Monday, April 26, 2010

Some interesting vaccine links

Please check out the information presented on the websites below. Whether you are for or against vaccines, you owe it to your child to make an educated decision, rather than to leave his/her wellbeing in the hands of a third party who has a vested interest in "modern" medicine.

Bovine Derived Materials Used in Vaccine Manufacturing

Vaccines that contain bovine-derived (cow) materials: DTaP, HiB, Hepatitis A, Twinrix (Hep A+HepB), Polio, Prevnar and adult pneumonia vaccines. And remember: All of these are given in multiple doses, usually 5 shots of each per child. The FDA says admits that the serum and cells just might contain a BSE agent (suspected to cause Mad Cow).

Aborted Fetal Vaccines

Chart of vaccines that have human cell lines: Polio, Hep A, chickenpox, MMR, rabies, shingles vaccines.


  1. I am so happy I learned about vaccines before I had my Sophia. I owe a large part of that to you, so thank you. She is almost 8 months old and besides a current little case of the sniffles she hasn't been sick once. No ear infections, colds- anything! I thank God. The only thing I can see different between her and others is no vaccines beating up on her immune system. She goes out every single day so it's not because she's hidden away from everybody. I learned a lot from Dr. Tenpenny's book (Saying no to vaccines). It is just not worth SO many risks for something that doesn't even work anyway! Money is the root of so much evil.

  2. Vaccines are so over-done and unnecessary! I am 18 and have never been vaccinated once in my entire life and I am one of the healthiest people I know. One of the big failures of public schools is the requirement of vaccines. The most unnecessary vaccine, in my opinion, is the chicken pox vaccine. I thought people were SUPPOSED to get chicken pox! It's all so ridiculous, Zsuzsanna.

  3. I don't really post here much. You and I don't agree on many things. BUT, educating yourself on vaccinations before making the final decision on what you will or won't put into your child's body is one we will always agree on.

    I have a long story about vaccine damage to my children. One that those who read it and think vaccines are the most incredible thing roll their eyes at. But to those same people that WATCHED it happen to my children, they are now very open to the possibility that, in the very least, vaccines might not be so great for all people and should maybe be spread out and cleaned up. Some have taken the same stance we have and have made huge changes in their way of looking at vaccines.

    I as of the mindset that all vaccines were wonderful, they were blessings, and anyone who didn't vaccinate or vaccinated off schedule was a ridiculous, tree-hugging hippie that needed to grow up and quit endangering their children. And, I had no issue telling people that. Now, I have no issue telling people the story of our children to at LEAST help make some people look at the facts on vaccines before they sign for their children to have them.

  4. And yet, I know people who do not vaccinate that have children with autism and other developmental disabilities.

    I agree that some vaccines like chicken pox are unnecessary; however, I strongly disagree that other are unnecessary.

    Serious diseases like polio have been almost eliminated in countries that vaccinate. You that don't vaccinate are healthy and have healthy children because of those who do vaccinate. Go spend some time in a 3rd world country around children who do have these diseases and see how long you last.

  5. Bakershalfdozen, what does any of that have to do with Autism? No one mentioned Autism that I saw. Your saying since some people with Autism have never had a vaccine that means it doesn't cause Autism is as silly as saying many people with cancer never smoked a cigarette, therefore cigarettes don't cause cancer. You realize there could be more than one cause of a disease/disorder?

    Yes, we are blessed to live where we do. I am blessed to be able to stop the vaccines that hurt my children (have medical proof, just not I THINK they hurt them). I can say to a doctor, "no thank you, I don't wish to kill my children, I like them alive".

    All I would ever want is total honesty in vaccine information. Give parents the information (all of it) very well ahead of time (not hand them the little papers doctors give with the most basic of information seconds before they get the vaccines, the many vaccines all at once). Let parents know what's being put into their children. Let them know it's legal to slow down on the vaccine schedule, even getting just one at a time (including the MMR, which can be broken into the three basic vaccines, the DTap, which can be broken down, and so on). Let them know it's legal to not vaccinate at all, even if you are sending them to public school. Let them know they are the decision makers for their children's health care. Let them know that a newborn baby doesn't have a need for the Hep B vaccine within 6 hours of birth (many hospitals, including the one my Mom works for, have now adopted this time line) unless their mother is Hep B positive. Take the junk out of vaccine. Make them pure, clean, basic protection against diseases. Simple things like that are all I want.

    Well those and teach doctors to grow up, act like adults, and not throw hissies when a parent says "no thank you". Tell them that name calling, fear mongering, and lies will not be tolerate. They are not the boss. They are who we, as parents, hire to help us in the care of our children. We are to be respected in that role and not treated like idiots because we know what we are talking about most of the time.

