Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In Plane Sight

This being the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, I would like to share another documentary that questions the truthfulness of the official story. 

Before you get angry at me, please remember that the truth is usually solidified the more an issue is investigated. If what we were told happened on September 11, 2001 is indeed true, we need not shy away from investigations into the matter. The deeper we dig, the more proof we should find.

If you would like to see more docus along this line, I recommend "Loose Change" and "911 Road to Tyranny."


  1. I think you would have to be a compete brainwashed idiot to know the facts about 9/11 and not think it was an inside job! This is a great video on it also.

  2. I am undecided on whether 9/11 was an inside job only because one of the main outlets promoting te inside job story is "Russia Today" which is backed and financed by the kremlin. Many conspriacy theorist seem to now think that Vladimir Putin, Ahmedinijad, Chavez, and Castro are now good guys for standing up to the "new world order" by questioning the offical story of 9/11. Putin isn't even invited to the Bilderberg meeting, and many conspiracy theorist think it's because Putin is one of them when in fact it's because he has his own eurasian alliance which is communist. If the Bilderbergers are so powerful why did Rick Perry flop when he was supposed to be their pick. I'm starting to think the conspiracies are a distraction to the real issues. Barack Obama is a communist, he's a ally of Putin and Chavez. That's the real issue. Let's defeat Communism, Socialism, left-wing ideology, liberlaism. If we're focused on all coming together (i.e. conservatives, liberals, socialists, free-marketeers) to stop the fantasy secret societies we will lose. the Left is our main enemy, not our ally.

  3. Does the idea that this flight was brought down (or vaporized) by an F-16 Fighter make sense? The relatively small hole in the Pentagon would affirm that.

    "The 'Pittsburgh Post Gazette,' Sept. 13, 2001, confirming that debris and human remains were discovered over SIX miles from Shanksville.

    One most incredible story that was relayed to me was by a lady who worked as a secretary for a 3 star general. She told me that flight 93 was actually shot down by our jets over PA." How Satan Turned America Against God, Dr. William P. Grady, pp. 719-720

    Conspiracy? Depends on your perspective. Of course they aren't going to toot their horns about shooting down a passenger jet carrying civilians. It would be deemed a necessary sacrifice considering what was at stake. It's not the kind of pleasant diversion the press likes to feed the sheeple.

    America is in national rebellion to the Creator. The evil elites can do nothing unless He allows it.

    "He shall judge among the heathen, He shall fill the places with the dead bodies. . ." Psalm 110:6a

  4. I agree that "truth is usually solidified the more an issue is investigated." However, I must ask, how much investigation have you done on the findings that debunk the "truther" ideas. In addition to the two links you suggest, may I also suggest the following:


    Research is useless if one only seeks to find data that supports a per-determined idea.

  5. And this is why home schooling should not be allowed. Because people who believe the drivel in this video shouldn't be responsible for educating another human being. The prerequisite for educating other people should be that you at least have some sense and are using earth logic to formulate your thoughts.

  6. From the popular mechanics article:
    "The jet fuel was the ignition source," Williams tells PM. "It burned for maybe 10 minutes, and [the towers] were still standing in 10 minutes. It was the rest of the stuff burning afterward that was responsible for the heat transfer that eventually brought them down."

    HAHAHA so burning office furniture and paper can bring an entire building down?

    Building 7 anyone?

  7. I typically don't let your commenters' blurbs distract me, but I literally laughed aloud when I read this Callie G's comment. So, is this to imply that homeschoolers are the ones who propagated and maybe even invented the truther movement? I mean, I agree homeschoolers are typically brilliant, but that's giving us a whole lot of credit.

  8. While I have no problem with an inquiry into the events of that day, I believe the anniversary of 9/11 should commemorate those who lost their lives, and their families left behind. It really doesn't matter if there is any truth in the conspiracy theories; it does not diminish the horror, sacrifice, and grief of that fateful day.

  9. I think there are things that went on that have been kept hush-hush, but I don't think that it was an inside job... There was too much shock and true devastation for me to believe that.

    I think Jessi's wrong that it takes a "complete, brainwashed idiot" to not believe that it was an inside job. There are things I do have questions about but when your country is under a terrorist attack reaction time is very low. Maybe some things could've been handled differently.

