Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

When the White House gives out a falsified birth certificate, and claims to have killed the boogieman all in the same week, and you just can't stand their lies any more, bake these. They will help ease the pain of realizing that we are being ruled by evil thugs that are out to hurt and enslave us. 

Regardless of the political climate, these are my #1 favorite use for overripe bananas. I often buy extra bananas to allow them to turn brown just so I can make these.


1 1/2 cups mashed ripe bananas
1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 eggs
2 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 cup milk
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
2 cups flour (I use whole wheat pastry flour)
1/2 cup chocolate chips (mini if you have them, or buy regular and use them whole, or chop them up first)
1/2 cup chopped walnuts

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line or grease muffin tins.
2. Mash bananas in large bowl using a mixer. Add softened butter, sugar, vanilla, and eggs. Beat until light and fluffy.
3. Add baking powder, baking soda, flour, and milk, and mix.
4. Add chocolate chips and walnuts, stir. 
5. Fill muffin tins about 2/3 full. The recipe will make 18-24 muffins. 
6. Bake for about 14 minutes. Check for doneness with a toothpick.
7. Serve with fresh cold milk and ENJOY!


  1. ROFL!!! You don't believe them either huh? The whole thing is so absurd and it really just never ceases to amaze me how the public just believes EVERYthing the media says!

    Thanks for the recipe though! :D

  2. Those sound GOOD! I'll have to try making them...I'm not one for baking, though...hopefully I don't burn them! :)

  3. Yes!!!! LIES!!!! Lol!! Sadly most Americans believe them. Last night, Chad was like, "where's the body if he is dead, I want to inspect it!" Ha!!!!

  4. The muffins sound good but I am really looking forward to you posting the recipe for the Chocolate Chip Orange Scones (hint hint).

  5. I agree with you. Thank you for making me laugh. I showed my son(18) your post. My daughter,Angela, called me two nights ago and told me that our third son,Jonathan,texted and asked if I was watching the news-at about 11:30 at night-May 1st. When was the last time a President gave a speech that late? I called a Christian friend in Kentucky the next day-she agrees with us.

  6. Oh I know!!!!! Obama needed to get people's attention away from the birth certificate and ....wow...all of the sudden Osama is dead??? He had been hiding in a place supposedly that Obama has known about since Oct 2010! He just needed to wait to play the card when it benefited him! And it's strange that they gave him such a quick burial at see so soon after the supposed raid!

  7. THANK YOU THANK YOU! I have a pile of over-ripe bananas sitting here and I wasn't in the mood for banana bread, again.

    -Just Another Crazy Birther

  8. Lol!! I know I saw the birth certificate and of course didn't believe it. Why would it take this long to get it? He said he had more important issues to deal with, Hello the president not being a us citizens is a huge issue!!!! Then Osama is killed! Funny how the names Obama and Osama are so much alike. I don't believe it for one minute!

  9. I will have to bake these because I am very disturbed by it all too. lol Good try at trying to get re-elected but Bush sr. approval rating was high after the Gulf War and still lost the next election. They forget about Americans' ADD and all our problems are still there.

  10. You do realize the smoking gun is mocking you birther fools, right?

    And who is this Chad person that thinks he has the right to inspect Bin Ladin's body? What's his position at the pentagon? Security clearance?


    You believe the earth was literally created in 6 days but refuse to accept an official document that the State of Hawaii and State Dept. have authenticated?


    Are they still trying to convince you folks that the earth is round???

  11. I really have to ask you a favour. I quite enjoy your blog, even though I don't agree with much of what you say, but posts like these are such a turn-off. I'm not an Obama fan in the least, but he's not the devil. First of all, who gives a flying patootie where he was born anyway? It's just racism masquerading as a "movement." You wouldn't be asking these questions if he were white and claimed to be born in Texas, and neither would the other birthers. Second, it must be tiring to hate everything he does and every word that comes out of his mouth. You don't believe they killed Osama, you don't even believe Al-Qaeda orchestrated 9/11. A good portion of the world doesn't believe Jesus rose from the dead. Who cares? Neither of you can prove it (although Obama at least claims to have DNA evidence!) People who want to believe will do so anyway, and you won't be able to convince them otherwise. (I know, I know...you will just say - stop reading my blog if you don't like what I have to say...I guess I just have to do a quick look for any Obama/homosexual conspiracy posts and decide to come back another day.)

