Thursday, July 17, 2008

Half-empty or half-full

This has been a busy week. My husband was gone 5 1/2 days last week, and then Monday and Tuesday this week. So even though he was home all yesterday I spent the day running errands that I don't like to bring the kids on because the heat outside is just so bad.

First, I got the oil changed in his car, then I took it to the car wash and also vacuumed the inside. Doesn't sound like a big deal, but given the fact that he "lives" in his car on his many long trips around AZ and CA, it was in pretty bad condition. That all took me about 2 hours, after which I went to clean the inside - wiping down every surface, washing the floor mats, scrubbing the upholstery, cleaning the windows etc. That took another 3 hours (yes, it was THAT bad) but in the end his car looked brand new. Which it should considering it is only 6 months old.

Then I went shopping at a couple of different stores, and had to go back home to put all the stuff away. Food cannot be left in the car for more than just the drive home because it will go bad immediately in the heat. I then got the oil changed in my van, took it through the car wash, and vacuumed the inside. The vacuuming itself takes about an hour each time just because the van is so big and there are so many places to vacuum. I had just done this about 6 weeks ago, and I also have a policy of "water only" in the car for the kids, but of course I found a petrified cheese stick, a rotten banana peel, a Sam's Club size box of goldfish spilled everywhere, and several cups with rotten milk (mental note: don't let the kids bring their cups home from the restaurant). By the time I got back home I was sick of cleaning cars, and it was time for church, so I didn't get to clean the inside of my van. Today I got about half of the interior cleaned but the heat finally made me quit (it was over 110 again). Maybe I can finish it tonight after the kids are in bed.

Also this week I got a lot of various sewing projects done, but have many more to finish. I am also working on a couple of other crafts here and there during nap time.

There is an online 4-hour traffic school course I have to complete this week for a ticket I got a month ago. Don't even get me started on that... of course, it was NOT my fault! :) I am sticking to my theory that I only got pulled over because the cop saw me leaving a donut shop with a big box just a couple of minutes earlier.

The list goes on and on. It's discouraging to think how much more work there is left to do during the last 2 1/2 weeks of our summer break. Some days I feel like I work and work and work only to go to bed thinking about all the things that didn't get done yet. My mental "to-do list" never gets shorter. But then I remind myself to think about all the things I did get done, and that all the kids were well fed, had clean clothes, and that the house is usually tidy and clean considering there are four little savages living there. Adding another newborn seems daunting at times, but I could instead look at it as if I am adding a 7-year old (the age Solomon will be by the time the baby is born). I always have a baby, a toddler, a preschooler, etc. but as time goes on I have more and older helpers to share the workload. Solomon and Isaac both are great helpers, and I would have so much more work without them.

In any case, we all deserve a break and are going swimming in the pool for the rest of the evening!

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