  10. ......and people also believe that the Resurrection was a conspiracy theory. They think the two soldiers standing guard by His tomb to make sure nobody removed His body were part of the "plot". Be careful...our carnal minds can always twist anything into a "conspircy theory" if we don't want to believe the truth.

    Sad how people work harder to get the 9-11 conspiracy theory out to the masses than the Gospel.

  11. Sage, people were on the phone with the passengers of Flight 93 as they were preparing for and storming the cockpit. A whole bunch of people simultaneously made up the exact same story? And stuck to it for 11 years?

    So, okay, say it was an "inside job." That's a massive conspiracy, and I don't personally have that much faith in people to keep their mouths shut. This is a conspiracy that goes way, way beyond the events and people from that day. There were warnings from other countries that we were going to be attacked on our soil, probably using airplanes, that fall. So all of those countries are in on it.

    Rice had been briefed about it. So she's in on the conspiracy and subsequent cover up. So is every agent that warned Bush.

    Don't forget that several flight school teachers warned the FBI years before. So they're all in on it, too (years ahead of time, even!), because it's all an inside job.

    Every eyewitness? Lying, apparently.

    All of these people, lying and sticking to the lies for over a decade. All of the paperwork falsified. It's ridiculous.

    There are multiple accounts of why the buildings fell. When they talked about burning, they didn't mean the office papers. Read.

    And...why, exactly? Seriously, if you're going to have a conspiracy of that magnitude you'd better have a point.

  12. Wow I guess people really are that brainwashed! If you look into the facts,there is no denying it. There have been several skyscraper fires where they were on fire for 3 days and they did not fall. Structural engineer's have studied it and said there is no way the buildings should have fell. A week after the towers fell there was what was described as "lava" under ground zero. It was burning 1000 degrees hotter than what jet fuel burns at. Firemen said they heard explosions going off at the bottom of the tower right before they fell. What about buld. 7? No plane hit that and it fell into the ground also. Why on the footage can you see a explosion starting right before the plain hit the second building. I don't think all these different people who don't know each other, and the news footage could all photo shop the video the exact same way. Also no one questions how they found the terrorist passport on the ground right outside the building!? A paper passport came out totally unharmed after going through that fire. Yes the government thinks we are that dumb! Apparently most people are. I could go on and on. Wake up people. You do have to be an idiot to believe that crap. The banker elite planed this to take away our freedoms and they have been, at a rapid pace from 9/11 until now.

  13. Jessi, I agree that most people would come to the same conclusion if they looked into the matter. Sadly, most people don't.

    anon, the left-right paradigm is a tool to get people mad at each other, rather than at our abusive government. There are issues I agree with with the "Left", and others I disagree with. Same with the "Right".

    anon, the PM article is ridiculous.

    Callie G Lewis, so because I find fault with our government, you think our kids should be forced to be brainwashed by that government? Do you think they are above doing wrong? That's a scary place to be.

    Elizabeth, seriously, huh? :)

    Sara, I agree - either way, innocent civilians were murdered. I think that making the truth and the perpetrators known at least gives some vindication to the victims.

    anon, NO cell phone works at those altitudes, period. Have you ever tried it? They lose signal almost immediately after takeoff. Of course there were lots of warnings - all coming directly or indirectly from our government to "groom" the nation for this attack. I could go on. Can you explain to me why building 7 of the WTC collapsed in what looked like a controlled demolition, when it never even got hit?

  14. First, the twin towers collapsed due to metal fatigue, not by the fires. The buildings fell from the top down (disintergrated), rather than an implosion.

    WTC 7 had been seriously compromised by a 20-story gash in one corner facing Ground Zero.

    A plane did hit the Pentagon and debris from the fourth plane kicked up in the air would take a straight line, to a community which is only about one and a half miles away.

    My question to conspiracy theorists is do you believe that the American government is solely behind this, why does an Islamist terrorist group acknowledge they were the ones who perpetrated the act?

  15. In Plane Site is one of my favorite 9/11 documentaries since it does focus on the Pentagon over the Twin Towers. Some people are just ignorant and refuse to believe this could happen. 9/11 is a day used for rememberance BUT it is hard to remember all the lives lost knowing we've been lied to about what really happened!


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