  12. Thank you for sharing this delicious sounding recipe Zsuzsanna!

    Unfortunately this silly story about Osama Bin Laden is also being swallowed 'hookline and sinker' by most Europeans too!

    Utter ridiculousness! (is that even a word?) When will people try to see past the veil that is so steathily drawn before us!

  13. You all forget his mother is American. No matter where he was born, that makes him a US citizen. Though, I agree, he should have provided it when asked - just like Mr. McCain did. And, McCain qualified the same way - born to American parents.

    Thank you for the recipe. It sounds great.

  14. I KNOW RIGHT my cousin in Bismark and me agree we will believe when we see Bin Ladden death certificate!!!!

  15. I love trying new recipes! I read your post this morning and came back in the late afternoon to make them - My husband will have a nice surprise when he gets home this evening! :)

    - Andrea

  16. My brother said the exact same thing: they've allegedly killed the boogieman!

    Perfect timing, wasn't it? A bit too perfect.

  17. Jessi - what exactly are you implying with this statement: "funny how the names Obama and Osama are so much alike."

  18. The name "Obama" is based on a verb from the Luo language of Africa. The name "Osama" has its roots in the Arabic language. Why is this funny? Because the names rhyme? "Fool" and "tool" are rhyming words. So what? How is this significant to any point you may be trying to make. Please enlighten me. Thank you.

  19. And Melanie, why would you accept Bin Laden's death certificate as proof that he's really dead? If birth certificates can be so easily faked, then why couldn't a death certificate?

  20. If Bin Laden is not dead, then Al-Queda will have a huge recruitment tool. They just need to release a video of him holding a newspaper or something. Then the rest of the video will be Bin Laden talking about what an evil lying country the US is. Radical Islamists will mock the US for thinking they got him.

    If he is not dead, I expect to see that video soon. It is too much of a opportunity for Al-Queda. If he is dead, no video.

  21. I just stated that our president and the main person we have been after, who we blamed for 9/11 have names that are one letter off. Had nothing to do with where their names come from. Obamas real first name is Berry anyway!
    It's so funny how dumbed down Americans have become. People think its no big deal that the president of the united stated can't prove that he is a America citizen! I don't care at all about his race, its what he does and who he is as a person that I don't like. People always want to turn it into a race issue, when its not that at all. Americans practically worship these black football and basketball players, people don't have a problem with the color of his skin. It made me sick when he allowed babies to be left in a room alone to starve to death because they were born and not aborted (killed). He also compared pregnancy to being a std! That's our president!! Sick sick sick! there is a 2 million couple wait for adoption! Don't tell me they had no choice. If your for that kind of stuff, God help you! I can't wait till he is no longer president. I'm not going to argue back and forth with anyone on here, so if you don't agree with me I don't care.

  22. I guess I don't see why it matters that Osama and Obama sound similar. It sounds like something a three-year old would think was funny.

  23. Stanley Ann had a child-Barack Hussein Obama(called Barry by family and friends)-with a non-citizen. The law required any U.S. citizen having a child with a non-citizen to have been physically present in the U.S. for at least 5 years after the age of 16 to automatically transmit citizenship. source:worldnetdaily

  24. Renee:

    I don't agree with... well, probably anything of what is posted in this blog! But I still enjoy reading anyway cause I love family blogs.

    I think when reading a blog that belongs to someone who obviously doesn't share your views, the best policy is 'look but don't touch' - go ahead and read if you want to, but don't comment with the intent of changing the content or the author's mind. No-one is going to convince anyone else of anything here, it would just create an extremely heated and emotional argument with neither side willing to conceed.

    I think we just kinda have to accept that and appreciate eachother as fellow human beings with varying outlooks on life. I must admit, this was one of the more difficult posts I've had to restrain myself from commenting on, but I value tolerance and free speech for all, and I have to practice what I preach.

  25. Please excuse my ignorance, but what is a "birther?"

  26. Wait so the person who has nothing better to do than to sit on here and look for comments to make fun of, is the one saying it sounds like a 3 year old? Very mature. So someone compared their names big deal. Why does it bother people so much. Get a life people!

