Friday, June 10, 2011

Q & A answers, part III

Please excuse me for taking this long to answer these. More to come still!


Jessi said...

I forgot to ask this in my first comment, what do you think of only giving the rabies and tetness vaccination when kids are older. I am not vaccinating my kids but have thought of only doing thoes two. Kids could easily get bit by a lose dog with rabies, or step in a rusty nail.

I am not a medical professional, and cannot give any medical advice. We do not vaccinate against anything, but some people who do not vaccinate still do the tetanus shots. You will need to do your own research on this and come to a conclusion you can have peace about.

If our kids got them, deep puncture wounds would be cared for with hydrogen peroxide, and closely monitored for infection, but none of our kids has ever had anything like that. My husband stepped on an old, rusty nail once that went all the way through his boot, through his foot, and out the top of his foot. In spite of not being "up to date" on his "shots", the wound never got infected or anything because he was vigilant about treating it with hydrogen peroxide. The tetanus bacteria can only thrive in anaerobic conditions (such as deep wounds that scab on the outside before the inside is healed, with little to no exposure to oxygen in the air), which is why it is so important to use hydrogen peroxide on the wound.


Anonymous said...

Dear Zsuzsanna,
can you recommend any good parenting book?
Thanks for your answer,
Hi Babs, without trying to sound like a smartypants, I must say, the Bible. Even if that were the only book I had in life, it would have the answers to all the important issues and questions. Besides that, most modern parenting books are just a joke. In fact, I am currently working on a blog post called "Unnatural Parenting", in which I am taking apart the whole "Natural/Attachment Parenting" trend. Not that I am at all against being attached to my children, this particular style of parenting is just misnamed. There have been a handful of books that I have gleaned bits and pieces from along the way, but no single one stands out. Readers, please share any suggestions you may have in the comments below.


Kelsey said...

What would be the #1 piece of advice you would give to teenage girls striving to live a Christian life (especially to girls who do not come from Christian families)?

Hm, good question! How wonderful to know you are striving to live a godly life even if you yourself had a different sort of upbringing. I would say that you would do well to find godly examples (both in real life, as well as in the Bible), and pattern your life after them as much as you can. In other words, to have what they have, do what they do. And remember that with God's help, you can overcome any hurdles in your way. It will make it so much easier for your own children to live righteous lives if you start them out on the right path from infancy. Be faithful in the areas you have control over, pray about the rest, and God will bless your efforts. Best wishes!


Anonymous said...

Not a question, however, I'd love to see more authentic German recipes in the future!

Thank you, I will keep that in mind. The metric conversion of the ingredients is always a real pain :(


Muliebrity said...

You've said that the complications with Anna's birth have led you to believe that God is blessing your home births, but how can you be sure that that wasn't a warning for the future?

Well, it was only a single complication, not complicationS. I guess I don't look at it as God saying "Okay, here is a warning, don't have another baby or else!" We all could die any single day if it were not for God keeping us alive, and often have near misses. I don't look at those encounters as God warning me, either.


Jessica said...

Are you against dancing? I know some Christians are.

No, not as long as it doesn't involve dancing with members of the opposite gender (my husband excluded, obviously), or is something sensual. You won't see me doing the Tango even with my own husband in public.


Anonymous said...

Could you talk about how you discipline your kids? Tips on toddler management would be particularly appreciated. Thank you!

The most important bit of advice I can give on toddler management is this: win every battle. They need you to be a parent, not their psychologist or BFF. I'm not saying to micromanage them - most days, there is no reason why they can't pick what clothes to wear, for example. But if you say something, mean it, and enforce it. When you say "come", he/she needs to come right away. When you say "don't touch!", they ought not touch the forbidden item, and so on. If you are not willing to enforce the rule, it's better to not even say it, than to make a rule and then not enforce it. Also, never give them what they cry/whine for, unless you like listening to them whining and crying.


jake said...

I would like to know why you believe that you will be rewarded in heaven for just taking Jesus as your savior. You said in an earlier post that you do not believe good works will get you into heaven.

I also don't understand why you only stay involved in church activities and never talk about outreaches for the homeless or helping out local charities/ groups to show gods love and kindness

I don't think I will be rewarded just for believing on Jesus - rewards are extra things we get for serving God. Salvation, however, is free, because the Bible says so.

