Monday, May 27, 2013

Today at our house...

... we were all up bright and early, thanks to the sun coming up shortly after 5 am these days.

... we did more "summer-break-deep-cleaning-and-decluttering" all morning.

... the three oldest boys are now working on finishing the last of their school work up (this is our last week).

... the three little girls are napping - even Miriam, because she is not feeling well.

... baby Stephen is ripping everything off the bookshelf within his reach. *** Correction: I asked my husband, who was working at his office, to come pick baby up and take him off my hands, so I could have some peace. Being the ultimate sweetie that my husband is, he did just that. ***

... we are having a BBQ, fire pit, night swimming, roasting s'mores, and eating ice-cream in homemade waffle cones as soon as nap time is over.

... I have a biting, teething nursling - OUCH! I may be mom, but I am not a teething ring.

... we have wonderfully cool and cloudy weather for this time of year.

... there are tadpoles frolicking in a jar on our kitchen counter, growing, eating, entertaining, and providing free, hands-on education.

... I have this to brighten my kitchen because my husband just never goes to the grocery store for me without also picking up flowers for me.

... we have many more blessings that time would fail me to list.

Hope you have a wonderful day with friends and loved ones!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hiking trip

The Mogollon Rim is a major "fault line" (that's probably not the right term for it) running through Northern Arizona, with one side a good thousand feet higher than the other. There is a trail that runs along the top edge of the rim, that is as breathtaking as it is scary. The following pictures are all from that trip. For pictures from a trip years ago, click here.

 Becky's hilarious sense of style

 The rim's edge is where the path curves at the back of the picture. You will notice there are no pictures that I took of it up close - I had my hands full with a death grip on the stroller, lest a strong gust of wind took it over the edge and a thousand feet down.

John was thrilled to run into a team of "Hot Shots," and asked to have his picture taken with one of them. He has always been interested in fire fighting, especially the Hot Shots, and has read every book from the library on the subject.

 Miriam just passed out on this rock, being exhausted from having hiked all day. We spent most of the day hiking on the rim top, not along the edge, which we just briefly visited because it was too unnerving for me with all the kids. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Hebrew Roots Movement exposed

My husband preached a couple of great sermons on the increasingly popular "Hebrew Roots Movement."

Please watch them below.

P.S. My apologies for the long blogging absence. We are wrapping up the school year this month, while also taking extra time to have fun and enjoy the great outdoors this time of year. Blogging regularly shall resume soon, I hope.