Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How we memorize Bible verses

Did you know it was my 4-year blog anniversary yesterday? No? Well, that's okay, because I forgot about it, too. 

Today, something new and never seen before: a VIDEO tutorial! My apologies about the sound, because it came out much too quiet, but if you turn your speakers all the way up it should work. Maybe later I have time to fiddle with it and figure out how to amplify the sound.


Up next: a video tutorial of how to pronounce my first name.  :)


  1. okay, it's showing up as a private video. I'm hoping that I get an invite. :-) We have our method we use for Scripture memory, but I'm always on the lookout for something new, exciting, or may work better.

    As for the tutorial video on the proper pronunciation of "Zsuzsuanna," I am so excited about that for some nutty reason. I have my idea of how you'd say it properly, which to me sounds very Hungarian ... although I have never knowingly heard anyone speak one syllable of Hungarian. haha :-P

  2. Your video says it is private and will not play :(

  3. Oh rats, you have it on a private setting. I hope you change it beause I would love to see your technique!

  4. I changed the settings, can you see it now?

  5. Great video, thanks for sharing! It was rather quiet, but we were able to make it out! Well done Solomon!

    Looking forward to the next video! ;)

  6. Wonderful video, I must admit !
    I've been reading the bible since recently, I have read the 4 gospels of Jesus Christ until now. I read some verses of Proverbs every day or so (I don't always think about it).

    I'm not interested in learning the bible from memory, though, but it's really a good way to organize, and make sure you don't forget a child. So only the boys memorize the Bible ?
    It could be used to memorize other things, though. I should think about it. Very good video, indeed, thanks a lot !

    (Oh, and, Solomon's voice is so cute ! And I'm looking forward to learning the way of pronouncing your name, I thought it was the same as Susanna)

  7. Lol, first name :P I didn't realise it was really your first name until recently. I've been going with silent S's. So like, Zoo-Zan-ah

    My husband struggles a lot with memory in general, and we started to use a very similar system for him. When my baby is old enough to memorise small verses I'd like to do something similar for both her and I. I know I'd never keep up with it on my own!

    What age do you begin memorization with your kids?

  8. Thanks for the video , this method seems easy for adults and kids , it takes me longer to memorize a verse than most people so I will try this myself .

  9. Loved the video and really love your way of keeping track and organizing (especially with more than one child it can get so unorganized!) Just so you know...I AM coping you starting today! I feel like we are so unorganized in Bible Memory...we memorize many verses, but I never thought to have such an organized system like that! Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. Wow this was so helpful! I am going to do this with my children and for myself since I was having a tough time retaining verses memorized. Thank you for this great tutorial! I hope we see more in the future.

  11. Why is it critical to memorize Bible verses? I'm totally not trying to be controversial; honestly just interested. If you read the Bible through from cover to cover every year and discuss the concepts and the application to your life, why do the children need to know the exact wording of Proverbs 4? I teach my children Bible as well, but we don't do memorization. We discuss concepts and I "test" them on this, but not precise wording of verses.

  12. We memorize a lot like that as well :)

    The sound was super quiet, I had to hold the speaker to my ear... my little ones were looking at me funny.. they were probably wondering why mommy was using a speaker like a phone :P

    About your name.. well I'm assuming your hubby says it correctly, and my hubs and I have listened to his sermons ;)

    It's a beautiful name!


  13. Thanks, very helpful. I wish you would do more videos.

  14. I do believe that just by reading the King James Bible it can be memorized. I also believe in the future it may be difficult to find a King James Bible. I read Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. We need to memorize the KJ Bible.

  15. Memorization is a way of obliterating the student's capacity for critical thinking, which is quite clearly this parent's intention. I do not doubt that there is a lot of love here, but I do hope that these students eventually have the freedom to choose their own paths.

  16. Thank you for sharing. Please do mroe videos!!!! Thanks Solomon. It is so encouraging and inspiring to see this video. Praise God

  17. We are to hide God's word in our hearts. If we don't memorize it, how would we do that? To have those verses, at hand, when we are in a time of struggle, hardship, or pain (even if it's someone else's) how great to just pull up a helpful passage during that time. We have memorized the Lord's prayer recently. To know my family will always have the perfect words if they can't form them theirselves is awesome. Also, to know we have memorized the example of how to pray to our Father is incredible. We have to memorize addition, multiplication, grammar and other facts, why not Bible passages that are far more useful in life?

