wow !
    I'm less involved concerning the amber necklace, but I'm more than happy that you find a solution for her and for you.

  4. I can't tell which one of you she looks like!
    Your kid's are so gorgeous btw. :)

  5. May I ask which necklace you ordered? Is it polished or raw?
    Thank you


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