  27. not a crazy birtherMay 4, 2011 at 8:14 PM


    again why info wars IS ALWAYS WRONG
    --daughter says she saw her father(OSAMA) killed
    --wife is being treated for a gun shot wound.

    This happened you crazy birthers. get over it.

  28. Taryn, that is only true for a person born outside the United States. Since Obama was born in Hawaii, the fact that his mother was young doesn't matter. If, however, he had been born elsewhere, you would be correct.(Wikipedia, US Nationality laws)

  29. Just to clarify: I think that McCain would have been just as horrible of a president. They are both puppets of an elitist worldwide shadow government. I guess that is why people like me think it is a little strange to put a puppet in the White House named "Hussein Obama", when the two big "enemies" have been Saddam Hussein and Osama.

    Also, I am not saying that Osama is not dead, I am of the opinion (as are many government officials) that he had been dead for about 10 years now. They just pulled out this little trump card to increase Obama's approval ratings.

  30. If Osama had been dead for 10 years, why didn't George Bush release that information earlier for the benefit of his republican party?

    It's about 18 months before the next presidential election, why release the information now? Obama might enjoy a bump in his approval ratings now but that doesn't necessarily mean those will last until November, 2012.

    It's amazing to me how ignorant you birthers are regarding citizenship and the presidency. Barack Obama is a natural born citizen of the USA. He was born in the state of Hawaii. Simple as that. No matter what proof he provides, you birthers will not accept it as legitimate, you will always find something about it that you believe it to be fake.

    It's amusing that Christians believe that Jesus rose from the dead, with no witnesses, but yet you need to personally inspect Bin Ladin's body in order to believe he's dead? Because you've personally met Bin Ladin before and know him enough to identify the body?

    Please feel free to leave the USA if you don't like our government.

  31. Well, I certainly agree with Jessica on one thing. Americans are becoming very dumbed down. Very, very dumb indeed.

  32. I'm just curious, what your thought process is here.

    If Osama Bin Laden has been dead for 10 years, why has Al Queda released numerous videos of him with date verification in the last 10 years.

    Why wouldn't President Bush have shared the news all those years ago?

    Why wouldn't Obama have said something as soon as he took office, or when his approval ratings were very low (same for Bush).

    As far as Obama's birth certificate, do you honestly believe that the entire government of the State of Hawaii is conspiring against the US.

    Don't you think that if the birth certificate was a fake, someone would spill the beans, just to get their 15 minutes of fame?

    I personally hate politics and trust politicians about as far as I can throw them, but I also have some faith in simple common sense.

  33. The point is that neither parent could confer American citizenship to their child so President Obama can only be a U.S. citizen if he was born in the U.S. and could prove it. I thought that was understood so I didn't add the last sentence to my previous comment. I agree with Zsuzsanna's comment. I think it was interesting that Obama was involved with the demand of McCain's birth certificate,etc. (worldnetdaily-April 29,2011 article).

  34. Yes, I think he has been dead already too! I just seen on the news the government is refusing to release any pictures of the body! Because they don't have any! Seriously people osama had bad health problems, you really think he ran from cave to cave to hide all this time?

  35. "It's so funny how dumbed down Americans have become. People think its no big deal that the president of the united stated can't prove that he is a America citizen!"

    But he CAN prove he's an American citizen.

    He just did.

    That's why the birth certificate was released.

    Yet still, people refuse to believe it. What will it take? I'm asking this honestly - what will it take, Jessi, for people to believe that he was born here?

    The only "dumbing down" that's occuring is that people still don't believe the plain truth when it's right in front of their eyes. You see a birth certificate for any other US citizen, and believe that it's real. Yet Obama's MUST be faked.


    Let's suppose this. Let's supppose that the birth certificate were, for lack of a better term "clean". There were none of the "mysterious" markings or notations within the boxes, no smudges, and any witnesses who had signed the document to prove its validity were still alive and well.

    What then? Would you believe? Is that all it would take? Because if so, markings on a birth certificate, or conversely, a lack thereof, make for pretty flimsy proof of a theory, wouldn't you say?

    I'm sorry, who did you say was dumbing down America?

    And for what it's worth, I'm a Canadian.

