Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Del Taco - at least, they're being honest

Quiz: What belongs between the men's and the ladies' restroom?

Answer: Why, the Del Taco drive-through menu, of course!

In a definite case of truth being stranger than fiction, I snapped the above photo during an impromptu drive-through purchase at Del Taco. I mean, who wants to order and then consume food (using the term very loosely here) that is advertised between two restrooms?? At least the management is being honest about the correct categorization of their products. 

But why, oh why, were we there? Neither my husband nor I have ever been to or eaten anything from Del Taco in our entire lives. We pulled in there to buy one of their 59 cent tacos for me to dissect and get exact weight comparisons between their ingredients and mine, following my last blog post that raised such controversy.

The results:

 22 g of meat product (this is NOT 100% beef), which is 0.77 oz

 2 g of cheese product, which is 0.07 oz

 6 g of iceberg lettuce, which is 0.21 oz

Synopsis: While Del Taco uses slightly more "meat" in their tacos than we do (22g vs. 19g), this really is not a fair comparison because their product is not even 100% meat, but rather contains disgusting fillers. This is made up for by the fact that we use three times as much cheese (2g vs. 6g) which at $6/lb costs the same as the meat we use. We also used romaine rather than iceberg, the latter being entirely devoid of any nutritional value.

See, even Del Taco agrees with me. The real reason why we eat at home is not just because it's more nutritious, tastier, and less expensive - I'm just not enough of a daredevil to chance consuming their product. 


  1. These last couple posts have been a lot of fun and I enjoyed them.

    I'm my shame, I must admit that I have taken advantage of, or perhaps been luuuuuuured in by the 39 cent taco deal at Del Taco. I must say, your tacos look much better than Del Tacos' and with three times the cheese I'm sure they simply can't be beat.

  2. Laughing here! I still can not believe some of the comments you had on your last post.

    How did you go from a home maker preparing tasty, healthy, organic meals cheaper than fast food garbage to....A scrouge who deprives her children and husband of enough to eat - especially during holidays :-) And... likely neglecting them since you do not have health ins. (like most of the world, I might add).
    Plus, since you researched and used a co-op just like all of us can you are somehow a cheater by using bargain lettuce. Not to mention the tomatoes you stretched this meat with - giggle.

    Of course, there was the T.I.M.E. Let's not forget how many hours you must have slaved stirring meat around in a pan and chopping a few veggies.

    How do you endure this? Crazy! Anyway, I got a laugh at all of this.

    Keep up the good work at serving your hubby and children.

  3. Thanks, Rick.


    thanks for making me laugh. What you said is so true, though - I was thinking the same and shaking my head laughing as these comments came in. Mind you, while we were in Southern California taking our underprivileged, uninsured kids on a 2-day vacation that included Legoland. They would have been SO MUCH better off holding down a chair in public school and being fed the disgusting lunch that is served up there. Oh, life as one of our children is so rough!

    It couldn't be sour grapes, surely. :)

  4. Haha. That taco looks horrible. What you measured was probably meat, fillers PLUS added pus and excrement. Yuckk.

    You're great. I really like your posts, and I'm happy I found your blog.

  5. I can't believe that a post about tacos caused such a stir. I love reading about how you take your role as wife and mother seriously.

    I too make my own versions of "fast food" style meals sometimes on Saturdays. I even like to make my own flour tortillas (all that extra 10 minutes of work, horror!)

    I think you are doing a wonderful job of raising your family and choosing carefully and wisely how to care and nurture them.

    The critics mostly sound like they are bitter, or maybe that is really conviction working.

  6. That's got to be the weirdest menu placement I've seen. But, judging how the food looks I can understand their decision.

  7. The only think I like about Del Taco is their hot sauce. Your tacos look yummy!

  8. I think you should call these last couple of posts "Tacogate" for all the controversy they have caused.

    Of all the things for anybody to get upset over they choose a taco.

    A taco......

  9. What's absolutely nasty is the way the "cheese" is sticking together like paste. That's what 50% hydrogenated oil looks like!

    1. actually no... that is what REAL cheese looks like when it melts. When cheese DOESNT melt.... that is a bad thing.

  10. I am still in awe that you can find organic produce at such low prices! I live in Central Illinois and the produce at the stores is simply unaffordable for us at this point.Whole foods doesn't exist around here either :( However, we purchased a home and are planning a huge garden and subsequent canning, freezing, etc. In addition we're trying to buy a share in CSA for the summer.

    In the meantime, we don't eat even close to 100% organic, but we have cut out processed foods, white flour, margarine, etc. I'm learning how to make bread, pizza dough, whole wheat tortillas, etc.

    Home made is ALWAYS better! Most of the time its cheaper too. Your tacos look about 100% more delicious.

  11. Bleh, that Del Taco place looks revolting!!! I wouldn't feed that to my dog!

  12. Of all the things to get upset about, who would have ever thought my tacos could stir up so much debate... thank you for all the kind comments, everyone.

  13. Oh my, what a storm you created this time Zsuzsanna..over tacos! I cannot believe some of the comments you received! Why would someone analyse photographs of your evening meal to pick fault! Nothing better to do I guess!

    I'm with you on the 'bleurgh' factor of the above photographed 'food' really does look disgusting! I can't believe anyone would eat that.

  14. They really are nasty. I wouldn't even say they are worth 39 cents. I don't even eat at home to save money. I just do it because the alternative is eating unhealthy fake food. Plus, my husband was a linebacker in college. He would laugh the house down if I tried to serve him 22 grams of meat in anything. He could eat 20 of those in 2 minutes. When I make tacos, I have to make 2 pounds of meat and use two cans of refried beans for extra protein.

  15. very funny! and I'm jealous of your kitchen scale

  16. We just got a Del taco in Dothan Alabama, and they are awesome. Way beyond what the other fast food mexican places dish out. Maybe you all should try different del taco restaurants?


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