  18. Hi Zsuzsanna,

    Do you also use memorization for other subjects, like math, geography, history, etc.? For example, multiplication tables, state capitols, U.S. presidents, and things like that? I ask because I know that memorization of facts has fallen out of favor in many public schools, in favor of other methods. Personally, I know that I rely on memorized facts everyday.

  19. Sibylle, congratulations for reading the 4 Gospels! I am currently in the process of reading the bible from cover to cover for the first time and I have arrived at 1. Kings now. I try to read on the way to work when I am on the train or in the evening before going to bed. I read very slow because I need so much time to think about what I have read, but this is not a competition anyway, right? I believe just reading the bible has the power to transform you and i can already see many good things happening in my life since i have started.

    Taryn, I read Fahrenheit 451 at school. And I agree, although I don't believe in "inspired bible translations", I do think the King James Bible is a very good translation, and it might be in danger in the future. For that reason I only recently purchased a copy for myself. I live in Germany and normally I read german translations.

  20. Hello,

    I've never commented on your site before, but I have to respond to the anonymous person above who wrote:

    "Memorization is a way of obliterating the student's capacity for critical thinking, which is quite clearly this parent's intention."

    People like this absolutely annoy me. I too run a blog on Christianity, and I have long since turned off my comments because of the large number of people in the world with a reprobate mind. Plus I run a lot of blogs so it gets tedious managing hundreds of comments.

    It must be painful for you to sort through all the hateful comments you receive from Satan's little workers. I am appauled by some of the personal insults you have endured.

    This person accuses you of "brainwashing your children." Why? For teaching them God's word? How utterly absurd. For all of human existance all cultures in history have passed down their faith to children in the form of stories & memorization. This is nothing new.

    And do they not know that every day in a public school children are forced to memorize GARBAGE like evolution, same sex marriage (puke), or other terrible things? Make no mistake about it: Satan wants your children in a public school for this very reason.

    Yet this person wants to find fault with you for teaching your children a faith that will save their souls, keep them on the straight and narrow in life. How dare them. Oh, and let me guess--their children (if they have any and aren't an angry homosexual), were probably watching tv, partying, or some other pointless activity while they are busy accusing you.

    My wife and I have recently stumbed onto your blog, and I can tell you that it is a breath of fresh air in a heavily polluted world.

    It is so comforting knowing that families such as yours still exist. My wife and I don't have kids yet, but she thoroughly enjoys your blog and she constantly compliments your parenting skills. She has learned a lot from you, and plans to copy your style for things such as homeschooling when we have kids.

    I think you are an excellent example of a Godly mother & wife. Your dedication to your children, your husband, and God are very admirable.

    Because your family stands for God, you will continue to face ridicule and persecution. I have received the same type of comments you get, and it will only get worse as your blog grows. It may even reach a point where people will begin creating blogs solely to mock you, or youtube videos, etc. I've seen it happen too many times.

    Just know that EVERY christian blogger faces the same thing. Also, remember that before they hated you, they hated Christ too.

    Also---to all the readers of this blog who are Christian---please start a blog. There aren't nearly enough Christian blogs on the web. The internet is primarily left-wing and liberal. We need more conservative christians to balance it out and help spread the truth and set an example for society.

    Conclusion: Zsuzsanna, please keep doing what you are doing. You are an inspiration and example to women. You are a talented writer. Your family is Godly, and so please don't stop doing what you are doing. Even if you have to disable comments to keep from getting discouraged--don't stop being a voice for God's way in a godless world.

    Many thousands of people will be influenced by reading what you write here. Many will never post a comment and you will have no idea how you impacted them. Some may scoff at you, but years later you may have an impact on their life.

    Just keep that in mind. God bless.

  21. Thank you everyone for your comments. I plan on doing more videos once I figure out how to make the sound louder. And once I am not having a bad hair day ~ haha!

    Sybille, great job on your Bible reading! Very impressive.

    Ben, thank you for your comment, it was very encouraging. I do get a lot of stupid comments, but some are so horrific I could never publish them for everyone to read. Thankfully, I am rather unflappable when it comes to hate mail - I just laugh and hit "delete" without even finishing reading. At times, I do wonder if the vast majority of people reading here just love to hate me, but even if there are only a handful of people encouraged and strengthened in their resolve and stand for God it's worth it to me. God bless you and your wife!

  22. I don't think hatred is the solution at all. Even less on such a blog. I mean, it's a family blog, these are articles about your children. What if any of them went next to mummy and read such awful hate messages ? I think I understood you blog late in the evening, but still.