  36. Two problems. 1. The notion that Bush had bin Laden dead and just sat on that info is absurd. 2. If Obama wanted the ratings boost he would have done it much closer to the election. He'll lose any gain by 2012.

    And, seriously. The best people in government spent 3 years falsifying a birth certificate that is just so bad that all of you could tell immediately, from a pdf no less, that it wasn't real? Really?


    P.S. Palin. Practically like Stalin.

  37. Here'a question to add to your Q&A list (which is already very long, I know!), and I ask this sincerely and not trying to sound snarky:
    What level of governmental or other authority do you think is appropriate? If all the current politicians are "puppets" and police are fascists (I believe you've used that word) and teachers should be at home teaching their own children...should anybody be making laws or running the country? What's your vision of how a modern society should be run? Do we do away with all schools, taxes and stop lights and just live and let die? If you're unhappy with how it is now, what's your suggested solution?

  38. Zsuzsanna, if bin Laden has been dead for ten years, then how does it explain the videos he has been producing? Why is Pakistan going along with a ruse that is likely to compromise its relationship with the USA? How can you explain the DNA tests, the multiple witnesses, the positive identifications? If our government doesn't believe that it was bin Laden they killed, then why hasn't a single one of those "many government officials" come forward to question the death?

  39. I find it extremely ironic that the people shouting the loudest for "proof proof proof" are the Christian fundamentalists. And the funniest part of all is that most of them won't be able to figure out why I find it ironic.

  40. This is a response to "Jessi". You're entitled to feel however you like about the President of course, but it helps if you at least know his name. His real name is not "Barry", that is his nickname.

  41. why do some of you comment on Zsuzsanna's blog if you hate her views so much. Why don't you just go somewhere else if you don't agree with what she has to say? oh, I know, It's because you're control freak liberals who can't stand for people to disagree with you.

    Well, I might start my own blog up. and just to provoke some of you my first blog post will be titled "Go To Hell". and if you want to look at my blog constantly only to disagree with me, I'll give you my phone number and as soon as I pick up guess which three words will be the first out of my mouth, "Go To Hell!!". I know, some of you will say "that's not very Christian" but hey, what do you haters know about Christianity? Zsuzsa's probably won more souls to Christ in the last three month's than you'll ever win in you whole life so go play elsewhere children.

  42. It is "funny"/strange that Obama and Osama are alike.In fact, on the tv show The View they showed all the tv anchors reading teleprompters and saying Obama instead of Osama. Our tv scroll had the name spelled Usama on Monday then it was changed to Bin Laden on Tuesday. They said the teleprompters for the news anchors had to be changed,as well, so there wouldn't be any mistakes. Even the ladies on The View were discussing the strangeness and problem with the names being similar.

  43. Berry is not his nickname, his real first name is berry! Alex Jones has a segment on you tube about that, check it out for yourself. Why are these people on here that disagree so much. No one is forcing you to read this blog, Get a life! Jessi put at the end of her comment she is not going to argue and doesn't care if you don't agree. You all sound stupid on here. Why would it take the president 3+ years to show a simple birth certificate! Why did he pay millions of dollars to have his records sealed. His grandma was talking about how she remembered when he was born in Africa. He didn't grow up in the us. When will I trust the government, never! All your stupid comments are proving you are dumbed down! Your helping do it to others too!
    No one here said anything about liking pailn eaither. I don't like her and what she stands for. She is a women so she shouldn't be in leadership. It's funny how no one adress the horriable stuff Obama has done like letting thoes babies die and calling pregnancy a std. Why do you Obama lovers that believe in the government not say anything about that. Quit asking your stupid questions! Why would you tell us to leave this country if we don't like it, when you won't leave this blog you don't like?

  44. @Taryn: Hate to break it to you but WorldNetDaily is NOT a news source to quote if you want to be taken seriously.

    Obama is a NATURAL-BORN citizen of the USA by virtue of being born in the state of Hawaii. His mother was American (doesn't matter if his father was from Africa). That makes him Natural Born, which is one of the requirements to be President of the USA.

  45. I agree with anonymous about worldnetdaily except for this topic. It is a starting point for some to do further research. For instance, an article there says that President Obama was registered as an Indonesian citizen when he lived in Indonesia. That would prompt one to confirm or not confirm this. Another article says that he was registered as Barry Soetoro when registered as an attorney-another research prompt. On Book TV and worldnetdaily an author claims Obama did not write his book and suggests someone else did and names him.

