Friday, October 28, 2016

Livestream tonight - "How to teach your child to read"

Just a heads-up that tonight at 7 p.m. MST I am doing a workshop on "How to teach your child to read" that will be streamed live on this channel

Hopefully, we can also get the video embedded below once the event starts, so please check back here, or go directly to the YouTube link above if you want to tune in live. 

Comments will be disabled, but if you have a specific question you would like to see covered, please leave it in the comments below.

Edited to add:

 Here is the video:

Please click here to see a Google preview of the handout to go along with this workshop. Once that page opens, you will need to click on the download symbol at the top right of the page, and then select "Open with Microsoft Word." This will allow you to print it out without the original formatting being compromised. 


  1. Oooh! I'm excited! :) thanks for live streaming this!

  2. I'm excited about this! My children are still very little, but I am considering my approach to homeschooling already. I am very intrigued by the Finnish school system (I went to high school there), where children are not taught to read or have formal schooling until age 7. There are studies that show no advantage to learning to read before age 7, but in the US this is considered very odd, with schools pushing 5 year olds to read at the latest. I am interested in what you think about this and what you choose to do with your children.

  3. I was curious to know how you felt about schools like Arizona Virtual Academy, or other online schools? I currently home school my kinder and 2nd grader through AZVA, some of the material isn't the best, but the beauty of it is that I get to pick and choose what I will teach and how I will teach it, while getting all course materials for free. The down side really is the fact that it is a "public" school and therefore standardized testing is required.

  4. the Shepherd flockOctober 29, 2016 at 2:24 PM

    thank you, i really appreciated the advice on not pushing the academics until later, i sometimes feel pressured from people to do an amazing job at homeschooling because they are comparing you to the rest of the world, i know it shouldnt matter but i find myself pushing my child only to my frustration and his :-( i appreciate the license to relax, lol.

  5. This tutorial was incredibly helpful. Particularly the little extra insights that you can't get from books, such as the pace you should go, how to motivate the kids, etc. Please consider a math tutorial too, as that can be even more daunting for some parents. I also would love to hear more of your thoughts on sight words, as rote memorization of lots of them is pushed early on in many curriculums. Thank you!

  6. Can you give the exact reading materials you mentioned that you recommend?

  7. Is there a way to rewatch videos you have done live? I missed this. I could use any advice with teaching my kids. Ive got a 4 yrold whom needs to start soon. Then i have a 2yr old, and 1yr old. and pregnant so my handa are full and my brain is fried. Lol thanks for all the help and encouragement you us moms! God bless you and yours! Thanks April

  8. Thanks so much for this video. I watched it awhile back and it has been an encouragement to me. I love your advice to start teaching reading as soon as your child is interested.


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