Friday, August 1, 2014

Trim Healthy Mama - Another Update

I first discovered Trim Healthy Mama spring of last year (and mentioned it briefly here).

In spite of my misgivings about using stevia or the other plan-approved sweeteners, I did succumb to them for the first few weeks that I followed the program. However, due to the (I believe serious) health effects of these sweeteners, I stopped using them. You can read why here and here. Please do take the time to read those posts before reading on below, as I consider the information in them to be crucial if you want to follow the plan, and enjoy maximum health benefits. If you are expecting, or hoping to get pregnant, it is especially important that you read up on the dangers of using stevia during pregnancy.

But that is not what today's post is about. Rather, I wanted to once again reiterate that it is entirely possible to follow a whole foods based, health-nutty diet, AND follow the Trim Healthy Mama approach, successfully! Are there some foods recommended in the book that I would never eat? Of course! But there is absolutely no need to have them if you don't like. Remember, the main concept underlying THM is to separate carbs and fats. How wholesome those carbs and fats are is entirely up to the individual.

More importantly, it is very possible to follow the plan with natural, wholesome, low glycemic sweeteners, and successfully lose weight while on program. I'm talking raw, unfiltered honey, Grade B maple syrup, and coconut sugar (my new favorite). There is no need to use denatured, hydrogenated sugar alcohols like erythritol and xylitol, which will wreak havoc on your intestines, or to use stevia, which is a plant, but one that greatly interferes with normal hormonal balance, and which many (including myself) believe to be a contributing factor in miscarriage and low fertility.

I went back on plan two weeks after giving birth, which was 10 weeks ago. During that time, I have lost exactly 20 lbs, and done so without my usually fickle milk supply suffering. The reason for this is that following the THM plan does NOT require you to cut calories. In fact, I think I actually consume MORE calories when I'm on plan than when I'm off, because eating this way fuels the metabolism so much that even two hours after a huge meal, I am hungry and ready to eat again. On an average day, I consume anywhere between 2,500 - 3,000 calories, while losing weight! 

Nor is this weight loss due to being postpartum. I've been down this road a time or eight, and unless I make a concerted effort, I will weigh what I weight the day after giving birth indefinitely. In the past, I have always had to wait to start losing weight until baby was well accustomed to solids, because dieting pretty much meant drying up my milk. Not this time around!

Does this lunch look like I am suffering hunger? This fabulous salad was made with plenty of fresh greens and veggies, two eggs, smoked salmon, diced cheese, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and as much dressing as I wanted (which was a lot).

And because I had a little hankering for dessert, I rounded the meal out by having mixed berries (sweetened with a bit of maple syrup), topped with unsweetened cream.

So you see, even with my fat-fueled "S" meals like the one above, I can use a wholesome, low glycemic sweetener like maple syrup (which is still a carb) in moderation, and lose weight. 

If you have been thinking about buying the book or going "on plan", but are put off by some of the recommended foods, particularly the no-calorie sweeteners, don't be. Go ahead and jump on board, but rest assured that you can do so without giving up real, God-given, natural sweeteners like honey and maple syrup, and still lose weight painlessly and with relative ease.

Please check back for a favorite recipe of mine in the next blog post! :)


  1. WOW yum. Please could do you a typical day meal plan? Kay

  2. Protein (like fish and eggs) and veggies. Perfectly filling, tasty, and not fattening.

    I'd avoid grains... whole or not. No flour, no rice.

    That plan looks reasonable and very satisfying.

    I'd start my day with a lukewarm glass of water with a spoonful of apple cider vinegar. Every morning.

    External aides like wrapping our upper body from the breasts down, and our thighs in wrapping foil, helps warm up tissues and melt off fat. Using salt/sugar scrub and loofah, and a hot-then-cold shower helps make our skin firm.

    Just... no bread and grains. Also, if you get used to not using sweeteners, you will find vegetables like carrots, sundry tomatoes, whipped cream to be really sweet tasting. I think even God-given sweeteners oppress that natural sweetness of every foods. I don't like sugar or sweeteners and I don't use them. My taste buds recognize a huge variety of different tastes since we went entirely sugar free.

    I also recommend to make sherbets instead of full-cream ice creams.

  3. Your salad looks DELISH, Zsuzsa! :)

  4. Hi Zsuzsanna!!:)
    This was a great post!
    I have been reading your blog for a while, but have not commented yet, but i love it so much!!!:) It is so fun and i have learned so much from you!
    I have a couple questions for you... I couldn't find your email so I’ll just post them here.
    Well (I’m sorry if this sounds like I'm insulting you, i really don’t mean to its just that I've been thinking about this a lot lately...) I was wondering if like making meal plans, shopping lists for the future, preserving food, drying herbs, etc. is like disobeying Matthew 6:24-34? I'm sorry again if this sounds mean, it’s just i would like to try some of that stuff but i don't want to disobey the Bible... just a question:)
    Another question i have is what books do you recommend on learning about health, cookbooks, food, sewing, crafting, co sleeping, breastfeeding, etc. etc. just about anything that has to do with being a mom lol i was just wondering what comes to your mind as favorites, if anything?
    One last question, sorry for so many! I was wondering what do you think of a woman getting a job, or taking online college courses if she is not married, though plans to be as soon as possible? Me and my boyfriend are planning to be married it just wouldn't be really possible right now so we have to wait a little longer... I definitely don't want to actually go to college and want to live with my parents until i am married, but my parents really want me to get a degree in something... I don't want to and would rather just learn by books, online, etc. about the subjects i am interested in but since my parents want me to so i probably will... I was just wondering if you think that this is Biblically sound?
    I’m sorry for so many questions, if you don't get around to answering this i totally understand your such a busy, hardworking person!! Well i love your blog and thank you for all the wonderful information on it!!!:)

  5. What do you do for exercise?

  6. If they take 12-15 minutes in the oven, and you make one while they're already cooking? Why not make up a large batch of muffins in a muffin tray, freeze them, and simply pop one in the oven when you want one? The time and mess you save may not be huge, but the idea of making a muffin seems a bit pointless if you consider how easily they could be prepared in advance.

  7. Oh yummy! The salad looks delicious and the muffin in a mug looks amazing. I need to try it. We have just started with coconut sugar, and love it as well. We loosely follow a THM/Primal diet. My hubby lost 50 lb in 6 months just by dropping the complex carbs.

  8. What is the conversion for the Super Sweet and Gentle Sweet blends for coconut sugar?


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