And does helping the groups you mentioned through our local church somehow mean less than helping them through a national organization? 


jankatcla said...

Love your Q&As! Here are a couple of questions that I would like to have answered:

1) Your written English is nearly flawless. How is your spoken English? Do you have an accent?

2) I believe you once said that you drive a minivan. With 6 kids, you must be about to outgrow it. Do you have plans to get a bigger vehicle?

3) Do you plan to encourage your kids to get a college education? What would you consider good career paths for them?


(1) I have a slight accent, but people can't necessarily put their finger on it and say it's German.

(2) Our van has 8 seats, so if we are all riding in it, all seats are taken up. If and when we outgrow it, I would LOVE to get a Dodge Sprinter, but that is rather quixotic. I hate the typical 12/15 passenger vans because they seem like death traps and are really, really uncomfortable.

(3) I am all in favor of "higher education", which is partly why we homeschool. However, I think modern colleges are more about social agendas and raking in tuition money than learning. Knowledge is available for free to anyone who wants it. These days, even to get a degree in something like engineering, one must sit through lectures on "diversity" and other garbage. Having a degree and being educated have little to do with one another.



  1. We have a 15 passenger van and it's VERY comfortable and we are thankful for it. But then again I do know that my standards of comfort are a little lower than most because I choose to be comfortable with what we can afford. I don't know what a Doge Sprinter is but it is important to have a family vehicle so go for it if and when you need to. We wanted the extra seating for when my family are here from Australia because they won't be driving. But also we did need to buy a new car and I didn't want to be buying a new car every time we had more kids and since we allow God to control that, we don't know how many we have. I hope this doesn't sound negative as it is just a plug for how nice the vans can be, but everyone has their preferences and is entitled to them. :)

    Ironically, since we bought the van a week ago, I've had less people ask if "you are done now" I guess they assume now that since I got a huge clunky van that I'm probably not done. I've also had several disgusted looks when I, who am 8 months pregnant (I made it to 34 weeks, we weren't sure I was going to, but now since last night have been contracting big time) get out of the van at Walmart or wherever in the van and people can see I'm pregnant and I guess they have no idea that so far, only three other little ones ride in that van.

    We chose not to go for another minivan because 1) four car seats really can't fit properly. 2) we don't know how many kids we will end up with and we do NOT want to be buying new cars all the time. We wouldn't have bought this one right now except for the fact that I wrote off a very nice minivan in December in a really weird wreck.

    The 15 passenger is VERY big though and I'm still trying to get used to driving it. I'm sure that will come with time.

  2. Oh, I love reading your Q and A posts! I was so interested to read about the hydrogen peroxide...I have never heard of anyone using it in our country? Definitely sounds like am must for treating deeper wounds. I'll look into it and perhaps see if I can source it anywhere for our family. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Just two comments:

    #1 - The absolute best book on parenting that I've ever read is called Gospel Powered Parenting by Farley.

    #2 - Be VERY careful about using hydrogen peroxide after the initial cleaning of a wound. It actually damages fresh tissue and can prevent proper healing. It's actually no longer a preferred product for wound care. I'd look into utilizing another product that would be more effective without damaging fragile new tissue.

  4. Greetings! I am a new reader, and am really enjoying my time on your blog. Can you tell me what your view of Mormons is? Do you believe them to be a cult?

    I also welcome your opinions on Messianic, Torah-Observant Christians.

    Blessings to your family!

  5. What age would you say to stop giving kids what they fuss/cry for? Obviously a baby fussing to nurse needs to be given what they want, etc. Just curious. My son is 15 months old and I am struggling with drawing the line. If he needs to nurse, he needs to nurse, but my cell phone isnt such an urgent need! Lol!

  6. Is the Duggar's book considered a parenting book? Then there's Rick Boyer's books-Yes, They're All Ours and The Socialization Trap. Marilyn and Rick Boyer's web site is and their books are at amazonbooks. I like All The Way Home(Power for your Family to be its Best) by Mary Pride.

  7. Katy-Anne said:

    "I didn't want to be buying a new car every time we had more kids and since we allow God to control that,"

    How do you "allow" God his control? Have you studied what the Bible has to say about God's sovereignty? He IS in control, regardless what we do. I realize that's a big, wide subject, and it's certainly not that simplistic, but make no mistake--every person who is supposed to be


  8. Thanks for answering my question. I know rabies is not a regular vaccination, only if needed, but wanted to hear what you thought. Those are the only two I worry about. I won't be giving my child 35 vaccines, and cause havoc on their little bodies for things they will never come in contact with here, or are curable and not life threating. Before you know it they will have cold and fever vaccinations and people won't know what we did before those lol!!