  46. Mikayla, I have to thank you. No one has managed to make me laugh so hard in ages.

    Obama's birth certificate says "Barack", not "Berry". End of discussion. I trust an official document more than I trust some random person on youtube.

    The president took so long to produce his long-form birth certificate because his citizenship should have never been an issue. The fact that he was born in Hawaii was established by a short-form (which is accepted as an official birth certificate by any establishment which would require one) and two newspaper announcements from the day he was born. He only released the long-form in a last-ditch attempt to get birthers to shut up about it.

    Sarah Obama was speaking through a translator. There was a miscommunication and Obama's grandmother thought that the interviewer was asking whether she was in Kenya when Obama was born, not whether Obama was born in Kenya. As soon as the mistake was realized, Mrs. Obama clarified that her grandson was born in Hawaii. Seriously, did you even listen to the entire interview, or did all the youtube videos you watched just cut off immediately after the translator said, "She was present"?

  47. I only brought up the Palin/Stalin thing since there's some obsession with names being similar. By the way, "Steve Anderson" is an anagram for "Satan's neon red." Coincidence??

    For eight years I hated pretty much everything Bush did. But I hated his policies and I never attacked him personally. What you're claiming has been debunked by actual facts although most of it has been repeated so often that people just take it as factual now (for an explanation of why it took 3 years on the birth certificate, look into how Hawaii handles their vital documents...they have been very clear, and very ignored).

    You're welcome to dislike the president, his policies, the government, whatever. Free country. I support your right to do that as long as you are peaceful about it. But, please, base it on something real. Or at least something that matters. The economy matters. His nickname as a child does not.


  48. Thank you for this post , what will they try to make us believe next .

  49. @Mikayla:

    Alex Jones is nothing but a conspiracy nutjob. The fact that many of you believe in these ridiculous conspiracies (9/11 was an inside job, etc) just goes to show how DUMBDED down YOU are.

    Please provide competent sources (not WND or Alex Jones, etc) on the following:

    1) That Obama has spent millions to seal his birth certificate. A person's birth certificate is confidential information and NO ONE off the street can request someone's birth certificate. If his birth certificate was false, you can bet that this information would have come out before the election and he would not have been allowed to run. Don't you think that McCain would have loved to prove that Obama wasn't a natural-born citizen? Or Hillary Clinton for that matter?

    2) This "grandma" in Africa....prove to me that she really is his grandmother. You're going to believe some old woman who wants to put her village on the world map as the birthplace of a US President, yeah, no reason to want to lie about that.

    3) Yep, Obama spent some time living outside of the US. Is that any different than the families of the soldiers who are stationed overseas and the family lives overseas as well? A US citizen does not have to live in the US to be a US citizen.

    4) Barack is his first name and at one time his nickname was Berry. Many kids have nicknames, what does that prove? Some boys are named David but are nicknamed Dave. Some boys are named William but are nicknamed Will or Bill. Having a nickname doesn't prove that he wasn't born in the US.

    Really, it's you people who believe in these conspiracies that are dumbed down. Quit listenting to these whackos and read some legitimate news sources.

  50. For all of the people asking why, if Osama had already been dead for some appreciable amount of time, the U.S. government did not claim responsibility for it, this article* may be informative.

    Generally speaking, I disagree with nearly everything Ms. Anderson has to say about politics and religion, and furthermore I am a woman voter who voted for Obama in 2008. For what it's worth, I also have never been a conspiracy theorist. Unlike Ms. Anderson, I do believe 9/11 was the work of Muslim extremists, not any government, shadow or legitimate. I also happen to believe that Barack Obama is a natural-born U.S. citizen; the U.S. landed a spacecraft on the moon, and U.S. astronauts walked there; Elvis is well and truly dead; etc. etc. etc.

    Despite my moderate-liberal stance and lack of interest in conspiracy theories, and the inability of conspiracy theorists to convince me otherwise, the very first time I was informed of Osama's death (by way of a Guardian article) I was immediately suspicious. It all sounded just much too convenient. The facts that Osama's body was allegedly disposed of almost immediately, and photographic evidence will not be published (for our own good, of course...) only serve to increase my incredulity.

