Sunday, August 7, 2011

Recipe for Partybrot

These traditional German rolls are quick and easy to make, inexpensive, perfect for entertaining, and absolutely delicious!

Ingredients for the milk rolls:

3/4 cup milk
1/2 tbsp honey
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp butter
1 tsp dry active yeast
2 cups unbleached all-purpose flour, or bread flour
1/8 cup gluten flour (omit if using bread flour)

Ingredients for the whole-wheat rolls:

1 cup water
1/2 tbsp honey 
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp butter
1 tsp dry active yeast
1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
1 cup all-purpose flour
1/8 cup gluten flour

water for brushing
oats, poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, kosher salt, etc.

Please note: all pictures in this post are from a double batch of the recipe.

1. Make batch of milk dough by adding ingredients to mixing bowl in order listed, and knead on speed 2 using a dough hook. Alternatively, use a bread machine to make the dough, or mix and knead by hand.

2. Move milk dough to a greased bowl, cover, and allow to rise until doubled. In the meantime, prepare whole wheat dough in the same manner.

3. When both doughs are finished rising, punch them down and move them to a floured cutting board. Divide the milk roll dough into nine pieces, and the whole wheat roll dough into ten. 

4. Grease a large round springform pan. One at a time, roll lumps of dough into balls and place them in the pan, alternating between milk and whole wheat dough. Place 12 balls, evenly spaced, around the outer edge of the pan, add an inner circle of 6 balls, and place the last dough ball in the center.

5. Cover pan and allow rolls to rise until doubled. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Brush rolls with water, being careful not to collapse them, and sprinkle with toppings. 

6. Bake on middle rack for 30 to 40 minutes until golden brown on top. Remove from oven and allow to cool inside pan for a minute. Remove outer ring of springform, and carefully slide partybrot onto a cooling rack in one piece.


Thank you to those of you who have expressed an interest in my one-year menu plan. You have no idea how much of a bug you have put in my mind to want to publish such a book, complete with shopping lists, recipes, tips for eating organic on a budget, special occasion/holiday menus, etc. In my mind, the book is already finished - but of course, I don't have an agent and/or publisher who would want to fund such an undertaking. If only they knew how good my recipes are, and that I have yet to meet anyone who didn't absolutely LOVE my cooking. :) Self-publishing is an expensive option, and even though my husband is open to my hair-brained idea, that would be one costly hobby of mine! (I don't think I could sell enough copies to actually make it lucrative, because I am just a no-name mommy blogger). One can dream, though, right?

In the meantime, I will just post more recipes on here to share. :)


  1. Well hey what is stopping you from making it an E-book? I have seen all kinds of them in homeschool cirles and how easy you can just download it when you purchase it and voila it's all done and money in the bank :)If you want to make actual book for friends and family and put on your shelf you can just use something like this no?

  2. You could publish it like an ebook, a few mommy bloggers have been doing it lately, and you can get some interest by giving a free copy to a few big bloggers to review. Ebooks are almost free to 'publish'. But, they also aren't a nice hardcopy item. allows you to self publish hardcopy items affordably. They now offer some marketing and publishing plans that cost a bit of money, but you can also do their print on demand service. You prepare and publish it to their website in pdf format, and it is for sale through them. When the book is bought, THEN they print it, and you earn the profit after printing, minus 20% commission. no stock to prepurchase, or expensive bulk runs. I'm told the quality is pretty good. They also sell it on amazon and/or the apple ibookstore (I don't know if these cost extra or not). Their website now has a huge focus on their somewhat expensive 'extras', but don't be fooled, the original concept is still there and you can simply upload and print. The printing costs can be a little high simply because they are single items, so there is no bulk discounting etc, the machines have to be constantly reprogrammed to print different books. But if you remember that you don't have to pay the printing cost (it automatically comes out of the purchase cost) it's not so bad. Nothing upfront is good!

    There are options out there for small self publishing setups, keep doing your research and you might come up with something that works for you.

  3. Hey, could begin on the frugal, inexpensive side of things. Like.....have them bound (that's fairly inexpensive) and sell them locally--at a country fair? A local gift shop that takes hand-made crafts and such? Through an ad in a local paper or Thrifty Nickel or something?

    Or ONLINE!!!??? I think many of us would purchase from you, and that could lead to others....

    Honestly, it's something people would buy.


  4. "No-name mommy blogger?"

    I rather think the book would not sell precisely because of your name's notoriety, not obscurity.

    I'm sure it's nice to imagine that you and your husband enjoy more anonymity than infamy, though.

  5. Check out CreateSpace. Print-on-demand and paid downloads. Go for it! Or look at this blogger with a good store and e-Books:

    You'd be good at this! ~Liz

  6. Some people who comment here would buy it, and the people who go to your church, but other than that, no one else would. Most people consider you and your husband as bad as Fred Phelps and his group. Most Christians don't even like either of you because you both put Jesus and Christianity in such a bad light. You and your husband don't have big followings because people like you. You both have big followings because people like to watch the train wreck.

