Thursday, October 24, 2013

More cake decorating

I went to the third of my four cake decorating classes today. This is just the most basic, level I class offered by Wilton. Going to the class definitely teaches a lot more skills than just trying to work through the book on my own, plus it is so much fun! Our instructor is a really funny Mexican lady, who teaches the class bilingually, in English and Spanish, so I am improving my Spanish, too. :)

Next class, we are decorating a character cake.

I love how she taught us how to make the colored ribbons.

Of course, cake is never going to be a health food. I do make my own buttercream frosting, and only use the natural, plant-based food colors, but oh, there is so much sugar still! The kids were scandalized that I scraped the frosting off the decorated cupcakes from the last class before letting them eat them. 

I am going to take a break until next year before taking the level II class, because I have been baking so many more treats than usual while doing these classes. Combining that with the holidays just seems like total overkill. 

But yes, it's super fun! I highly recommend it! 


  1. Very nice roses! Those were always my downfall, but you've done them beautifully! :)

  2. Have you tried cutting the sugar in your frosting? I cut the sugar nearly in half in a frosting I make and the kids haven't noticed :) Every time I made it, I cut a little more until I found the right balance. I've never understood why baked goods are packed with soooo much sugar.


  3. What kind of food colors did you use by the way?

  4. That's beautiful! Are you going to make the shower and wedding cakes for your church?

  5. This brings back memories of when I took a Wilton cake decorating class years ago. Frosting or no, I didn't want all that cake in the house. So I turned the tall (what, 2" maybe?) 10" Wilton cake pan upside down and frosted it with royal icing. When the royal icing hardened I had a perfectly even "cake" to practice on, and after every class I just hosed that nasty "buttercream" off and it was ready to practice on again.

  6. Love those ruffles. Hopefully someday I can learn how to make them. You're inspiring me to decorate some cakes.


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