Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Reminder: Live Q & A this afternoon!

This time, I ask that you send in your questions either through the comments section in the live stream, or by texting them to a number I will announce at the beginning of the event.

(Note: This number will not have any call-in capabilities. It is being set up for texting in only, for this event. It is not my cell phone number.)


  1. Thank you Mrs. Anderson for another great Q&A. Have you and your husband considered loading these on ITunes to be downloaded as a podcast like his sermons? I feel they would be such a blessing to have on the go.

  2. Hi Zsuzsanna!
    I am a mother of an almost 10-month old little girl named Olivia. I breastfed her til she was 3 months old, and then sadly my milk dried up due to getting my gallbladder removed. My question is: What age did you transition your babies to whole milk? and if you didn't use cow milk, what did you transition them to? I know the recommendations are to wait til your baby is a year old, but i was curious about what you've done as a mother of 8.

    Also, Thanks so much for what you and your husband are doing. My family and I listen to the live streams of Faithful Word Baptist Church every Sunday and Wednesday, and I follow your blog as much as possible. Thank you for all that you do!! Hoping to make it down there sometime next year.

  3. Just passing through, located randomly. Wanted to say what a delightful experience this visit was. Charming family, clearly a wonderful and dedicated mother - the world's most important role. All the best....


  4. Thanks for answering my question! (I asked about what your family's favorite kids books are).

    On another note, I found this super cool chart I thought you might like:
    It'll be helpful when you start have to pick another Bible baby name. :D Anyway, thanks Zsuzsanna, you're such a great role-model for young wives. Thank you for doing these Q&As.

  5. Thank you so much for your Q&A sessions, I absolutely love them!
    My husband & I were saved through your husbands ministry in 2013 :)

  6. I recently started my own business (it's customizable jewelry), and am hoping it can be profitable enough to help lighten the burden on my husband as we made the decision for me to be a stay at home wife/mother. (Even if it doesn't help, I am still going to continue as a stay at home wife/mother & home school when the time comes.. Lol don't get me wrong, it would just be a bonus if it does!)

    So, if there is any way you could share my business information that would be amazing!
    If not, I totally understand.. Lol I feel awkward even mentioning it to you to be honest..

    Here's the link to my website though, if you wouldn't mind checking it out! (.ca for canadians)

  7. Hi Zsuzsanna,

    I did not listen to your entire Q&A session (I have listened to others, though), so I'm not sure if this topic was addressed, but I thought I would post this comment here anyway. I was recently listening to a video on YouTube exposing the evils of Disney, and I recognized your husband's voice. Whoever had made the video had used a clip out of this sermon: I also noticed another sermon Pastor Anderson had preached back in 2006: I just wanted to say that I really appreciated hearing these. You don't hear this kind of teaching very much, if at all, in the churches. I thought they were worth re-posting and bringing to others' attention.

    In Christ,

  8. Thank you so much for hosting your latest Q&A, Zsuzsanna! I just finished listening and I really enjoyed hearing what you had to say. I got some great ideas, too!

    We appreciate you and your family!!

  9. This was a great Q & A thank you Zsuzsanna. You are a great inspiration for all mothers. I noticed someone asking about the RHD injections. I am RHD- & have 3 kids, I know a bit about them & might be of some help, not sure If this is the right place to leave a comment on this, but that person can maybe leave a comment or e-mail or something & I can get back to them.

    I can't believe I missed this I'm in Australia & worked out the time difference & was all prepared then totally forgot lol. Anyway Zsuzsanna, this may or may not be a silly question but I am currently going through my childrens wardrobe & getting rid of all their pants & starting to buy them only dresses & skirts. I was wondering do you and your husband think it's ok for you or the girls to wear leggings or tights under their skirts? Like If a particular dress is a tad high up when they are sitting down? When it gets really cold over there what do you wear at night to keep warm? Hope that's not a silly question. Anyway love what you & your husband do, We are still yet to find a church anywhere near us as great as yours out here & sometimes joke about just moving to meet you guys lol.

    Has anyone from Australia sent you some Vegemite yet!

    thank you so much x


  10. I'm really enjoying your Q&A videos! Do you know when your next one will be?


  11. I saw some of your youtube Q &A, but wasn't sure where to submit my questions. Anyway..
    I have three questions.
    1. I saw the sermon on breast feeding. I'm just wondering, are there any places or situations you wouldn't breastfeed in public, for example, out soul winning?
    2. I wear spandex under my skirts usually because it's more comfortable, especially when I walk, ride a bicycle, ride on the back of my husband's motorcycle. Do you think women wearing pants under skirts is wrong?
    3. And finally, what are your thoughts on women doing sports, like jogging, or even professional sports? There are lots of examples in the bible of men running, but not too many of women I can think of, and I'm not sure it's God's will that women should really use our bodies for such things.
    Thank you very much.

  12. Hi there Zsuzsanna,

    I just wanted to say that you are truly inspirational, and I have nothing but the utmost respect for you for raising 8 beautiful children, I can't imagine how much work that must be. Me and my husband have two children with a third on the way.

    It is so nice to come across a Christian woman such as yourself that rejects the worlds ways and does everything the natural way that God intended. The school system is rubbish. The vaccines they give kids these days and their side-effects are horrifying. The "food" the government tries to put in our faces is SO unhealthy and the media leads innocent young children astray.

    It is SO important to be a good Christian mother for our kids and to raise them up with good morals in a world where they are constantly trying to be lead astray. Thank you for being one of those mothers.

    God bless you and everything you do,

    Amanda Soto


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