Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Population control

“Throughout history, different cultures have celebrated birth as a unique moment signifying the joy of life. The reinterpretation of birth as a form of greenhouse-unfriendly behaviour speaks to today’s degraded imagination, where carbon-reduction becomes the supreme moral imperative. Once every newborn baby is dehumanised in this way, represented as a professional polluter who is a potent source of greenhouse gas emissions, it becomes increasingly difficult to feel anything other than apprehension about the growth of the human race.” (Frank Furedi in the "Australian")

Click here to read a great article on this subject.


  1. Thanks for posting this. The World really is "the world," isn't it? When people don't know the Truth, they believe any lie that flies by. Afraid we'll see more of it in the days ahead.

  2. HA!! Are there really people who think like that??? Weird. Maybe we all ought to reduce our own "footprint" rather than try and limit fresh,new life.

  3. Zsuzsanna,

    You make a good argument against "birth control". From a resource standpoint, the earth can accommodate a much larger population than 7 billion. The world contains the resources to feed and clothe many more billions of people than currently exist.

    However, the truth is that many countries (through their own ineptitude or sin) are not adequately developing the resources needed for feeding and nourishing their own babies and children. Why encourage those societies to continue reproducing? It's pointless. Developing nations need to reduce their rate of reproduction, period.

    There ARE forms of birth control which don't involve killing the unborn. There are barrier methods, rhythm, etc., that prevent fertilization, and there is nothing wrong with those forms of responsible birth control. Yes, the planet itself can accommodate billions more, but many underdeveloped countries just won't handle the needs of the newborns, and that's a fact.

    Are Christians stepping up to the challenge of giving to help feed the hungry thoughout the world? No. The average Christian gives 2% of income in offerings. That won't feed and provide medical care for impoverished kids. So, the real solution is non-invasive birth control, not irresponsible reproduction which will bring millions more kids into a world which WILL NOT care for them.


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