Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Truth about Birth Control

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  1. Would it be ok to use Mryhh oil as a contraception? After all it is ;mentioned in the Bible, and was promoted and used as birth control by ancient biblical matriarchs. The bible has a lot of conflicting arguments that actually promote the rights of women to use birth control.

    1. I agree with this comment.

      Although my husband always wanted to use birth control, I felt guilty about it for so long. It is so freeing to know I won't have to have baby after baby, having had 3 in 3 years, despite on demand breastfeeding and co sleeping. I love children but I need a looooong break before I have any more. It's exhausting!!

      'The writers of the Old Testament recognized children as a blessing—but they also recognized all of the different hardships of childbearing (and of course, these are different for different women). “Multiply thy sorrows and thy conception” can mean pain and hardship in conception is increased, but it can also mean that conceptions themselves are increased. The fact that some women cannot conceive is part of the curse. But the fact that some women’s bodies can conceive more often than they can bear in safety and health, is also shown in the Bible to be a result of the curse; it was not God’s original plan.

      Read more:

      I am using a Ladycomp (form of NFP), diaphragm with natural spermicide, and withdrawal. It's wonderful (and it would be wonderful if this comment was actually publised!)

  2. Thank you for producing and posting this video!

    Margaret Sanger deceived not only the U.S. as a whole; she also deceived the church. It's time to take back biblical life ethics and admit that we were deceived and have fallen into grave error. Birth control is predicated on two falsehoods: (1) Children are a blessing only when they're convenient to us, and (2) God is not trustworthy. If we correct those falsehoods to truths, (1) Children are always a blessing, and (2) God is trustworthy, then we can trust God to send children in His perfect timing without having to control His hand.

    Thank you for sharing!


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