Saturday, October 26, 2013

Mummy Dogs

As part of our "All Through the Ages" history-based unit study, the kids and I have been studying Ancient Egypt.

We try to have a special meal and/or activity each week relating to each era, so when I saw the idea of "Mummy Dogs" on Pinterest, I was immediately sold on them. Basically, they are like "pigs in a blanket", except that we used pretzel dough instead of biscuits, which we then wrapped mummy-style.

The kids had a blast. For me, this definitely beat the idea of "mummifying" each other in rolls and rolls of toilet paper... :)


  1. How fun! I'll have to remember that when we study Egypt. Currently we're trying foods from countries we've been studying, some we like much better than others, but the fun and interest it adds to the lessons is worth even the less than delicious recipes we've tried.

  2. I have some postcards from Egypt I'll get sent out to you tomorrow. A local antique dealer gave me about 15 photo albums left over from an estate sale. I use the travel photos to make cards. This couple took so many wonderful trips. One was to Egypt. Hope you are still on this unit.

  3. I did something similar for my son's first birthday party. But instead of mummies, I stuck a skewer through the hot dogs and added a triangle of cheese on top - so, rocket dogs! They were a big hit.

  4. What brand of hot dogs did you use? I know your family is very careful about what they eat so I'm curious. I will only eat the Applegate brand of hot dogs since they are the healthiest option I've found so far. If there is another brand out there that is better than the more traditional ones found in grocery stores, I'm willing to try! :-)


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