Thursday, June 4, 2015

Premade swimsuits now available!

Alright everyone, drum roll please...

The finished swimsuits are up on my Cute & Covered website. The following sizes are currently available:

Child sizes 3T, 4
Youth sizes 6, 8, 12
Ladies size M.

We only have a very limited quantity of these models, so please order early for best availability.

The production cost for these swimsuits has been higher than we were originally quoted, which resulted in slightly higher prices for the child and youth sizes than we had anticipated.

However, we are so happy with the production quality, that we feel it is worth the additional cost to be able to offer commercial-grade, Made in the USA, local small-business merchandise at still very competitive prices.

If you like what you see, please consider telling your friends who might be interested in modest, stylish swimwear.


  1. YESSSS, girl! Great Job, Mrs Anderson! I'm really happy for you and I'm grateful that pastor Anderson is supporting you in this. You have so much going for you already and this is just an extra. But I LOVE IT!

  2. Dear Zuszsanna,
    I don't know if you remember me but i asked for help with my husbands funeral , i would just like to touch base and say we are doing okay , my life has done a 360 turn around but i am coping , quite difficult raising five kids single handed! i wake up on Monday mornings with a list of things i have to do by the time i remember i had a list its Monday again!! Glad to see you are all doing well , my love to your children
    God bless
    Jemma xx

  3. If ever I am blessed by God with the opportunity in this life, I want to be a Zsuzsanna Anderson to a pastor Anderson one day. You're awesome!


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