Monday, June 13, 2011

Burzynski the Movie

Update: Free viewing has been extended for an extra week, until 11:59 PM on Monday, June 20th!

Available for FREE viewing only through the end of today (Monday).

The Great Cancer Hoax: The Brilliant Cure the FDA Tried Their Best to Shut Down...


  1. Incredible!!!! Thank you for this great video!! The FDA is wicked to the core and I feel badly for those who buy into their evil lies and lose their lives.

  2. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for posting this Zsuzsanna! My husband and I watched it this evening. I agree with Jessica that the FDA is wicked to the core. It is criminal that they are permited to continue destroying peoples lives for the pursuit of colossal financial gain.

  3. Oh, the evil FDA! How dare they discourage people from wasting their money on bogus remedies! How dare they closely monitor drugs which might be dangerous!

    This movie is incredibly biased and doesn't even come close to telling the whole story. Take a look at this article and see for yourself why the FDA is so suspicious of this "miracle cure".

  4. I have lost so many family members to cancer. My sister had it last year and my sweet step-daughter lost her mommy to cancer when she was 4 and her mommy was 25. It's awful. This was a great video.

  5. I, too, have lost family members to cancer, and it is a difficult and painful journey. I feel so sorry for the baby girl in the beginning and all those lost to such a terrible disease, and for your stepdaughter, Kimmie, what a tragedy to lose her mother at such a young age--how important you must be in her life to support her in a mothering role, it sounds as if you love her so very much.

    The science of genetics is so young that it will be difficult to tell what's to come scientifically--remember that scientists have barely completed the genome project.

    As for the FDA and the NIH, I have no comments that are constructive.


  6. I normally don't post, but the FDA is a big joke anymore. Sure, they do a few good things in protecting us (though most is reactive, not proactive) but they slam very valid and helpful treatments because they aren't "big pharma". No $$$$ for them = "it's not a valid therapy". The FDA is now mostly about how much $$$ they can put in their pockets, not in helping the consumer.

  7. You would think this doctor would take his treatment to be trialled in other countries if the FDA wont play ball. After all the FDA only control drugs in the USA, they don't control what drugs are available in the rest of the world. Each country has their own way of validating new medications.

    If the treatment works, and the FDA wont approve for the USA, there are many other countries where he could try and get approval.

  8. BTW Zsu Zsu, re: my earlier comment. I know you probably think I am in snark-mode, but right now I'm really not.

    If this guy has found something which could make such a difference to cancer sufferers lives and the FDA don't want to know, then he should consider taking it to another country for evaluation. If he gets it tested elsewhere and treatment is shown to have his desired results then the FDA is going to have a hard time justifying not approving it if it is working so well in Europe or Australia for example.

    I've had family members die from cancer and I would have done anything to have saved them.

  9. The treatment is currently in trials approved by the FDA. The whole controversy was that Burzynski began experimenting on humans without any testing at all. He was pushing his treatment as a proven cure and charging people a bundle to be lab rats.

    Now, it is being tested more safely, according to protocol that have been established by the scientific community to protest human subjects, and people are taking the treatment for free with the knowledge that it is experimental. Burzynski was a latter day Mengele, except he charged people hundreds of thousands of dollars a pop to experiment on them.

  10. I know a family who had their daughter cured by Burzynski. She is now a happy, healthy 5 year old girl.

  11. If he is curing cancer why does he only have one clinic?? My aunt is currently doing this for her stage four liver cancer. So how many of you supporters of this fake cure would like to bet me she is alive six months from now?
    The FDA protects us from snake oil salesman being able to say "this will cure you, that will be $10000' Without having the proof to back it up. I could make a documentary saying whatever I want it to say but that doesn't make it true


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