Monday, June 10, 2019

What we eat and spend on food in a month - Week 4 of 4

This is over a month late. Eek! 

Week 1 here
Week 2 here
Week 3 here

Monday: Costco - $118.90

2 x 5 lbs tangerines, 2 x 4 lbs fish sticks, 2 lbs parmesan, 4 dozen organic eggs, 11 lbs lbs pork loin, 2 lbs organic strawberries, 4 lbs organic peaches (first of the season, yay!), 1 box ice cream bars, organic apple sauce packs, granola bars, 2 x 3 lbs organic bananas, 3 lbs organic baby carrots

The only conventional meat I buy is some pork (roasts, ribs) because finding organic pork is so difficult. We get our grass-fed beef from a local ranch, and the organic chicken from Costco.

Monday - Alpine Valley Bakery: $37.50

5 loaves organic raisin bread, 9 loaves organic white bread

That's probably the most I have ever spent in that store in one trip. The breads I bought that day were at full price, which at $3/loaf is still about 50% cheaper than how much they sell for in store. I normally only buy if they are $.50 - $1.50/loaf, but it had been weeks since they last had the white bread so I bought all they had while I could. 

I bake most of our bread at home using einkorn, but ready bread holds up better for sandwiches that the boys take to work, plus I won't be baking bread for a while after the baby comes. 

Click here to read why we don't eat whole grains. 

Tuesday (delivered): Dairy - $35

5 gallons milk, 2 quarts cream. We get the first 10 gallons each month at half price for being a drop point for the dairy, so this week was cheaper than the previous two. 

This picture is of an order from a couple of weeks ago that was exactly the same, so please ignore the bottling dates on the cream. 

Tuesday: Jovial Foods (online, delivered) - $111.65

Four 10lb bags of einkorn flour. That's about how much we go through every month. I had some loyalty points I redeemed for a bit of a discount.

Saturday: POWWOW market - $12

Not all organic, but mostly: 2 honeydew melons, 6 English cucumbers (plus they gave me a whole extra box to give out at church), 17 cucumbers, 9 beefsteak tomatoes, 7 orange bell peppers, 7 red bell peppers, 4 acorn squash, 8 tomatoes on the vine, 4 zucchini, 15 Roma tomatoes, 3 spaghetti squash

Saturday: Sprouts - $95.87 (delivered by Instacart)

4 boxes organic cereal, 1 bag Love Crunch granola, 3 lbs organic onions, 3 lbs organic egg noodles, 5 lbs organic apples, 5 lbs organic Russet potatoes, 2 organic avocados, 1 bunch organic cilantro, 1 bag organic garlic, 2.5 lbs organic leeks, 2 dozen organic pasture-fed eggs, 4 organic Siggi's Icelandic yogurts, 1 24-oz organic sour cream, 5 lbs tangerines, 30 jalapeno peppers

Total for Week 4: $410.92

Total for all four weeks: $1,811.85

Since four weeks are not quite one full month, I'm guessing this month's total will climb a little higher to maybe around $2,000. I do feel that these weeks represented well what we eat and spend in one month. I went into it with a lot of foods in stock already, but still have a lot of the foods I bought during this time left to make meals with.


Mon: Crepes
Tue: leftover birthday cake
Wed: Banana Bread Pancakes*
Thu: Pudding
Fri: Danube waves cake
Sat: German Apple sheet cake
Sun: Oatmeal cale*


Mon: Calzone Pizza
Tue: Chicken Paprika and spatzles
Wed: leftovers
Thu: Pork roast w/ veggies*
Fri: Schnitzel, potatoes, cauliflower
Sat: ate out (Burger Fi)
Sun: Creamy Tomato Soup


Birthday Cake for Boaz
Strawberry ice cream

Pizza Calzone. I am planning to include these in the Einkorn Baking Book I am currently working on.

Crepes - it's hard to tell how large they were, but the ones on the left are 9" diameter, the ones on the right are 15". They are on my massive Thanksgiving turkey platter.

I can't believe my Boaz is 5 years old now!! Where does the time go!?!

I hope you have enjoyed this mini-series. Thanks for checking in!


  1. I can't believe Boaz is 5 already! Thank you for sharing what you purchase.

  2. Mrs. Anderson, your posts are so encouraging and helpful! Thank you for taking the time to teach us younger women, even as you find yourself in the midst of potty training, reading and driving lessons, and plans for an upcoming wedding. May God reward you with heavenly treasure for obeying His commands here on earth.

    1. I believe young Mr. Anderson (Solomon) is no longer engaged to be married.

    2. If that is the case, please allow me to apologize. I did not realize.

  3. Thank you for showing how much you spend a month. I am always curious how much large families spend on groceries. I have a large family, but live in CA where doubling coupons is illegal and everything is so expensive.

  4. Zsuzsanna, this has been the most awesome series! Thank you so much! It is so helpful to see which stores are good sources for which products. This has been such an encouragement.

    These practical homemaking posts (and videos) are pure gold - I love hearing whatever you have to say. You have so many good things to teach! :)


  5. If you haven't been there, I strongly suggest checking out American Discount Foods. Its in Mesa, just down the road from the Alpine Valley outlet. They get a lot of organic and grass fed meat, along with high quality restaurant supply and large size canned goods. They also have excellent prices on organic produce.


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