    All this to say, it would be immensely helpful if all of you lovely commenters who were so quick to assume and call names, would make a habit of two practices:
    1. Do please bother to become informed about other people's arguments before blankly assigning them to whatever fringe opinion-group you feel would be most insulting;
    2. Do not immediately assume that everyone who disagrees with you, or with the generally held opinion of society, is some irrational fool of a monster, or even an idiot - there is as much to fear in being overly credulous of the government, as being excessively incredulous of it.

    * Yes, it is the Daily Mail. Yes, I am familiar with the "consider the source" concept. The article is a good overview of the argument, and despite the somewhat theatrical source, raises good points, which can stand alone as interesting questions, and on which the Daily Mail, as the article's publisher, have little to no bearing. If you want a better source, once you are familiar with the basics of the argument at hand, feel free to research further on the search engine of your choosing.

  51. Mikayla, who said we don't like this blog? We love it. It is entertaining - especially comments like yours. Light comic relief. By the way, what is it with Americans that you write "your" instead of "you're".

  52. Mikayla, really?

    Berry is not his nickname, his real first name is berry!

    No, it's not. Why would you say that?

    Why would it take the president 3+ years to show a simple birth certificate!

    It didn't; he showed his short form years ago (ridiculous of course--what other president or even high official has their birth certificate on the Internet?).

    Why did he pay millions of dollars to have his records sealed.

    He didn't. People who are saying he did are looking at his total legal bills, but guess what? People who run for President run up million dollar plus legal bills. McCain did; Bush did; Kerry did; Gore did.

    His grandma was talking about how she remembered when he was born in Africa.

    No, she didn't. In the midst of repeated questioning, via a translator, she slipped and said yes once, but immediately corrected it. Really, read the transcript.

    He didn't grow up in the us.

    Hawaii is no longer the U.S., or, as you so charmingly put it, "the us"? "The us," I like that, it sounds so cozy and inclusive. Anyway, Obama lived in Indonesia from the ages of 6 to 10. That leaves a whole lot of growing-up time in "the us," including what I see as the most formative years.

  53. You all really aren't that dumb! Al Quaida has now confirmed OBL's death. Had he died years ago, they would have confirmed it then.

    As far as Obama's mother - she spent most of her life in the states, so even if Obama were born in Kenya, he still qualifies as an American citizen through his mother.

    I am not an Obama fan, didn't vote for him and won't in the next election. But, I don't waste my time on nonsense like many of you seem to. There are a lot of people looking pretty stupid right now (birthers and deathers).

  54. I could try and talk some sense into you Zsusa etc ... but anyone who believes in "God" etc will believe in ANY arbitrary mythical nonsense, and will never budge. Whatever. Enjoy your muffins. Racists, paranoids.

  55. @Mikayla

    “Why would it take the president 3+ years to show a simple birth certificate!”

    It didn’t. He first released his birth certificate (the same certificate issued to every Hawaiian-born citizen, which is recognized by all state and national governmental agencies as legal documentation of birth in the state of Hawaii) in June of 2008.

    “Why did he pay millions of dollars to have his records sealed.”

    He didn’t. Presidential campaigns rack up significant legal fees. The millions you’ve cited were post-election fees. (McCain‘s campaign paid $1.3 million in post-election fees too.)

    “His grandma was talking about how she remembered when he was born in Africa.”

    No, she wasn’t. Audio and transcripts of the interview, submitted by the interviewer, himself, are readily available online. Sarah Obama’s initial affirmative response was a mistranslation, a mistake she quickly corrected. And corrected. And corrected:

    MCRAE (Interviewer): Could I ask her about his actual birthplace? I would like to see his birthplace when I come to Kenya in December. Was she present when he was born in Kenya?
    OGOMBE (Sarah Obama's translator): Yes. She says, yes, she was, she was present when Obama was born.
    MCRAE: When I come in December. I would like to come by the place, the hospital, where he was born. Could you tell me where he was born? Was he born in Mombasa?
    OGOMBE: No, Obama was not born in Mombasa. He was born in America.
    MCRAE: Whereabouts was he born? I thought he was born in Kenya.
    OGOMBE: No, he was born in America, not in Mombasa.
    MCRAE: Do you know where he was born? I thought he was born in Kenya. I was going to go by and see where he was born.
    OGOMBE: Hawaii. Hawaii. Sir, she says he was born in Hawaii. In the state of Hawaii, where his father was also learning, there. The state of Hawaii.

