Friday, December 28, 2007

Morning Sickness Relief

First off, I am NOT pregnant!

I can hear the sigh of relief from all my "friends" who think my husband and I are single-handedly overpopulating the earth. But, much to these people's dissatisfaction, I hope/expect to get pregnant again in the near future. This is just based on the past natural spacing of our children.

My question to anyone out there reading this is: Have you found or do you know of a cure for SEVERE morning sickness?

I get the worst imaginable morning sickness. It lasts all day, every day for about four to five months, during which time I am incapable of even performing the most simple tasks. Given my husband's schedule and the fact that we have 4 kids age 6 and under already, this is not a very fun situation. I have read about and tried with little success: eating before rising, eating small amounts all day long, sea bands, vitamin B injections, ginger tea (too spicy to drink), ginger capsules (make me gag), and other common remedies. Nothing has ever helped, and I end up throwing up about a dozen times per day. Basically, any stimulation of any of my senses makes me sick - smells, tastes, noise, busy patterns, being touched, etc. I get a little relief from lying in a dark, quiet room, but obviously I can't do that for months on end. This is also the only time I have time to build jigsaw puzzles as they "relax" and detract my brain. Being dehydrated makes the problem a lot worse, but I find myself in a vicious cycle of trying to drink water, which makes me throw up, which makes me even more dehydrated etc. I'm sure if I was seeing a doctor they would send me to the hospital with "hyperemesis gravidarum", but being a home birth advocate I see a midwife instead and suffer through the nausea.

I did find one product once that seemed to work, it was called "Morning Sickness Magic". A bottle for $12 lasted 2 days, which works out to be about $200/month. I did not continue buying it, but my husband said that he will buy it for the next pregnancy if it helps. It basically consists of a liquid mixture of ginger extract, B vitamins, and folic acid. Maybe I could make my own mixture from the same ingredients, since the amounts are listed on the back.

Anyway, I would really, really appreciate any advice that anyone has to offer. Maybe you have found a natural product that worked for you. Please leave a comment below, and remember, comments can be left anonymously.

Thank you in advance!


  1. I don't get much morning sickness, but the old keeping saltines by the bed to eat before getting up worked for me. I also always eat breakfast before getting into the shower.

  2. Christine said...

    I had the morning sickness with my second son. It helped when I ate saltine crackers slowly. For me it was the smells and sight of food that would just send my morning sickness through the roof!

    I always get that feeling also a week or few days before my monthly visitor. Which drives me nuts because I get excited that I might be pregnant and find out I'm not. My last child is going to be 4 in February and I'm still not pregnant and it's just to big a gap! I'm having baby withdrawl LOL!
    December 29, 2007 11:27 AM
    Raani said...

    I don't get much morning sickness, but the old keeping saltines by the bed to eat before getting up worked for me. I also always eat breakfast before getting into the shower.
    January 11, 2008 10:29 AM

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