Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Simple remedy for pinkeye

This works for pinkeye, or eyes that are just sore and itchy from allergies, dust, or whatever.

Put 1 tbsp chamomile flowers, 1 tbsp chickweed, and 1/4 tsp goldenseal powder in a mug. If you can find eyebright, add some of that as well. Add boiling water and steep for a few minutes. Strain carefully. Add enough cold water to make the tea a comfortable temperature. Dab a fresh cotton ball in the tea, then lay it on one eye. Repeat with another cotton ball on the other eye. Do this as often as you like.

Important: Use a fresh cotton ball every time on each eye. Do not contaminate the tea.

This remedy is an adaptation of what I found in here, my first go-to reference for 80% of illnesses in our family or ones I get asked about. If you don't have a copy, you should seriously think about buying one. There is a section on how to have an herbal medicine cabinet. I bought what was on the list, and it has served me well in the middle of the night on several occasions. The last thing I'd want to do with a sick child is drag them to the herb store, which is also never open when I need the stuff.

I keep all other "meds" in another kitchen cupboard: the bottom shelf holds our vitamins and supplements, the second shelf from the bottom holds herbal remedies, extracts, and other all-natural "meds", the third shelf holds conventional stuff such as band-aids, hydrogen peroxide, cough drops, boric acid, etc. The top shelf holds some of my health and homeopathy books.

I think that Moms would do well to research natural remedies for common illnesses, and be prepared to treat them rather than running their child to the ER in the middle of the night for indigestion or the sniffles.

Besides not wasting the money that my husband had to work hard to earn, our children also enjoy great health without the side effects of conventional drugs or the mistakes of doctors.


  1. You didn't need any of that. You have a natural remedy right at home - breast milk!

  2. Stefanie,

    you are so right...


    there is NO way my son would let me put breastmilk in his eye. And there's no putting anything past him, he would be suspicious what white liquid I was trying to doctor him up with.

    But for babies, it's great.

  3. Last Sunday morning my daughter woke up with what appeared to be pink eye. By the time we got to church, it was really bad. That afternoon, I put 1 drop of colloidal silver in it, and by that evening, it was 75% gone, by that night, it was completely cleared up.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this !!! I try very hard to use natural remedies to cure and prevent many of the things that most of the people I know run their kids to the doc for on a regular basis. However, my little girl received a horrible dog bite from afamily members dog, this Thanksgiving.
    It showed me how the medical establishment really can be wonderful, but at the same time, it left me feeling like I had to totally relinquish a lot of my natural Mama remedies over to te issues at hand. One of those issues is that her tear-drainage duct was destroyed ( though god has miraculously made it mostly functional !!!) but she is suseptible to eye infections. I have desperately wanted an alternative to the antibiotics they have prescribed ( that is more gentle than the one I have used on myself in the past)- so now I can reserve those for if they become truly needed :o)

  5. Great tips for pink eye. I worked in a day care for many years. If anyone even says pink-eye, I get it.

  6. ZSUZSANNA, I'm fascinated by your medicine cabinet. Would you be willing to do a post about the books you reference and the things you keep on hand for remedies. I want to learn more about this, and I'd appreciate hearing from someone who is apparently having some success with natural remedies -- a real person, not somebody's website with a Store! Oh, but not till AFTER your Dad leaves. Glad you are having a good time. It must be wonderful to see family. God bless real big!


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