Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Links to my most helpful hyperemesis/morning sickness/NVP blog posts and remedies

I have had ten full-term pregnancies, and suffered from hyperemesis with the first 7 of them.

Slowly, over time, I learned more and more things that helped me not only survive, but go from nausea 24/7 and throwing up 20-30 times per day from weeks 6-20 to zero throwing up with nausea for about 2 hrs out of every 24 hrs from weeks 8 to 12.

Below are links to what I consider my most helpful and information-packed blog posts on this topic, starting with the oldest and going to the most recent. If you have time, I suggest you start at the top and read your way down, to follow the progression of things I have learned.

If you are in urgent need of the most recent info, start at the bottom and read your way up.

I hope this helps other suffering moms. There IS hope!

The Cause and Cure of Morning Sickness and Hyperemesis Gravidarum (November 5, 2013 - pregnancy #8, first non-hyperemesis pregnancy)

Relief for Morning Sickness and Hyperemesis Gravidarum (January 17, 2016 - pregnancy #9, second non-hyperemesis pregnancy)

Whole grains, folic acid, MTHFR, and morning sickness (September 7, 2017 - pregnancy #10, third non-hyperemesis pregnancy)


Not cure related, but might be of interest:

Severe morning sickness (May 27, 2010)

Hyperemesis gravidarum and being open to children (March 17, 2011)

And a great hyperemesis blog with much more info and experiences from other moms: 

The Whining Puker


  1. Been praying for Baby # 10’s arrival! You’re so blessed! Congrats!

  2. Dammit. I have such a love/hate relationship with you! I absolutely love so many of your posts. You are smart, creative, resourceful, funny, etc. If your husband wasn't such an absolute douche & you got out from underneath his kooky spell, we could absolutely be best friends. We could sew, bake bread together, talk about essential oils & natural medicine... **sigh** If you ever "see the light" and dump the chump, let me know! You're far too smart for this life, Zsu. Peace & blessings from your would-be bestie.

  3. Yay, a summary post! This will be so helpful - thank you! I've been sending people all the separate links, and this will save tons of time.

    We're so excited for baby's impending arrival! Praying for you both!!!! :)

  4. Thank You. I'm looking forward to putting this into practice.

  5. Thank you, I had this with my son. I never knew there was a diagnosis for it.


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