  6. Correction, I thought bakers was replying to comments. I forgot about the ASD link in the original post. But the rest of what I said still stands about Autism, education, and parents.

  7. Our Family Is His...

    Zsuzsanna's post contains a link titled, "Study Confirms Link Between Autism and Use of Cells From Abortions in Vaccines". That is where I got "autism".

    I also said I agree that not all vaccines are necessary or desirable.

    I do realize that there can be more than one cause for a disease/disorder. Autism coming from vaccinations is a theory; just like it is also a theory that autism is related to genetics. Everyone know I know that is autistic had a genetic predisposition to it. That doesn't mean I'm going to go around telling everyone that autism is genetic. Inevitably, there will be someone who will say, "No one in my family line has ever been autistic." No one can make a blanket statement that vaccines cause autism because there are autistic children who have never received a vaccine.

    There can be many, many, many factors to the diseases and disorders we face today. Genes mutate. There can be environmental factors. Vaccines could trigger something in some children. Etc.

    HOWEVER, how many MORE children would have died in the past few decades from smallpox, become blind from measles, become crippled from polio without vaccines?

  8. I am a Chritian Constitutionalist who lost custody of my nine year old son to his alcoholic, abusive, bipolar, ex con father because I refuse to vaccinate. I am fighting to regain custody, however he has already been abused, neglected, traumatized and vaccinated.

  9. I am sorry you lost your child. How horrible that you would lose your child for doing something 100% legal? Seems odd. Find a good attorney that understands the judge in that case is breaking the law. If that's the only reason your child was taken, that's like taking your child for allowing them to eat vegetables and fruit. People need to wake up and understand it's not illegal to not vaccinate or selectively vaccinate your child. Some states keep more control over it, but there are ways that are 100% legal.

    And Bakers, I get it about the people in the past that would have been seriously hurt without vaccines. I get it. Boy do I get it. I have horrible, nasty, anger-inducing medical bills, procedures, and future bills because of the damage, provable damage, that vaccines caused my two children. No more vaccines need to be introduced into their bodies, period. It could kill them. I think you need to understand that. There are very damaged children out there due to vaccines, directly due to them. In fact, my story is not unique. Check out the VAERS site (totally legit where all doctors are SUPPOSED to notify of any vaccine reaction) to see children with life altering injury due to vaccines or death due to vaccines. To be forced to kill my child so that my neighbor's fully vaccinated child will feel better sitting next to them in church is ridiculous, callous, and just cold-hearted. I won't do it. You wouldn't either. Our doctors not only don't want us to do it, they have written us letters that provide lifetime exclusion from all vaccines that is legal in every state. That's how seriously a child can be hurt by a vaccine.

    If you desire to vaccinate your child or your future children, I 100% support that. I fully support your decision. I respect it. I respect the decisions of all of my friends and they full vaccinate, on time, their children. I support them because I respect a parent's right and responsibility to do what's best for their child regardless of anyone else's opinion.

    Those I know that don't vaccinate or delay vax would often reconsider if our nation's vaccines were just cleaned up from the JUNK that is in them. Make them pure. Clean them up. And I KNOW of many people who would be in line to get their child vaccinated.

    As for seeing what our kids would get if they traveled to a 3rd world nation, well that's easily solved. When they are adults and their systems are stronger, they can personally make the decision to take a vaccine or not. Right now, I will make the decision because I want what's best for them and we aren't going to a 3rd world country. So there's no problem there. When they are adults they will have full access to all of their medical records (we have their full charts from every doctor they have, and they have to have a LOT of doctors due to their injuries), can read them, and can make an informed decision, which I will support.

  10. We don't have kids yet, but have begun to seriously look into what vaccines they will receive and which ones they will not. I do believe we are a VERY "over-vaccinated" state. Fear drives a lot of things...everyone has good points. Without the vaccines that have been created we would have rampant diseases that have killed thousands in the past. On the other hand, vaccines DO need to be cleaned. If they're so good for us...why aren't they more "green"? I guess because that would cost the companies who manufacture them to take in less profit.

  11. Isn't it disgusting? The whole vaccine thing. I'm so thankful I haven't bought into all they hype. I truly believe my children are the better for it.

  12. happysoulshine7@gmail.comNovember 11, 2010 at 6:34 AM

    I also do not vaccinate my children. Nasty stuff! My children get the sniffles but have never needed antibiotics...not even once and my children are 3,6 and 8. I often get frowned upon because I do not take them to the doctor unless I suspect something to be wrong.I wish the government would stop trying to ruin our health by trying to enforce vaccinations. I am not falling for it and refuse to stick that garbage into my children so that they can later get cancer and the government can make money off of it. Disgusting system we have.

  13. My aunt died of polio. We have photos of my aunt as a child. She was beautiful.

    We vaccinate in my family because we remember my aunt.


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