    I don't agree with all your thinking, first of all I don't agree with your faith. I don't believe in god. But I do agree with education you give to your children, and with some moral values.
    This is not because I disagree (and sometimes strongly disagree) that I let the world know it. I don't hate you, and most certainly not your children either. You don't deserve hate mails.

    In all cases, I don't think violence (oral or physical, because insulting is violent) is a solution.

  23. HA HA HA HA HA "Hate Mail" You like getting the attention.

  24. I thought you deleted comments that are not nice. I guess you post them lol!

  25. anon, unless the comments contain profanity and/or obscenity, or contain blatant personal insults, I don't usually delete them. It really just depends on my whim on any given day. :)

  26. Ha, I see, you get more attention if you post some of them.

  27. Well, I certainly see YOU are all on pins and needles about every twist and turn in the comments section.

    If I don't publish them, I get accused of censorship. If I do publish them, I am seeking attention. I guess unless I chose to delete this blog, I am doing wrong no matter what I do - and even then the haters would keep talking on their little trashy boards. I figure if I am going to be hated anyway, I might as well speak the truth boldly and get all the bang for my buck.

  28. Ok this part made no sense at all-"Well, I certainly see YOU are all on pins and needles about every twist and turn in the comments section."
    For the record I'm not from any of those hate sites like FJ, I think they are stupid,not much different from your blog though.
    And you would do everyone a world of good to delete your blog.

  29. I assume that Anonymous is an atheist, like I am, or maybe from another religion / branch of religion.
    I don't think it's fair to post junk anonymously. I always sign of my name when I post opinions, or commentaries, on this blog or anywhere else.

    If you disagree with Mrs Anderson, which you have the right to, you should at least be honest and do it honestly.
    For instance, I believe that homosexuality is not at all offensive and that god doesn't exist, and I'm not ashamed to say so, even if this blog preaches the exact opposite. However, I don't comment about what I believe all the time, because I don't feel it's appropriate, and I most certainly don't insult.

    I think you are doing the things wrong. You should stay away from things that you don't like and that don't cause you pain though. It's pointless.

    I usually only comment about things that I'm interested in : bible reading (you can totally read the bible being a strong atheist as I am, because it's an interesting book), children, homeschooling, homemaking, etc. I don't comment about topics like abortion, homosexuality, etc, because I don't have the exact same opinion as the blog's owner, and I don't think it would be productive of any kind if I just began to tell "No you are wrong".
    This is her blog, not mine. If I wanted to post something about my own beliefs, I could do it on my blog. I do. But I don't insult anyone on their own blog. Nobody forced me to post here.

  30. Sibylle, I could care less what you think, Why do you care what I write? If she wants to post them she can, if not then she doesn't have to. She might not post this one! I am a Baptist and believe a lot the same on some things as her. Not everyone that disagrees with her is a atheist lol! Most people who leave a name, have fake profile names anyway.

  31. Sibylle, I'd like to thank you for what you said. I appreciate it and agree with you. Even someone set against the idea of God or Christian religion cannot pretend that it hasn't had an influence on the world in government, social structure, literature, art, science, mathematics...

    I loved the video! Zsuzsanna you are the bomb! (hahaha) Tell Solomon he's winning souls over video now!

    God bless you, Dad, and the six,


  32. So "Anon" - what, then, is your point in posting?

    If you're trying to rile Zsuzsanna up, I don't think it's working. Are you trying to convert her to the Baptist sect of Christianity? I don't think that's the point of your rather unsubstantial posts. Or are you simply trolling around trying to get posted in her comments section? If so - why?

    Let us know, because it's looking like if Zsuzsanna did delete her blog, you might have little to do with your time.

    And for the record, I'm neither religious, nor in agreement with many of Zsuzsanna's beliefs. But I read her blog because I enjoy doing so and find many of her posts on nutrition, parenthood and homeschooling interesting and informative. And I've learned enough to know that merely insulting her is pointless and certainly won't sway her from the path on which she's chosen to walk.
    So again I ask you - what's your point in posting here at all?


  33. Yes the 10 seconds it takes me to write a comment takes up ALL my time LOL! Why do people care, like I said I don'care what people think of my comments and Z and can post them if she wants or not. I didn't say I was trying to convert anyone, She already is Baptist anyway. This is so stupid I'm done commenting on this post. It seems you all are the ones that need a life, you have left as many comments as me. You seem to have time to get after EVERY comment you don't like.

  34. I really appreciated that you demonstrated how to memorize Bible verses by using little chunks, working to larger ones. It is especially effective that you picked a verse that was more complicated, which shows me that if your child can memorize this, then I can too. Thanks! Debbie


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