Thursday, November 24, 2011

Riskyway is at it again

Remember when I blogged about Safeway Riskyway having a pregnant woman and her husband arrested over $5 worth of sandwiches that they forgot to pay for, resulting in their 2-year old daughter "briefly" (i.e. for 18 hours) being placed in the care of predators kidnappers CPS?

Then I emailed them to express my disgust at their zero tolerance policies, asking them to disclose the reports by the Department of Weights and Measures, since I am sure every single Safeway Riskyway store across the country overcharges patrons by much more than $5 every single day? Of course, they would not share  those records with me. I need to to contact the DWM about that - surely, customers should have access to this information to allow them to chose the most honest store.

In the meantime, Safeway Riskyway is at it again. This from Yahoo News:

EVERETT, Wash. (AP) — A grocery store security guard was fired after he told the father of a 4-year-old girl that she would face criminal charges for eating from a dried fruit package, a TV station reported.

The child's mother, Alissa Jones, said the father wasn't looking when the girl grabbed the package, ate a few pieces of fruit then returned it to a shelf at a Safeway store in Everett, Wash., KOMO reported Wednesday.


In Washington, the guard took the 4-year-old and her dad to a room and said the girl would face charges and be banned from the chain, Jones said, adding the guard had the girl sign a paper acknowledging she wasn't allowed to enter any Safeway stores.


The guard was subsequently fired. He is probably seeking employment with the police department now, since losers like him usually become security guards or cops.

Safeway Riskyway seriously needs to evaluate the training that these "security" guards get. Did I already mention I will never shop in any of their stores ever again.


  1. Sounds like Safeway handled things the right way.

  2. What exactly was this father doing while his daughter

    a. grabs a package off the shelf
    b. rips it open herself
    c. eats a few pieces
    d. puts it back

    Were they even in the same aisle?

  3. If something like this happens maybe once per day at some Safeway in the country, then I think it is pretty good that this is the first time an employee acts badly.

    And it probably happens more than once a day.

    Safeway must train them well.

  4. WOW! That is absolutely crazy. Definitely some better training is needed. Just wanted to say I love the new family picture and the girls' dresses are adorable! How is your new dog doing? I would love to see some older puppy pictures!

  5. This is one more thing about which I agree with you : I usually don't like guards or cops, I don't think they are honorable jobs. I know your husband had problem with cops, something about border control, and I feel ashamed for the cops. This is really getting silly. And rather shocking : do Safeway really hate children or what ?!

    (By the way, I bought myself a bible ! I'm reading it at a slow pace because I have so much work for school, but I enjoy it. I think I have a special edition, at the bottom of the pages there are comparisons "see XXX" (a verse) and it is really nice to compare verses between them. I bought a French bible, because it's easier to read my own language)

  6. "Did I already mention I will never shop in any of their stores ever again."

    Yes. More than I care to count. Did I mention that you used a double negative (never ever) in the above sentence making your grammer skill look like that of a third grader?

    Safeway is probably relieved.

  7. This story was reported on Good Morning America this morning. The reporter said the little girl should get free apricots for life from this store.-Taryn

  8. Seriously? He made a four year old sign a legal contract??
    Well, at least they fired him, I don't think he's smart enough to be a security guard!

  9. anon on November 25, 2011 5:53 AM

    Please be sure to check your spelling next time before criticizing my "grammer" [sic].

    And apparently, you only know how to count in the single-digit range?

  10. 1) Forced a 4 year old to sign something? So Dad just let his daughter do that? Or how did he force her since Dad was right there? I would have laughed at the guy and told him either call the cops, the store manager, or let us go right then and there. Stores cannot hold you, it's illegal, even if you commit a crime.

    2) I am married to a cop, an honorable one. One that goes out of his way to help every citizen he can. One that loves God above all others, even me. One that witnesses to others (fellow officers and citizens alike) while on the job. One that takes his duty to protect and serve very seriously and has NEVER done the thigns mentioned on here. Realize that there are some very honorable men out there serving their communities with a passion and drive that comes straight from God. He's very well educated, and has a deep abiding faith in our Savior Jesus Christ. He's a very hard worker and is a man most would be honored to have as a friend and a brother in Christ.

  11. Anonymous,
    She did NOT use a double negative. "Never" is negative; "ever" isn't. "Never" and "ever" go together fine. Here is a proper sentence similar to Zsuzsanna's: "I won't do that ever again." Here is what a double negative would look like: "I won't do that never again." While using "never" and "ever again" does create a double emphasis, there is nothing grammatically wrong. A super picky writing teacher (college level) wouldn't like it in an essay, but not on the basis of grammar. "Never, ever" is something we say when we feel strongly about something. It is perfectly appropriate for a BLOG post! Even though Zsuzsanna pointed out your misspelling, I don't want your wrongness to be missed! I need to correct you before someone thinks you were right. You don't even know what a double negative is; I think you just wanted something to be wrong, so you imagined it. You should get another hobby instead of scouring her posts for something you can criticize. It really backfired with "grammer." Hope that shuts you up. LOL.

  12. When my daughter was 4, she shoplifted a pack of gum right under my nose. I didn't discover it until the next day. I took her back to the store to return it and apologize to the store manager. It was a great lesson and to my knowledge she has never stolen again.

    If I thought for one minute it would have turned "legal", I'm not sure what I would have done. I definitely wouldn't have taken her back to the store though.

    Again, my question is how many "real" shoplifters got away while they were messing around with this little girl.

  13. So glad you are enjoying your Bible reading Sibylle! :)

  14. safeway was wrong and showed their idiocy! as for the nasty comments- do yourself a favor and stop reading here , or anywhere, except your cronies hatefilled forum.

  15. Why don't you fj trolls crawl back in your cave and work on tweeking your gadar.

  16. I must say, I shop at Safeway several times a week in the town just south of where this took place. I have shopped there for 15 years and never ONCE seen a security guard there! If this story is true (KOMO, honestly, doesn't always get things right), the guard was definitely in the wrong (you don't ever do anything so intimidating to a 4yo!). I just don't think it's reflective of the Safeway overall policies and am sad that they are losing your business over two incidents that did not happen directly to you. Lots of people make judgement mistakes no matter where they work.

  17. First of all, a true thank you to Anonymous at November 25, 2011 9:51AM's husband. There are many honourable police officers in this country that have done the right thing and have both prevented and solved both small and large crimes. God bless him and may he stay safe.

    Also, bottom line, keep kiddos out of Safeway if one can possible manage it.

    God bless you, Dad, and the six,


  18. Zsuzsana, I apologize for my comment: Did I mention that you used a double negative (never ever) in the above sentence making your grammer skill look like that of a third grader?

    I should have "removed the plank from my eye before pointing out the splinter in your eye." My words were not loving or edifying and my apologies to all who were offended. Please forgive me.

  19. Sibylle, a great way to increase your bible time is listening to an audio bible on your MP3 player while doing housework or commuting. You might even get an MP3 version for free online if you are lucky.


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