  9. There is a book that really isn't a "parenting" book, but it hs helped me in more ways than one. It has become like a friend in that the woman shares her daily life with a large family and how she incorporates God into her daily activities. Love it! It's called "Musings of a Mother." By: Doris Aldrich.

  10. Oh good grief, Carrie, it's obvious Katy-Anne meant that they don't use birth control.

    People *do* take control over family size away when they use birth control. She's clearly referring to not using contraception. Lighten up.

  11. Regarding the commenter who asked about the rabies shot...only pets get vaccinated against rabies!! People only get administered rabies shots if they are bitten by an animal which has rabies (or an animal which cannot be located for testing).

    Whatever you are choosing for your kids, whether to vaccinate or not, please do your research!!!

  12. Yes, I already knew that children were not given a rabies vaccine, and that you only get it if bitten, and animal had rabies. Everybody knows that, I didn't think I needed to point out the obvious. I simply wanted her opinion of it. I have done tons of research! I can't believe people have all that junk injected into their children without doing research! Sadly most do not.

  13. You still haven't addressed any of the questions about Israel! Or about if your husband does/doesn't believe that Jewish people are the 'chosen' people.

  14. I'd like to know what a Messianic, Torah-observant Christian is. Is that a polite way of saying Jew for Jesus?

  15. "Anonymous said...
    Oh good grief, Carrie, it's obvious Katy-Anne meant that they don't use birth control.

    People *do* take control over family size away when they use birth control. She's clearly referring to not using contraception. Lighten up."

    Of course I understand that.

    As I said, it's not a simple subject to study, but if we think we're thwarting God's plan and who will or will not be born, we are completely in error. God's will is done, and everyone who is supposed to be here is and will be here.

    I'm not sure why that got you so upset.

    God is in control. It's a theme throughout Scripture.


  16. Carrie,

    I could not disagree more strongly with your calvinist viewpoint. If "everyone who is supposed to be here is and will be here", how does that explain abortion? Do you actually mean to say that when babies are murdered it was God's will for that to happen? Do you believe that everything that happens is God's will? If you do, you are ignorant of the Bible who gives many accounts of God changing his plans because of the actions of mankind, or of God's will not being carried out by man. I will just give a couple here:

    2Pe 3:9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. (But are all people saved? no)

    Eze 22:30, 31 And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none. Therefore have I poured out mine indignation upon them; I have consumed them with the fire of my wrath: their own way have I recompensed upon their heads, saith the Lord GOD. (had God found a man, He would not have poured out his anger)

    God was going to destroy Ninevah, but repented when he saw their works. God did destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, but at Abraham's request had agreed not to destroy it if he found 10 righteous people in the city. On and on.


    questions are answered in the order received. I simply have not gotten to them yet. However, if I did choose not to answer certain questions, I have every right to do so - not sure what the exclamation mark was supposed to express.

  17. I have to agree with Zsuzsanna...if God's perfect will was ALWAYS carried out, we would NOT be in the shape we are in!

  18. So if God wants me to have a child, I can stop this by using birth control?

  19. Do you think Ron Paul is a perv since he is/was a male ob/gyn.

  20. You are not a calvinist? That is not what I expected at all. In my country, as a general rule, reformed and conversative = calvinist, charismatic = arminian(sp?).

    My husbamd is calvinist, I personally don't know what I think, I guess I sit somewhere in the middle. I'm not going to debate it with you, I simply wanted to say that it was an interesting suprise.

  21. My grandfather died when he cut his finger on a table saw. He died because even though he drove himself to the hospital and got proper treatment for the wound, they neglected to give him a tetnus shot. The tetnus caused lock jaw, muscles spasms, fever, and high blood pressure. It was horrible way to die, that could have been prevented with a simple shot given AFTER he cut his finger. I also agree with another reader that hydrogen peroxide is not the best treatment for deep puncture wounds. It kills good tissue as well as the bad.

  22. Do you encourage your daughters to pursue higher education when according to your views/ the Bible's their primary role as a woman is to be a housewife?

