Monday, April 13, 2015

Upcoming Live Q & A

For those of you who enjoy the live Q and A sessions I do every few months, I am excited to announce another one! It will be streamed live next Wednesday afternoon, April 22nd, starting at 2 p.m. MST.

This time, I ask that you please submit your questions primarily through the chat feature on the video, as I did not get around to answering any of the live questions last time.

If you have a pressing question, but will not be able to tune in next week, please leave it in the comments below. I will try to answer it, but will give priority to those coming in during the live stream.

Below are my previous Q and A sessions:


  1. Great news! Looking forward to it. Thanks for doing this again.

  2. This time I actually remembered to keep track of my questions!!!

    (1) I would love to know what supplements you take (especially brands that you recommend).

    (2) What are the lacto-fermented foods that you make on a constant basis?

    (3) Are there any things other than supplements and lacto-fermented foods that you do to prepare your body for upcoming pregnancies?

    (4) (This one may be too long for a Q&A answer) I would love to hear about your pre-salvation worldview - beliefs, mindsets, ideas about God, etc. What would you say are the prevailing worldview characteristics of the countries in which you grew up? (Sorry if that's a bit vague.)

    Looking forward to it!!

  3. Here is my question :)
    I know that your children do not watch TV and that you are conservative about clothing and dancing. I've been wondering if you expose your children to any type of dance performances, such as ballet or ballroom? I ask because I've always felt that our bodies can be used to express beauty and the wonder of G-d's design, as well as our voices. Thanks!
    -Rivkah H

  4. I will be tuning in for sure! Trying to think of a good question =)

  5. I have a query. For those (baptist) pastors that believe reprobate sodomites can be saved and come to church and fellowship with believers, what if they were to ask themselves this question - If they allowed sodomites or even a "married" sodomite couple into their church, how then could they rebuke fornication and adultery and even kick out fornicators and adulterers if there are people in their church in the more wicked sin of sodomy?? Even if the sodomites claim the name of Jesus, they can't be allowed into the church on that aforementioned basis. What, should the preacher preach that the "loving homosexual married couple" should divorce or what? How would he deal with that?? There's no place for them in church period, otherwise that's hypocritical and shows respect of persons if nothing else. Plus it's just wicked to support sodomy.

    I'd like to know your comments on that if possible. Thanks

  6. So is the 'zs' in Hungarian like the 'ch' in English? Is it a similar type of digraph?

  7. My question: Which advise would you give a married lady - with several kids - who realised through studing the Bible and listen to Bible preaching preachers that she is in a Christian cult (for decades) and can't support the cult anymore and wants to leave, if the husband demands that she should obey him and stay.

  8. Yes I have a question! Sorry I can't be there live.
    Anyway, given the "controversial" nature of some of your husband's preaching, do you ever feel threatened or do you really feel like God has your back?

  9. How do you teach German to your children?

  10. Question: what do you do if your husband insists you have to work to supplement the family income because he works for a christian friend who pays him below minimum wage? Especially if your heart's desire is to be a keeper at home as the bible says.

  11. Hi Zsuzsanna, I just wanted to saw I am so glad that your are doing another Q&A, Your previous one's have helped me out so much being a new mother. I asked about my son having bad gas issues in your previous one and he has gotten so much better at it thank God :) But I have another question... I have been trying to be more modest and not wearing jeans anymore. What do you consider modest? If it is right above my knees or in the middle of my knees is that consider modest? And what is appropriate for tops? And how much should we cover up? Thanks and God Bless!

  12. I saw your post about the swim clothes. Will you be putting designs out for adult sizes to?

  13. Love your live Q&A's! When will you be doing the next one?


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