Monday, March 19, 2012

Does that baby still sleep in your bed?

(Because inquiring minds want to know)

No, she doesn't. In fact, she never has. Anna, like all of our babies, has had her own bed, in her own room, from the first night after she was born, and has spent every single night in it.

True, it is not a crib. Rather, she sleeps in a her own, queen-size bed (how appropriate for a little girl like her). Some time before the new baby comes, we will move her to a toddler bed in her sisters' room, to free up the "big bed" for the new baby. 

 Miriam as a newborn

No, she does not sleep in our bed. But that is not to say we don't sleep in her bed.

Yes, we, too have our own bed, in our own room. It comes in handy when we need some privacy. I never would consider, not suggest, being intimate in the same room as a child, no matter how young or fast asleep they are,  or if they are clear across the room and out of sight in another crib/bed. Even then, it would be too big of a mental barrier for me to overcome.

But considering the fact that the vast majority of time in bed is spent sleeping soundly, we see nothing wrong at all in joining Anna (or any of our babies) in their bed once we actually go to sleep for the night. 

So next time that nosy person looks at you in disgust and asks, "Does that baby still sleep in your bed??!?", you can smile and tell them, "No, of course not!"

Case closed. Next!


  1. We recently put two queen size beds together in our bedroom to make it extra "family bed" friendly. I want to soak up my babies as much as possible before they grow up too fast.

  2. I loved this. I love your attitude and sense of humor after all those nosy and inappropriate questions and comments you have to take. I wish I could react to questions like this like you do. Bravo Mrs. Anderson. You have nailed it. (Epic pwnage! as the Internet slang has it!) Keep rocking it!


  3. Thanks for this post! I'm trying to figure out how to sleep with both my girls in the same room....right now I go back and forth between my 3 year old and my 1 year old....maybe I can push a queen size bed up with a king size bed (or the two queens together if they are more the same height) and our whole family of four can be together, which would make my heart VERY content!

  4. Funny! We frequently retreat up to the guest room after our toddler has gone to bed.

    Would you consider it wrong to be intimate with a child in the room (soundly sleeping, of course)? We have gone back and forth, but feel that if we are quiet and they aer sleeping soundly, there is no harm until about age 2.

  5. lol, that was a funny twist!

  6. Like the distinction between parents & babies beds, even if we share them. I don't like cribs, and prefer to teach my kids the proper way to get off the bed at an early age, or use a toddler bed.
    There is almost nothing better than snuggling w/ your babies. :)
    Reader in Tx,
    Amber D.

  7. Thank you for sharing so much with us. Your sweet children are so precious! May God always bless your family with every good and perfect gift, and I am praying for you. You are so strong, may God continue to give you strength. I hope that your husband, Pastor Anderson still puts his sermons on YT. God bless you so much!

  8. We did the family bed and it worked well for our family

    I loved this post.

    --Mrs. Mari

  9. I don't understand how someone could be disgusted by a baby sleeping in the same bed as their parents. I mean, not every parents would make this choice of sharing a bed.But it's not something that is detrimental to the child : it's even quite the opposite.

  10. Hehehe!! We haven't co-slept with any of our three children, but it is something I would definitely consider in the future God willing! :)

  11. We co-slept with all our babies. You carry the baby in your body for 9 months and then all of a sudden you are without each other? I honestly think that is sick. Babies and moms need each other.

    in His peace,

  12. Hmmm. Finally there is something different about us. I knew we couldn't be exactly the I don't seem to have the mental block about the issue. We don't have ANY extra rooms or beds. The sofa would be more inappropriate than next to the baby, because what if one of my older children woke up and came into the living room or something? That is worse than next to a sleeping baby in the master bedroom. My 18- month old sleeps near the edge by her rail. We just scoot over as far as we can for a few minutes. Doesn't bother me a bit. After all, that's how she got here in the first place. But really, that is the safest arrangement we have in our home that has no private place. It just doesn't bother us to have the oblivious little one nearby. We're really not freaks, I promise. I have never disagreed with ANYTHING you've posted, which says alot! That's why I find it so interesting that you are so against being able to make due even in the same room as the baby, while it doesn't bother me at all. I couldn't stand the baby being in another room where she may wake up and look for me, roll over, cry, or whatever. It's just easier and more efficient to scoot over. But like I said, we don't have anywhere to go other than our bedroom anyway.

  13. I can't get my eyes of that precious little baby! Such a cutie!
    - Mrs. Hanna K.

  14. I would just tell people it's none of their business period! All of our kids slept with us as babies and toddlers and I never thought anything of it. Sex doesn't have to always be at night in one particular room so just because there are little ones sleeping in your bed doesn't mean there is no intimate times between husband and wife that is just so stupid of people to think that. When and where you and your husband make love is nobody's business but your own and I can't believe people have the nerve to ask about it just because you sleep with your little ones. Obviously you do it often enough to make the many children you have ;-). It's a bit funny that total strangers (or even people you know) obsess about your sex life that much.

  15. Do you ever have trouble transitioning to the toddler bed? I've got one very attached almost 2 year old and another due at the end of June. I'll miss her in our bed, but there's not enough room now so it will definately be too crowded and probably not safe once the new baby arrives. Just curious if you've ever had any issues and how you handled them. Thanks :)


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