Thursday, May 28, 2009


My apologies for being such a slacker blogger lately. Looking back, I just realized that other than the short post this morning, I have not blogged since last Thursday. The posts since then were all written some time ago, saved as drafts, and just published this week.

I really, really want to share so much information, stories, and photos. I would also love to respond to all the unanswered emails that are stacking up daily. But...

I have a family. The kids need to eat, have clean clothes, be taught, played with, disciplined etc. There are errands to be run and phone calls to be made. The house needs to be kept reasonably clean (notice the relative term). Sometimes, I even need to sleep.

Normally, I would not be this behind on my duties at home. Last week, we had unusually cool weather, so we went on four or five different hikes and field trips throughout the week. Things started falling behind, and when there are five kids involved, getting off track even slightly means that I will be digging myself out of a pit for probably the rest of the week.

It is so tempting to just sit in front of the computer when I feel overwhelmed by my work. After all, what's the point in even tackling the mountain of work when it never ends? But I know that if I don't keep swimming, I will get swept away by the tidal wave of chores that is forever chasing me.

So off I go. But I'm really really hoping to have something more interesting to say before the week is over.

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