Saturday, March 18, 2017

Some new vlogs

I don't always wear the same white shirt, but when I do, I record a whole bunch of videos in it on the same day...

 I will have a shorter intro on future videos.

Later today, I'm hoping to record a video tutorial for how I make sandwich bread. Stay tuned!


  1. Loved these! Thank you for sharing! My husband prefers Me without make up also. I don't like spending the time messing with it anyway.

  2. To each his own. I am glad you said it wasn't sinful to wear makeup. My husband, for instance, fell in love with me while I wore makeup, and still prefers me to wear it to this day. In fact, on the very rare days when I don't wear it, he asks, "Are you tired? Something looks different", haha. So most days, I style my hair and put on makeup. (Which, side note, while he prefers makeup, he loathes dyed hair, so guess what, I don't dye my hair) We,like you, look to the Bible for our final authority on how we live, and yes,not much is said about makeup. ~Cassie

  3. Thanks for these - they were great! Normally I'm not a fan of vlogs, but I always enjoy yours because you have such good things to say! Thanks for all the good insights and reminders.

  4. You answered my bible reading questions!! Yay! And here I was sad that your q&a stopped right before my question, but you came through with a separate video! I believe you mentioned that you'd continue answering the remaining questions, so thank you for keeping your word! You have made my day, Mrs. Anderson! Thank you for sharing your experience and suggestions!


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