  7. Thanks for the tips, everyone!

    Denise, I always wonder what people mean when they refer to "watching" our life as a "train wreck". Since you like to spout off so much, maybe you can explain it to me??!?

    I was under the illusion that we have a happy, blessed life with our loving, wonderful children?

    Is anyone who finds homos vile automatically a Fred Phelps? I guess the Bible and Jesus are a train wreck, too?

    Maybe I just have a life at all, which you find more interesting to watch than to live your own life?

  8. And for crying out loud, can someone leave a comment saying how AWESOME this recipe looks???!? ;)

    The book part was just an afterthought. The post was about a favorite bread recipe I have been using for ten years now.

  9. I was coming on here to comment on how yummy it looks!!!!! :) Honest! I wasnt even thinking about the book idea though it is a nice idea:) Guess what? I'm gonna try it and let you know how it turns out! YUM YUM!!!!

  10. Aw, T (momto9), thank you! Finally! I would love to hear back from you how you liked the recipe. Just for that, if I ever do end up making it a book or ebook, I will give a free copy to you. No joke! :)

  11. Oooh, brilliant recipe! I actually have one for partybrot but it makes the method sound VERY complicated! Your way sounds so easy, even I could do it! ;)

  12. The bread was my attention-getter, for sure. Shaped loves always intimidate me. I do pretty well with basic bread loaves and rolls. When you break them down (with pictures too) they look much more inviting. This looks like a fancy artisan loaf that would go for at least $10 in a bakery. As for partybrot, I had never even heard of it til now. Shows how much I know about German ethnic food.

    A question though. Did you "invent" you own partybrot recipe, modify one that you already had, or is it a family recipe. Just wondering. :-)

    And on the book...I think the ebook would be far more practical too. 99% of the time that I'm using a recipe it's on my laptop. I use the laptop to make my meal plans and grocery lists too. Just my 2 cents. :-)

  13. Zsuzsanna, no, Jesus is not a train wreck. But you have turned Him into one. Both you and your husband have no concept of Scripture interpretation. You are spreading hatred and heresy. Fred Phelps, David Koresh, Jim Jones, your husband, etc all think/thought that they were spreading God's word. The only ones who agreed with them were their small followings. These people all preyed on others who weren't that intelligent to begin with, and they recruited people into a circle of evil. You aren't going to grasp what I am saying. Nor will a list of examples enlighten you. You think it's just something coming from another one of your haters. The only one who can change you is God. However, you have to be open to changing. Ask God if you are filled with hate, and to show you. But be open to it. Maybe He will show you, and maybe He won't. I do not know what His plan for you is, or if there is any hope at all for you. One thing is for sure. The things you and your husband say and do are the total opposite of what Jesus said.

  14. Denise,

    "The only ones who agreed with them were their small followings."

    No, in fact, the vast majority of humankind throughout history has always rejected sodomy as a form of sexual depravity, along the lines of incest, pedophilia, and beastiality. It is you and our society that is radical.

    Even one generation ago, the vast majority of Americans were revolted by the thought of homosexuality, as well they should be.

    Jesus is the Word. The Bible tells us that sexual perverts of such caliber are worthy of death. What this has anything to do with a bread recipe is beyond me. Are you that one-issue??

  15. Why would comment-leaver Denise bother to read your blog at all, if all she chooses to make are harsh criticisms? If she truly is waiting for the "train wreck", I'm thinking that is certainly not a Christian outlook. I do not know you Mrs. Zsuzsanna, and have just recently started reading your posts, but I fail to see the hatred. I do see a lot of truth. I, for one, think there would be plenty of people purchasing organic recipes. But then again, I guess I just fit the category, "some people who comment here would buy it". She commented, will she?

  16. Zsuzsanna, I didn't say a word about sodomy, and find it very odd that you are fixated on gays, pedophiles, etc. I said you are spreading hatred and heresy. I also said that what you and your husband say and do go against what Jesus said.
    "Then they ask whether we offer rental assistance/motel vouchers/help with bills/Christmas gifts for their children etc. I then tell them that we only offer financial assistance to our members and that they should check whether their church offers a similar program. No, I don't know whether these people actually go to church or not, but since when has God become an ATM machine for people who do not even care about Him enough to go to church anywhere?"

    Where did Jesus say to only give money to one's church members? Matt 25 tells you differently.
    If you really had Jesus in your heart, you would feel terrible for the man who asked for money. Instead you assumed that he was looking for a freebie.

    There is so much more. It would take a book to list everything. You can't be rationalized with. You are not open to knowing Jesus. Neither was David Koresh and Jim Jones, and neither is Fred Phelps or your husband. It's a shame because this is the only life on earth that you have. Once it's over and you stand before Him, there is no turning back.

  17. LOL!

    Ok....the bread looks so good, it makes me hungry! Awesome! But that's why many of us think you should publish your meal planner. Your recipes and menus sound quite delicious.

