Monday, September 29, 2014

Trim Healthy Mama - Facts and Fiction

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- This is just another low carb diet. - Fiction

The plan is about separating carbs and fats, as well as eliminating unhealthy versions of these. So no sugar, sodas, juice, and other simple, empty carbs. Healthy carbs are encouraged in the right proportions and settings.

- You have to buy a bunch of specialty ingredients. - Fiction

It doesn't take any special ingredients to keep your carbs and your fats separate. Anyone can get started on plan with simple foods they already have in the house, such as eggs, cheese, butter, oats, etc. The more "exotic" items can be purchased over time as the budget allows. They are only for making the plan funner and easier, but not necessary. I personally know several people who have lost large amounts of weight on plan without ever buying hardly any of the specialty items.

- You are required to eat processed junk food. - Fiction

Just not true. We eat virtually only whole foods around here (please ignore my post on Krispy Kreme below...), and the plan works just fine for me. To join my Facebook group of THM - whole foods style, please click here.

- You have to use only zero-calorie sweeteners. - Fiction

While the book may insist on using only stevia, xylitol, or erythritol, the plan works just as well with whole, low glycemic sweeteners. Again, if you join the THM - whole foods style Facebook group, you will find lots of others who are having success on plan, minus questionable sweeteners.

- You will gain the weight back immediately after going off plan. - Fiction

This plan does, in fact, reboot your metabolism for the better. I have gone off plan for months at a time without gaining the weight back (except for during pregnancy) or suffering any other ill effects.

- The THM principles are based on the Bible. - Somewhat true

Personally, I don't really find that it goes against the Bible (except for making honey off-limits), nor that the principles in the book by and large come from the Bible. I do agree that bread, butter, salt, etc. are all foods the Bible speaks highly of as being important and healthy, and THM incorporates these, so I guess that could be considered as "biblically sound"

- The book is poorly laid out. - Somewhat true

Yes - but there are lots of great resources online, both for how to "tab" the book, as well as oodles of recipes and other tips/tricks. I wish the ingredients for recipes were listed better (with amounts would be a great place to start!), but none of that makes the book unusable. For being self-published by two SAHMs, they certainly did better than I could have done.

- The book is wordy and long. - Somewhat true

If you are the chatty kind, you might like their style. If you just want the straight dope on the plan, you may find the book to be a bit slow-going. In spite of having lost a combined total of 50 lbs on plan, I have never yet finished reading it because I just haven't had the time to do so. But - who cares. Even reading over select parts is doing the job for me.

- The book is full of sound nutritional advice. - Fact

Except for the funky sweeteners, yes, the book has much to teach in the way of sound nutrition. I think for most of us, the revelation that fat does NOT make us fat is an important one. Realizing that juice is not a healthy food, and that it's simple carbs that are growing the obesity epidemic, is monumental. There in an emphasis on fermented food, sprouted/soaked grains, etc.

- The plan is easy to follow. - Fact

Yes. Is it ever! No calorie counting. No starving and depriving yourself. No daydreaming about food while your stomach grumbles on and your metabolism tanks. The authors like to talk about "food freedom," and it's so true. Once you learn the basics of separating carbs and fats, and have a feel for how to "THM-ify" recipes, it's a cinch.

- The plan works. - Fact

Just go to the official Facebook page or the website for lots of testimonials. A friend of mine has lost almost 50 lbs in the last 7 months, without using the sweeteners recommended in the book (her sweetener of choice is coconut sugar). I am currently scratching on 30 lbs lost in 5 months while exclusively breastfeeding, a time during which I usually could never even attempt to lose weight without ruining my milk supply. 


  1. This is a great post. Thanks for this linky shout out. I'm working on a more current update. =) THM has been a health saver. It works, and it also works without questionable sweeteners.

  2. Random question but do you find yourself more inclined to follow a "dietary plan" if its biblically accurate? Or does that matter? (I know that there are dietary restrictions such as not eating pig and stuff) Aside from what is explicitly stated as prohibited religiously, are you more interested in having as much biblical food items or is it just irrelevant unless its strictly a no-no?

    Thank you,

  3. I'm really glad to see that it's possible to do THM without the questionable ingredients. I have heard nothing but good about THM from all the bloggers and friends I've seen using it - the only downside has been some of the artificial ingredients. Awesome to know it's possible to do it all-natural!!


  4. Requested to join your group :)


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