  23. Correct me if I'm wrong but don't the Reformed theology people infant baptize? Don't they believe in Redeeming the holidays(Halloween,etc.)? I did hear recently about some Reformers who don't carve pumpkins,etc. on Halloween. Aren't the Reformers the Christians who are very patriotic(Imperialists?)-like David Barton? I don't use their history books in our homeschool. I did buy some years ago-Peter Marshall's-and didn't like them. Don't the Reformers use the modern corrupt Bible versions and are not King James Only like I am? They are Calvinists. I can't think of anything else. Names come to mind like D. James Kennedy(Gospel in the Stars),Presbyterians, Billy Graham's wife(Presbyterian,not Baptist like her husband)-Isn't Billy Graham's grandson now Pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian? Don't they also have alcohol in their homes?

  24. Back to the subject of parenting books...

    I can't think of anything by Steven and Teri Maxwell that I wouldn't recommend. Most of their material is geared toward homeschooling families, but applies to all areas of parenting.

    I have Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit, Preparing Sons to Provide for a Single-Income Family, and Keeping Our Children's Hearts and they are all excellent.

  25. Just wondering why is the 12/15 passenger van a death trap? We are looking into getting a 15 passenger and would love to know. I haven't heard of this and I really like them. Thanks!

  26. What's wrong with having alcohol in your home?

  27. Do you believe in demons and possessions? Not the modern ideas of it with their deliverence services and blaming a flu or a bad day on demons and removing so called 'demons of anger' etc. I mean demonic possession, a very rare occurance, host having no control of their body, sometimes for a few hours, sometimes for a few years, host rarely gets to live through it. That sort of possession.

    Just wanted to know if you believe in it or not.

  28. Anonymous- what did you think birth control was? Lol!!! Why do people who use birth control have just a few kids, while the people who don't have many? I believe God could give kids anyway, even if birth control is used, but that doesn't mean he always does. God gives us free will.

  29. Anon about 12/15 passenger vans:

    we have rented these for church activities on a few occasions. I do not like how hard it is to access the rows in the back. There is no "aisle", just a narrow gap to squeeze into the back rows from the back passenger door (which opens like a regular door, not a long sliding door).

    In case of an accident, it would be very difficult for one adult (me) to evacuate children in car seats from the back, especially since there is no back door on the driver side.

    I have also read reports about these vans being very prone to flipping/rolling over.

    As far as comfort, unless you have only 12 seats in the 15 passenger size van, there is practically no cargo room whatsoever - the back row usually touches the back doors. I don't like how there are benches with no back support, and the inside is not walking height. Just my preferences, though, not a question of safety.

    Anon about demon possession,

    I believe that demon possession as seen in the Bible is real, which is similar to what you described.

  30. ZsuZsuanna, Would you mind responding to my question?

    If God wants me to have a child, can I stop it by using birth control?

    I am curious as to your thoughts on this.


  31. Just would like to clarify that people do get Rabies vaccines if they are in high exposure professions. I don't necessarily believe in vaccinating but do believe we should all be informed.

  32. Anon on June 17 @ 12:54 PM,

    sorry, I didn't mean to ignore your question. Yes, even if God wants you to have a child, you can certainly stop that by using birth control. In fact, that is the whole reason why people use birth control in the first place.

    If they believed "Well, if God wants me to have a child then He can make me get pregnant even while I'm on the pill", then why do they even take BC at all - if God is the one entirely in control of the situation?

    People often want to make poor decisions and then blame the outcome on God, and saying that it must have been His will all along. If I right now were to load a revolver with five out of six bullets, and then shot someone with that gun, can I really say that if they end up getting shot, it was God's will, because He didn't make the gun fire from the empty chamber?

    God created us humans with a free will, and we have the choice to make poor and wrong choices to our own detriment. Using birth control is one of them.

  33. Hi Zsuzsanna,

    I have a question for a future Q and A. How do you get your little ones to go to sleep without fighting it and stay in bed all night? I have a two year old who requires literally hours of soothing and shhing to go to sleep. If we just put him in his bed and leave him there to fall asleep, he won't stay in bed. With several very small kids, you obviously can't be doing that with each of them, so how have you taught them to fall asleep and stay in bed? At what age do you expect them to be able to go to sleep on their own? Thanks!


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