Sunday, August 9, 2009

Another Q & A

You mentioned that you're doing canning, i recently read that canning lids and rings contain BPA. What are your thoughts on this? Are you going to be taking any precautions?

Thank you for sending me a link to that article, which I found very interesting. It was something I had recently started wondering about after reading that the lining of metal cans contains BPA. I'm thinking that I will use the canned goods that I already have, because the food did not really come into contact with the lining much if at all, just as the article suggested.

In the future, I will order my canning supplies from Weck, who offers all glass canning jars and lids. They are a German company, and I grew up with my grandma canning in these.


#1. I am a babysitter (or, more like a momma's helper, because she is always there when I am there) and I was wondering what you think of babysitting, because it isn't the same as daycare. I know that some babysitters are terrible, but I think that I am pretty good, because I have strong maternal instincts, give lots of hugs, and I voluntarily read her bible stories before she goes to bed, and she is only 16 months old.

#2. I'm 18, and I would like to be involved in a fundamentalist Christian church, but I feel like I'm being pressured by my parents to go to college, get a high paying job, and basically just go against what I want to do (I want to marry my boyfriend and have children). What is the best way to address this to my parents, because I know I should alway honor my mother and father.

#1. Personally, I do not think that there is anything wrong with a mother's helper who helps with the kids, chores, housework, etc. while mom is there. In fact, I had somebody like that for a couple of years when our three oldest were all little. She was a good friend of mine who was newly married and had no children of her own yet, and she would either play with the kids while I worked around the house, or vice versa. She would cook, go grocery shopping, help with the laundry, or whatever needed to be done most that day. She came over a couple of days every week, and it was great. If the kids wanted to play with me, they could, and if they were more entertained by her, they had that option, and it freed me up to get other things done. I was there the whole time, and did not have to worry about the kids' safety for one second. Eventually, my friend had a baby of her own, and we moved away right around the same time. The kids still remember her fondly.

#2 I think it is great that you want to get married and have children, and I think it is what the God wants young ladies to do. (1Timothy 5:14: I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully.) Women going to college and entering the work force has been sold to us as "liberation", but really, the ultimate goal of those who pushed it through was to break down the family unit, have children being indoctrinated in government schools, and to tax twice as many people (because moms who stay home do not get paid, and therefore do not pay taxes).

As I am guessing that your parents aren't ***forcing*** you go to college etc, you can just kindly keep insisting that you really would rather not, even if you have it settled in your mind that you definitley won't (see Daniel 1:8). Maybe you could show them why you want to get married from the Bible, and pray for God to change their hearts.


Do you and your husband have a state issued marriage license? and Does your husband perform marriage ceremonies for couple only with a marriage license or only without or either way?

Yes, we do have a state issued marriage license. My husband has only performed one wedding so far, and there was a marriage license. Not sure if he requires that, though, if a couple would rather not have one. In such a case, the marriage would not be legally recognized, and either "spouse" could leave at any time without having to go through a divorce. I have heard of one such case, and it was really rather sad because of the children involved and there being little legal recourse for the person left behind.

Personally, however, I do not think that it is the government's job to issue marriage licenses. I know the controversy surrounding this issue, and the reasons why some people refuse to have a marriage license, and while I agree with them, it's a battle I chose not to pick. But more power to anyone who disagrees with me on that, I certainly see their point.


Just curious, are you also against adoption for childless couples?

No, I think adoption of orphans and abandoned children is great. God has adopted us into his family. I am, however, against the government foster system and taking children away from their parents because some case worker deems them unfit. I could never with a clear conscience become accomplice to the wicked foster system by adopting through them.

I am in no way denying the fact that there are abusive parents out there who certainly need to be brought to justice. But too much of this is the government abusing their power and persecuting people because they disagree with them on how children ought to be raised.


Are you against sugar substitutes? If so, why?

Simply put, you can't have your cake (or sugar) and eat it, too. After researching the subject, I am firmly convinced that ALL artificial sugar substitutes are very detrimental to human health. A wealth of information is available online regarding this issue.

For those addicted to sugar, I still think that being overweight is a better alternative than getting cancer from the artificial sweeteners. But the root problem is that we are used to consuming mass amounts of sugar and other simple carbs. Instead of replacing them with sugar substitutes, we should just be cutting them out of our diets altogether. For example, there really is no reason to drink sodas at all. Juice and carbonated water can be substituted as a natural alternative, but ideally, we would get our "sweet fix" from fruits and occasionally sweets made with honey, fruit syrup, dried fruit, or fruit purees.

FoxNews report on Aspertame:

And a couple of clips from Dr. Mercola on Splenda:


Are you one of those people that will withhold lifesving medical treatment from your child(ren) because it's God's will?

No, I am not. Are you one of those people who is scared of catastrophic consequences in the absence of invasive medicine because you do not take the time and effort to keep your children healthy? Jesus was right when he said that they that be whole need not a physician but they that are sick. I put my energy into keeping my children healthy, not worrying about every "what if" life may hold. On the extremely rare occasions that I felt they needed to be seen by a physician, I took them there, and will continue to do so.


  1. I have a serious question for you. I hope you take it in the spirit it is intended.

    I'm a person who believes that faith without works is dead, and that I have to work my salvation with the Lord Jesus. I cannot do it alone but I also do not believe that simply believing Christ and being saved gets one to heaven. I also believe we will all be required to kneel at the Lord's feed and answer for our lives here on Earth. Between the requirements of justice is Jesus to met out mercy.

    With that background of mine, what is your take on people such as George Sodini who went into a gym and killed 3 random women. He attended a Christian church, but was removed from the congregation for harassing a woman there. If he at some point in his life believed on Christ and was saved, is he in heaven?

    One member of the church he attended said they believe once saved always saved, and that he is in heaven but won't have any of the rewards of heaven. Others side stepped the issue.

    My belief? He's in spirit hell awaiting the resurrection, then will go to hell. But I'm a sinner, and am (thankfully) not the one who will judge him at the last day.

  2. Good answers! Not entirely sure I totally agree with the marriage license issue, but they asked you, and not me. I'd rather we not had one, BUT we had to because I'm foreign. We probably would have chosen to not have one otherwise. I too can see both sides to a point.

    Aspartame is NASTY.

    And, I'm grateful for any "mothers helper" I can get, though they are few and far between here.

  3. Very wise counsel. Keep up the good work and thanks for the encouragement!!

  4. Ohhhh, I wish I had a mother's helper! That would be GREAT!!!

  5. I know of two natural sweetners: Stevia and Xylotol. They can be purchased at health food stores. Xylotol even promotes oral health.
    David Knight

  6. I'm the one who asked about the canning lids. Thank you for the link to the glass ones. I'm going to order some right away!

  7. Thank you so much for answering my questions! I really do appreciate it. I just feel so... different than the average 18 year old girl. All I want is start my own simple, loving, Christian family. Everyone else around me is having immoral sex, going to trashy parties, and other unmentionable things, and I feel like I'm the only sane person sometimes.

    But, I find much consolation in prayer.

    And Jenny, I would love to help! I'm cheap too :). I love being a momma's helper. I mean, the money is okay, but it gives me an excuse to be around children, which I love.

    Thanks so much!
    Stellar <3

  8. I think that pres. Obama try to do the best he can to help poor people which didn't can pay medical help. In Germany, were I come from, did we make good experiences with this plan he has.


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