Saturday, December 1, 2018

Busy Family Menu Planning now available to order!

EEEK!!! I am ***so*** excited!!

I just received the preview copy of my new cookbook, Busy Family Menu Planning. I love it!! It turned out perfect!

If you preorder your copy now, you're guaranteed to receive it by Christmas if you live in the US. For international customers, delivery in time for Christmas is not guaranteed, but chances are good you will get it in time. Pre-order now at

PREORDER BONUS: Everyone who pre-orders their copy between now and December 12th will it get a printable PDF file of the 10 shopping lists to go with the 10 menus. The shopping lists are also included in the book, but having a printable version will make it easier to take to the store, add other items to the list, etc.

The book contains 10 weeks of menus, covering 5 breakfasts, 5 dinners, and 1 dessert each week. The weekly menus and shopping lists are followed by the recipes for that week. Every recipe contains a full-color picture. There is also a section in the back of the book that covers basics and staples that can be homemade or bought ready. I have only included recipes that I can guarantee every member of the family, from a picky toddler to adults with more sophisticate palates, is sure to love. 

In all, there are 138 recipes included. All of them can be interchangeably prepared with regular all-purpose flour, or einkorn flour. Many of the recipes are designed for use with a slow cooker or pressure cooker, but contain alternative instructions if you don't have those appliances. 

More than anything, I am excited to have this cookbook for myself, and to pass down to my own daughters. It combines decades of my recipes into one easy, user-friendly volume. Many of my recipes were scribbled down here and there, not written down at all, or had metric units. Now, they are all easily accessible, and all scaled to 6-8 servings each. 

Planning menus and shopping with a list not only saves time and prevents frustration, it also helps save money as it reduces waste, and improves nutrition since you won't have to fall back on frozen or takeout meals at the last minute. 

Husbands, this is a gift your wife is sure to love, AND you will enjoy yourself all year long as she cooks from it.


  1. I am super excited, I ordered mine today too!
    I hope your house repairs are moving along...

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to create this. I'm excited to get a copy in my hands!

  3. I ordered. Can't wait to get it!
    This is exactly what I need.

  4. Looking forward to cooking from your new cookbook, especially the einkorn wheat recipes. Thanks for your hard work!

  5. Mrs Anderson, I have just received your book and I am overjoyed!! It will be a blessing for me and my family. It is very well written, very detailed and the shopping list are a much appreciated feature.
    Thank you so much for investing your time in this cookbook.

  6. Is the Chicken Paprika supposed to have paprika in it?
    -the mom at the KS river-

  7. Hi Zsuzsanna, is this cookbook also good for preventing HG pregnancy? I hope so.


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