Monday, April 6, 2009

Vaccines and Population Control

We do not allow any of our children to be vaccinated. This decision was not based on emotion, but on studying the issue in depth over the course of several months.

I am well aware of the reactions this causes in some people. Ironically, those who have accused me/us of being irresponsible and crazy have themselves never educated themselves on the subject, other than maybe asking their child's doctor about it (who obviously has a vested interest in this issue).

This post is not intended to conclusively show how and why vaccines are detrimental, because that would take too long. I hope to expose several problems with vaccines in different posts over the next few months.

Today, I would like to draw attention to the fact that as parents, we really do not know what our children are being injected with, some of which will stay in their blood stream for the rest of their lives. I do not trust our government with its anti-God agenda and our modern medical establishment that knows next to nothing about health with my child's lifelong wellbeing.

As a sidenote, I read an interesting statistic this week. It said that the number 1 cause of unnatural death worldwide is being murdered by one's government. Shocking, isn't it? It also went on to say that while there have been thousands of dictatorships worldwide throughout history, there have been less than 10 nations who have enjoyed freedoms like the ones the United States had when the country was founded. Sadly, our freedoms are falling by the wayside quickly as a fabricated "war on terror" is ushering in a one-world government that will oppress humans worldwide, but I do believe that we are still the freest and therefore greatest nation on the face of the earth today.

This is an interestig article about the WHO's mass tetanus vaccination program in the 1990s in developing countries. It raised suspicions because only women of child-bearing age were vaccinated. After the vials were tested, it was found out that they were contaminated with hCG, a hormon women produce in order to sustain their pregnancy. After being vaccinated with it, women then developed anti-hCG, with the result of repeated miscarriages due to the anti-hCG in their blood stream.

The following is a video clip by Alex Jones on the same subject:

Parents, please think twice before blindly subjecting your children to vaccines without doing any research. The government does NOT have your best interest at heart.


  1. Thank you for the information. I have not vaccinated any of my children either. Now I have one more reason to give to those who question me about not vaccinating.

  2. Interesting article. We vaccinated our children, but if we had it to do over, we would not. We just honestly didn't know any better. We haven't gotten any vaccines in the past five years and don't plan to, though. I think everyone really needs to educate themselves on this.

  3. Wow! Just yesterday my husband and I listened to a tape about this very subject. The man was saying that kids who are vaccinated for a disease and actually come down with it (most are not even in existence), take 50% longer to recover from it than kids who did get the disease and did not have a vaccination. Looking forward to getting more info about it.

  4. You are not crazy for feeling this way. We have decided after doing some research from both sides that our son will no longer recieve vaccations either. I was looking at Barnes and Nobles online and noticed there are many books on the subject. Some list the pros and cons of vaccines. Many talk about how questonable they are and why parents should really think about it before they vaccinate their kids. What surprised me is many of the books where written by doctors. So now there are some in the medical community that question how safe vaccinations are.
    Now I am not an expert on autism , but I do think there is connection between that and mandatory vaccinations for school children.
    I realize that many children get vacccinations and have no trouble at all, but I am not going to take the chance . As far has preventing illness goes many older people I know had mumps, measles , chicken pox amd other things and I am happy to report that they are alive and well today. I had chicken pox and I am better off than my sister who was vaccinated against it because I have lifelong immunity whereas she could possibly still get it because the vaccination does not last forever.

  5. I think you are entitled to your decision not to vaccinate your children. We have decided to delay a few vaccinations for our children as well. But there is another side.

  6. We agree, and we plan to not vaccinate our children (when we have children). My husband told me that some child in his family (I think it's his dad's cousin's son) developed autism only after receiving a full set of vaccinations recommended by the doctor. This only happens a few years ago. That's what caused Vince to decide that he will never vaccinate his children (and it's something we discussed before we got married).

    I used to work at a Pediatrician's office in California. When I worked there, the list of vaccinations they give babies is a lot longer than the list of vaccinations I had as a baby. Now they're trying as hard as possible to push this vaccine to "protect" young girls from cervical cancer (it actually only works against a certain virus, an STD, that can lead to cervical cancer). Before they even knew the effects of this vaccination, they were pushing it on all girls between the ages of 12 and 20. What made me really upset was they were trying to tell me I NEEDED it even though I was getting married soon and never had a physical relationship with anyone.

    Sorry about the rant. This subject gets me going. :)


  7. I understand what you are saying and I have a few good friends who have chosen not to vaccinate. The issue they are facing now that their kids are teens is -the church is sponsoring mission trips to other countries. These kids cant go unless they catch up on ALL their missed vaccines. Obviously they wont be going. They may never be able to leave the country to spread the Gospel. It is something to consider.

