Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Funny time capsule video of the big boys

A couple of years ago, when the boys were 13 (Solomon), 12 (Isaac), and 10 (John) years old, a friend of ours who is a college professor was thinking about changing careers and making a business out of recording time capsule videos. He did one of our big boys to use as a possible promo.

He did not end up going into business with this, but we still got this cool video. :)

It's funny to see what has changed since this was recorded two years ago, and what has stayed the same. Solomon's voice and face are much more adult-like now. Isaac still loves being outdoors, working with animals, and working with his hands. John is still a sweet goofball. And they all still love Legos!

I also thought it was funny how when asked about his family, Solomon listed us parents after his siblings, but before his pets, twice. It goes to show that those who think that kids in large families suffer because the parents cannot give their undivided attention to each child all the time are mistaken - the kids have siblings instead, which they'd usually much rather hang out and be close with.

Now I want to have a video like this made of the three big girls! In fact, I think making these video time capsules might be a great business start-up idea for one of my big boys, they all enjoy videography and editing. I will have to ask Solomon if he wants to take on the project with his younger siblings.

I'm going to make some of those peppermint swirl cookies now just to put a smile on their (now teen) faces! :)


  1. Can you PLEASE post the Mamma Baby sermon, sounds great, want to show my son. Love the video capsule.

  2. You know, I realized that I haven't heard your boys talking much before! They are adorable! :) It's especially neat to see this back from two years ago, as Solomon is so much more a man than a child now (and Isaac too, to a large extent). This is a precious video, and I'm sure will be a treasure to you, and to your boys' families later on. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Hi szuzsana! I heard you make a hormone when you are breast-feeding called prolactin and it makes you hang onto at least 10 pounds that you can't get rid of until you wean your baby. Have you found this to be true? And if you did lose weight during breastfeeding what age was the baby when you noticed it was finally possible to break through that cycle of your body hanging onto it? Thank you! Huge fan :)

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed watching this! Hope to see one of the girls as well!


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