Thursday, November 5, 2009

Another Q & A

I know you said you do not have a television in your home, but I know you read the news, and I was wondering if you had an opinion on the John and Kate plus 8 happenings. I for one have no respect for a mother who uses her children for her own personal gain, but I wanted to know if you had an opinion on it, and what it was.

I do indeed have an opinion, but it is just that - an opinion. Since I don't know practically anything about the family, and what I do know about them I got through the public media, I really don't know anything at all. Having been on the receiving end of how deceptive the media can be, I am cautious to believe anything they say about any subject.

Having said that, I think it is sad that their family has fallen apart, although I would not try to play the blame game. Both parents seem to have their own set of issues, and the kids are caught in the middle of it. Ultimately, though, I think that the husband has the role of taking charge in the home and making sure the ship stays afloat.

As far as using children for financial gain, that is an interesting subject. We own a business, and as our kids get older and more able (i.e. young teenagers) I am sure that we will expect them to help and pitch in without being paid, or paid as much as an employee would. Children the world over throughout history have been expected to help the family. I read that the Amish say a child is a liability until they are 7, that they pull their own weight until they are 14, and bring the family profit after that, and I think there is a lot of truth in that. I think the question should rather be, would anybody want cameras filming their children regularly and plastering their personal lives on TV for financial gain? I for one certainly wouldn't. But I think it is a better option than to leave the kids to rot in daycare while both parents go to work to pay for a family of ten. I do not watch the Jon & Kate episodes, but I do watch the Duggar shows on Amazon every week, and find them entertaining/encouraging/informative. But would I do it? No.

I was just curious, after I read the bit about China, do you ever discuss other religions with your children?

I don't mean this is a 'nasty' way or anything, just wondering. When I was in school I was always fascinated by other people's religions and what they believed.

I've known several families who would discuss other religions and how it was different from their own, etc etc.

That's a good question. Yes, we do touch on the major world religions as we learn about different countries. We don't waste our time doing any in-depth studies, just a brief synopsis and then tie it in with the Bible, talking about how the religion differs from God's word and making it clear that they are false religions.

The world's religions are not that different from one another, as they all have one major common theme: What must man do in order to go to heaven or reach some other state of higher existence? True Bible Christianity says that God has already done everything, and offers it to us as a free gift that is simply received by faith.

Other cultures have always fascinated me, and back when I was in college (before I was a Christian) I studied Cultural Anthropology.

I have an unrelated question for you - as a new mom and baby-wearer I have been very thankful for your post on different slings/wraps/etc. I remember you saying that you were in the process of making a mei-tai though. Did you make one? How do you like it? I am getting one soon so I'm curious what you think of yours. :)

Yes, I made one, and yes, I like it, but I didn't end up using it much. When the baby was very little, she was more comfortable in a wrap. By the time she was big enough to be comfortable in the mei tai, I usually would use the ring sling because it was faster and more convenient for me. The mei tai is not my first choice of favorite carrier, but everybody has different preferences. Maybe you could borrow different slings and see which type you like best.

I remember reading somewhere on your blog that your kids rarely get sick or have to visit the doctor. Recently i've been catching colds left and right, and I was wondering how to you keep your family so healthy? My mom usually buys organic/"healthy" foods at the grocery store and I stay pretty active so what's your secret? I really hope you respond because I can't take another runny nose!

Your best chances of avoiding a cold/flu is sufficient rest, lots of vitamin C from fresh fruits (not vitamins or ready juice), and washing your hands frequently with mild (not antibacterial) soap.

I think the number 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 reason why we rarely get ill is due to life style. It is NOT because we are isolated (we are not), never go in public (we go to several public places every single day), or are just a rare exception of health. Diet plays a huge role. We always ate mostly at home, cooked from scratch, with whole foods ingredients. We would all get a mild cold about once a year.

Several months ago, we switched to 100% organic foods, and have tried to eliminate eating out as much as possible. I also try to use all natural body care and household products in an effort to eliminate toxins. Organic foods have not been genetically altered, and are grown without pesticides, herbicides, and artificial fertilizers. We only consume raw dairy products, which are much easier on the immune system. I am currently working on a blog post about how to afford organic without spending a fortune.

None of us has become sick in over a year in spite of people all around us being ill frequently. I have lots of energy and feel great, even on limited sleep and working with 5 young children every day with little help from anyone (including my busy husband). I have no family living nearby, so while other moms cannot even function unless they can pawn off their children on Grandma regularly, I am planting a garden, replacing the flooring, or working on some other major project almost all of the time with all the kids there with me 24 hours every single day. On average, I work from 5 or 6 AM until 9 or 10 PM every single day, with few breaks in between, yet I am in perfect health. It's not because I'm supermom, it's because I eat well. Even one meal eaten out at a semi-decent fast casual place will make me tired and sluggish for the rest of the day, and fast food makes me downright ill.

A great book to read to learn about nutrition is "Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon. Two great documentaries about what is wrong with the food in the US, most notably genetically engineered food, are "The Future of Food" and "Food Inc.". Both are available for purchase or online viewing on Amazon.

This is the link to the trailer for "Food Inc." (embedding has been disabled on YouTube). Below is a clip of the first few minutes of the film. I saw it at the theater this summer when it first came out, and just like it promises, I never looked at dinner the same way again. I walked out of there and immediately made changes to switch us over to all-organic foods as quickly as possible by shopping and eating differently. Since then, I have not set foot in a supermarket ever again for more than a couple of minutes a handful of times to pick up an organic staple that I ran out of unexpectedly. Food Inc. was just released on DVD this week, and I highly recommend it.

What is your opinion about dental care for yourself and your children?

As with everything pertaining to medicine, I think prevention is the key. Proper nutrition and hygiene will prevent most if not all dental problems in children and young people. Of course, we do see a dentist if there is a need. The one we use was highly recommended to us by my midwife, and it's worth the 1 hour drive each way to have a trustworthy doctor who is not just trying to make business for herself.

Thank you to all who have written and asked my opinion. This is just what I think, and I make no claims to have the right answers and views on any and all subjects.


  1. Just a follow up question about the religious studies option:

    If you don't mind studying them, and find they are all very similar,

    Would you ever be comfortable if one of your children decided to follow one other than Christianity?

  2. I'm curious as to how you and your husband will handle dating and what (if any) influence you'll have over your children finding a husband or wife. Will you use 'courting' as some families do, or will they be free to go out in life and meet another person without supervision (for lack of a better word), as you and your husband did? Will your girls pledge their purity until marriage and wear a 'promise' or 'purity' rings that have become popular in the US? I know they are (absolutely precious and utterly adorable) babes in arms now, but the teen years loom and with it the question of behaviour with the opposite gender. I'd be interested in your opinion on such matters if you ever find the time to express your beliefs regarding the subject, I know you must be very busy!
    I enjoy reading your blog, it's an interesting mix and definitely makes the reader think in regards to the topics you choose--and of course the sweet pictures of your children.
    Thanks so much and God bless,


  3. That is actually what I meant, having the children on TV and filmed and plastered every where for financial gain... I agree, when children are old enough to help, they should. Also, it IS better than having them rotting in daycare, BUT Kate was already a stay at home mom, so that's why I was asking... I would do it either...

  4. I just happened upon your blog & like it so far! I can't wait to read even more. Thanks for sharing your life!


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