  8. I'm not saying I don't understand why people choose to not vaccinate, but if no one vaccinated, can you imagine what kinds of outbreaks we would have?! Those who choose to forego vaccinating can do so (with little risk) because of the "herd immunity". It wasn't too long ago people were dying from these diseases that we now fairly easily control (because so many DO vaccinate).

    That said, I think some vaccines are probably not necessary and many could be spread out longer.

    1. Very true Hudson! We will have an outbreak if everyone believed this way. However, I believe it is a right of a parent. I do think that as taking anything, whether it be medicine or the processed foods we eat, we are taking a risk. Certainly the parent needs to weight the pros and cons. We vaccinate our children because I have yet to see a study that has not been revoked in favor of not vaccinating your children. Until I can be convinced otherwise, I want to do what I can best tell is for my children and those around them.

  9. It is important to realize that are risks to either side. You are taking the risk that your children will not get the illnesses that the vaccines prevent. Others take the risk that the side effects of the vaccines will be non-existent or mimimal.

  10. Our bodies are made to fight diseases through the immune system the natural way, not through an injection.

    I have a problem with the government requiring children to be vaccinated. I plan to homeschool, but I do know that to have a child enrolled in a public (or even private) school, the child must be up-to-date on all his/her vaccinations.

  11. I have 5 children, all of who have been vaccinated. My youngest is almost almost 3 months. My husband I realllly dont want to continue vaccinating our young children...I am wondering if you know whether you can just STOP even if they've recieved 1 or multiple vaccinations and are till due to have more? And also, do your children go for regular checkups? If so, what ishe reaction of the doctors when you tell them "we are not going to vaccinate our children"? I am just wondering how to prepare myself for my youngest sons upcoming visit when I tell them we are no longer going to vaccinate...anything you can tell me would be so very helpful! Thank you for the information ! Interested to hear/learn more...

  12. this is such a tough subject for me personally. I believe that some are necessary and others are not. I think that in this country we go a bit overboard with it all. I respect a parents choice either way because it's your child and your responsibility to make these educated choices.

    Unfortunately not getting vaccinations can cause kids to miss out on certain group activities in the communities and that can cause some issues because my kids are very much into sports and such.

  13. Thank you everyone for your input.


    I cannot answer your question in detail tonight, but hope to do so next week. In the meantime, please read this important information:

    Following is a link to some great information on the blog of a good midwife I know:

  14. i am really surprised that people like you choose not to vaccinate. i can understand extra vaccines like you stated yet i believe that we are so blessed here in the U.S. and should take advantage of the vaccines we have been given when there are people in other countries who would kill to have access to vaccines.

    I do have a question though, what if one of your children was to be infected with Tb. this happens to several children who go to other countries on missions trips. Would you not use the doctors recommendations to treat the tb or do nothing

  15. It is alarming to read that people are not vaccinating their children. In some parts of Australia illnesses like the whooping cough have come back because in these areas so many parents never behaved responsibly and got their children immunised. After diseases like the measles, children 2 weeks later can develop Acute Disseminated Encephalmytis ADEM. This can kill them, and in up to 80% of cases there will be permanent disability. ADEM occurs when the body tries to attack the harmful antibodies but gets confused and attacks healthy ones in the brain and spinal cord. A common illness, the chicken pox is felt to be harmless. Not so however. Up to one year after the varicella virus children can develop strokes. 10% will die and up to 85% will be left with some kind of physical or learning difficulty. Have a read at some paediatric stroke support forums or fb groups and see how many of these children are from the UK and suffered the stroke as a result of getting the chicken pox. The varicella immunisation unlike other harmful childhood diseases is not available in the UK. I would never put my children in this kind of risk. Also we know that vaccinations keep others in the community healthy too, the more children vaccinated in an area, the less chance that pregnant mothers and babies yet to be vaccinated have of catching these diseases. Ladies please stop being so selfish and think of your children and those who are vulnerable in the community

  16. I would just like to say that some of us (I am 64) can remember when many of these diseases were common. We couldn't go swimming in the summer because of the polio virus. My mother always remembered when her little brother had whooping cough. When mothers got German measles (now called rubella) while pregnant, the babies often died or were born with severe birth defects. Vaccinations are a wonderful thing and millions of people are alive today because of them (smallpox is now extinct, but when I was a child, thousands of people died of it overseas every year.)


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