    Think I'll try the bread recipe this weekend.

    Oh, and Denise.....why would you presume to speak for others?


  18. I continually find it vastly amusing the number of people who "hate" you and your husband but yet continue to return here to read and find it necessary to post comments.

    ANYWAY... I love cookbooks in general and would buy one either way - either as an eBook or a hard copy.

    And the rolls looks WONDERFUL! I'm never seen anyone combine two types in one pan but I like the idea. I'll be tucking this recipe away for a cool fall afternoon.


  19. Denise, If you don't like Zsuzsanna's blog, there is a very simple solution, stop reading it for goodness sake. Do I agree with most of what Zsuzsanna believes, nope, is that okay, yep. God made the world with lots of different people and we all have our own thoughts and beliefs and we all interpret the written word in our own way.

    Zsuzsanna - the bread looks so yummy!

  20. It must really stick in Denise's craw that not only does Zsuzsanna believe what she believes but that there are (MANY) others that read and follow her blog and believe the same things! The horror!

  21. Denise, what part of "And before him shall be gathered ALL NATIONS" is difficult to understand? What makes you think that when God says "nations", he means each individual human being on the planet?

    The sheep and the goats are nations helping or hindering God's chosen people, the nation of Israel, in the tribulation. NOT individual Christians today.

  22. I came back to see if you'd replied to the ebook suggestion, and I'm sorry I didn't say anything about the bread! I fully intended to... AFTER I made it lol. I hope to make it this weekend perhaps.

    Speaking of food, my husband and I went to a german restraunt for our anaversery yesterday. They had those noodles you gave a recipe for, but they fried theirs while I'm sure you boiled yours, is that a reigonal thing or did they do it wrong? :D My husband ended up with a plate with like 5 different types of meat/sausages on it, he was impressed, I think he'd like to live in germany!

  23. We have people call our church all the time asking for money. My pastor will tell them sure, come to the service tonight and we can get you help. 99% of those people never show up to the service, after saying they will. My pastor even offers to pick them up. None of them have said they are unable to get out. If you really need help but are unwilling to even come to a service to get the money, you must not need it that bad. I'm not joking when I tell you he has people at least once a week call and ask for money to pay their cable bill! He just tells them, we can't do that. Our pastor works 2 outside jobs on top of the church, he doesn't need to pay for other cable! Our church does not have the money to pay for peoples 800 house payment! We had a elderly lady call and ask for medicine, and we picked it up and brought it to her right away, and offer to get anything else for her. We offer to help those that are really in need, and you can usually tell who really needs help, and who is just looking for the church to be their ATM. Our pastor has said that too, when did God become a ATM? church doesn't = ATM for anything you want! I know all to well what she is talking about! God said if a man doesn't work he shouldn't eat. There are way to many people on food stamps that could very well work, they just don't want to. I'm not saying they are all like that, but I know a lot who are! Our church, and I know Zsuzsanna's does too, goes soul wining each week. Nothing could show we care more than going door to door, telling people the gospel, and how to go to heaven. That is what we are commanded to do, which I would guess Denise does not do, and never has. We go out walking door to door in extreme hot or cold to get people the gospel, that is caring about people!

  24. Oh my gosh I should NOT have looked at this right before lunch because now I am starving! That recipe looks very good and I'm going to have to try that this weekend!

    I say go for the Ebook idea like others said above! I, for one, would buy it and put it into a 3-ring binder! :)

  25. Very well said, Jessi! A friend of mine's family led a small church and had the phone ring at their home office. It amazed them (and me too, when I was visiting) how people would call asking for money. Not saying I am cold, hungry, and need a place to sleep but petty things like a cable bill or a car payment (and I say petty because one can living comfortably without these things). They offered that person come to the service again with transportation and hardly ever did the person follow through. The person did not want to know Christ, yet they expected the church to help them financially? When knowing Christ IS priceless? People think churches will give out money sometimes because Jesus helped others. Jesus did not help others with things like this, He brought them to His Father by helping provide for basic needs. Helping others and helping them to know Christ is what it is about, not helping them to have the luxury of cable tv. Sorry to be off topic, Zsu and your bread looks delicious!

  26. Well I'm making it right now...will let u know how it turns out!

  27. They are DELICIOUS!!!!!! Will be writing a review tonight on my cooking blog while I lay beside my 3 year old to help her fall asleep:) Took pictures too!

  28. Well the review is up!!! Here it is

  29. Thank you, T (momto9)! That was so sweet. Your rolls looked delicious!!

    Hope you have a relaxing rest of your night. I love the recipes on your blog, especially the Hungarian ones.

  30. The bread looks awesome. I would probably purchase a cookbook from you.
    I am not Christian, and disagree with many of your opinions-but your kids look happy and healthy. That being said I love to cook and german recipes would interest me-it would be something different from the basic "american" fare most of us already know :)


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