Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Mother Daughter Tea 2018

As in years past, our church hosted a Mother Daughter Tea this past Sunday in honor of Mother's Day.

When we first started hosting these tea parties, I didn't even have any daughters. Now I have four! Peter got to come along because he is still exclusively breastfed, and could not have been left home without me for an entire afternoon. 

 Miriam (11)
 Rebecca (9)

 Anna (7)
 Chloe (1)

Aren't they just gorgeous?? Of course the food was fabulous, too, but it's the people I was with that made it truly special - my own girls, and the dear ladies and their daughters from our church.

I love all of my daughters. They are sweet, beautiful, kind, compassionate, witty, helpful, and just all-around awesome. I am thankful for this special event we get to enjoy together every year.


Reality shot - too precious not to include.

Through the years, our church has grown so much that we have gone from reserving one table at a tea house, to renting out the entire facility on two separate days. Next year, we might even have to split into three groups. 

Happy Mother's Day to all my readers!

(All photo credit to my dear friend, Shari. Thank you!!)