Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What's Mom worth?

According to, I should be earning $153,012/year. That's six figures! Somebody owes me a whole lotta dough.

Click here to do your own calculation.


  1. Is that all?? You won't receive your compensation in this life. It will be a Heavenly reward.

    Happy Mother's Day!!!

  2. You are well worth that figure. I speak to a lot of working women who don't have time for their kids. They leave them in a day care center and let the government raise them. Looks lot like the USSR

  3. it has nothing to do with the post but i was wondering why you are against getting you boys circumcised, i have never heard of ifb's being against that, if you could, could you post on that please.

  4. I'm not against getting boys circumcised, I'm just not for it because I see no point in it. The Bible makes it clear that we are not required to do it.

    As to why it's so popular among IFBs, I have several theories. Some have told me the Bible requires us to, some I think do it because they idolize Judaism, and some just do it because they think it's what everyone does.

  5. Since you've answered a question here I thought maybe I could ask one as well. I know you are not a fan of doctors and mainstream medicine in general (especially vaccinations) but how do you feel about doctors/medicine when it comes to serious diseases? For example if you or one of your children were to develop cancer how would you respond? I agree that medication is overprescribed in general and most illnesses in children will take care of themselves, but I've never known quite what to think about the 'big' illnesses. Hope you answer, thanks for reading my question. :)


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