    “He didn't grow up in the us.”

    Yes, he did. With the exception of the four years he lived in Indonesia (from age 6 to 10), Obama was raised in Hawaii.

  56. You must be joking right? I'm an archivist and that document is completely authentic. It uses the typical carbon paper brands used in the 50's and 60's. All the smudges and ink blots are indicative of that period as well---gel ink hadn't been invented yet, and so a document without minor ink blotting would actually make it less authentic. Not only that, two separate newspapers have birth announcements for Obama's birth posted in the newspapers. And no, they weren't fakes, they were microfilmed archived as well, so there are multiple libraries across the country that have the microfilmed newspaper announcements. And actually, Hawaii released the birth certificate during the campaign, it wasn't "all of a sudden."

    I think you are just angry that it was President Obama and not President Bush who finally killed Osama Bin Laden, and now there is actually something you have to be grateful for.

  57. If Osama was dead for 10 years, why I have we been wasting money on two wars?

    Anyway, those muffins look yummy!

  58. Michele,

    That is EXACTLY the question we should all be asking. Our government uses the military industrial complex to take more and more of our money, and ride us more into national debt, thereby slowly enslaving us all.

    For those who asked about Bush - he was just as bad as Obama. In fact, maybe he was worse, because when the fascist was in office all the "conservatives" were asleep at the wheel. If I were a voting man, I would vote for Ron Paul in 2012, or a libertarian-minded third party candidate.

    To accuse me of being a racist for not liking Obama is ludicrous. In fact, I will take it a step further and say that those who accuse me of such things are racists themselves - they seem to be unable to see anything but the skin color when they look at the president. Why not say I hate men? People who wear ties? People with curly hair? Middle-aged people? People born in Hawaii (ha!)? People raised by single mothers? College graduates? I could go on. Are you saying you all LIKE Obama only because of the color of his skin? As God is my witness, I do not care about Obama's skin color more than the color of his hair, eyes, shirt, or car.

    Besides, Obama is 1/2 white, 1/4 Arabic, and 1/4 Black - so white not accuse me of hating white people, or Arabs? Why not call him a white man? Does he have to be PURE WHITE in order to be called that? Isn't THAT racist?

    Go make muffins and settle down, all.

  59. I have a "mixed" granddaughter. Her father(black) and my daughter(white) both say she is white. My granddaughter has plenty of melanin in her skin. We don't believe in the evolution concept of races. Acts 17:26 KJ Bible says we are "one blood". My daughter says the President is white. History proves the evolutionists are racist. The Creation Museum in Kentucky shows Adam and Eve as medium brown(the amount of melanin in their skin). There is a book called One Race One Blood by a black man-A. Charles Ware and Ken Ham. I agree with Zsuzsanna's last comment.

  60. Szuszanna--

    Besides, Obama is 1/2 white, 1/4 Arabic, and 1/4 Black - so white not accuse me of hating white people, or Arabs?

    I do not believe this is correct. Obama's father had no Arab ancestry. Both his parents were ethnically Luo, as is his stepmother Sarah, so Obama junior would be considered to be 1/2 White and 1/2 Black.

  61. Lol! All your responses make me laugh! You people blindly believe everything the government tells you. I don't think they are a reliable source! Just because something is a "official document" from the government doesn't mean it's without a doubt true! The government lies and does so many horrible things, why would I believe some just because they said it is real? Just because his fake birth certificate says what his name is, doesn't mean it true! It doesn't seem like you find this blog as entertainment, by your comments it really upsets you. Why would you read a blog and spend so much time on here if it offends you that much? Well if it wasn't for you people though, the comment section wouldn't be fun to read. Sometimes it sad to read, people are so far gone! Nothing you say offends me, I know the truth. We live in America, we have the right to fee speech, and to believe what we want, but that is even being taken away from us. Thanks anyway for the laugh!

  62. Who knew muffins would be so controversial? Lol.

  63. I agree with Katy-Anne...bahahahahaha bahahahahaha!

  64. I made these over the weekend. They were great! Thanks!


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