Friday, November 11, 2011

Annual Chili Cook-Off

Our church held it's annual chili cook-off last Monday, October 31st. Of course it is no coincidence that this is always held on the same day as "Halloween" - we like to offer people something better to do than either participate in a satanic holiday, or hole up in their house ignoring the incessant door bell ringing. This is always a great evening of fun for everyone.

This year, we hired a great entertainer - Arizona Rick, the Balloon-Making Cowboy. We have seen him perform at the library before, and wow - this guy is GOOD! His show lasts about an hour, and the kids (and adults) were in stitches the whole time.

 Miriam, the big, bad wolf

 The three little pigs

For our chili cook-off, we always randomly draw 4 judges from those who did not enter a chili in the contest, plus my husband, the all-time judge (there have to some perks to being a pastor). 

There were a total of 12 chilis entered, one of them made by Solomon. Last year, I think he took fifth place. This year, wouldn't you know it, Solomon took first place in the chili cook-off, in spite of receiving zero votes from his own Dad!

What can I say? Everything he knows he learned from me! :)


  1. Those are some unbelievable balloon animals! Sounds like fun!

  2. Way to go Solomon! Looks as though you guys had a great time!

  3. I LOVE the idea of a chili cook-off, mainly because I love chili, too.
    I am still amazed of Solomon's cooking skills, and congratulations again !

    I have nothing special against or for halloween, I just made a carrot cake with an orange icing and a face on it so that it looked like a pumpkin, and watched a movie with my sister. I don't dress up, or anything, it was more an excuse to eat cake^^
    However, remplacing it with something great is an amazing idea when you don't agree with Halloween !

  4. I am objecting to you saying Halloween is a satanic holiday. It most certainly is NOT. I'm tired of people thinking that it is. There is NOTHING satanic about this holiday.

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Atheist

  5. Why in the world would Christians hole up in their homes and try to ignore the door bell? I don't understand why you don't take this great opportunity to pass out tracts. Oh that's right I forgot, according to the word of Steven Anderson, it's worldly and sinful to pass out tracts so instead you have your own "halloween" party. Makes so much more sense. Anyway congrats to your son, I took first prize at a chili cook-off at our church so I know what a good feeling it is.

  6. Congrats, Solomon! And in response to the "Friendly Neighborhood Atheist, Halloween did NOT start out as a satanic holiday (it started out as All-Hallow's-Eve, which was a Catholic holiday). And Mrs. Anderson, I know you are opposed to Catholics (I am a DEVOUT Catholic), but I'm taking an opportunity to educate an anonymous.

    It BECAME a satanic holiday during the reformation. Research "All-Hallow's-Eve" for more information.

  7. What a great idea! The articles on Halloween at are interesting. Rod and Staff, and Christian Light Publications have tracts on Halloween.

  8. Let me first say I love your blog, I read it all the time and you are an inspiration to me as a christian woman and as a mom. But..what is satanic in dressing your kids in cute little costumes and taking them trick-or-treating? I grew up doing it and it has not once influenced me to participate in satanic rituals or convert to wicca lol. I'm comfortable enough in my christianity to know not to take it that seriously as a holiday as are my kids.

  9. Glad to hear you don't celebrate Halloween. I'm amazed by how many "Christians" do and think it's fine in God's eyes. Halloween is disgusting.

  10. You mean your friendly neighborhood satanist...

  11. According to the Conservative Mennonite tracts(I only have two and do not give them out),historians trace the origin of Halloween to the Celtic druids. In 837A.D. Pope Gregory IV instituted All Saints' Day and All Hallows' Eve. The (Catholic) Celtic descendants still practiced their pagan customs that were at the same time-Oct. 31. Then the tracts go into the history of the Middle Ages and they write about what that day now is to many non-Christian people. I am a New Testament Bible Christian so I listen to Ephesians 5:8-12KJ,Acts 19:19KJ, Gala.5:19-21KJ, and Rev.22:14,15KJ. Our 6 children did not grow up celebrating Helloween.

  12. Sorry Anonymous 8:26 pm. i'm not a satanist. i don't believe in satan.

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Atheist.

  13. And Trini i'd like a link to where you think Halloween is a 'satanic' holiday. i've searched a few reputable sites and haven't read a word about this satan character.

    Thank you
    Your Friendly Neighborhood Atheist

    P.S. Wtg Solomon! i love a good chili! I'm with Anna, recipe please!!

  14. Anonymous November 12, 2011 5:16 PM

    I'm sure you think I mean being a Satanist to mean a dressed top to toe in black, blood drinking, heavy metal listening creep.
    I don't mean that all. I'm sure you look completely sane and normal.
    However if you deny the existence of your Creator, Almighty God, Jesus Christ, then you are happily playing into the hands of Satan. Who wants nothing more than for you to not believe he exists, or God exists, or heaven and hell exist.
    It makes absolutely no difference whatsoever to the reality of them all whether you are chosing to believe in them all or not.
    We were all created by God, the only one true living God, his account is the bible.
    We all fell from His Grace in sin. We all deserve hell. We all have been offered freedom from sin through the same Mighty God who loves us so much He decided to be in a human form as Jesus Christ, get beaten, hated, and killed, take the wrath of our sins onto Himself, and then conquer sin and death for us by coming alive again three days later and returning to His throne in Heaven.
    John 8:44 says you are of your father satan.
    Christ came for us to repent and believe on Him that we might be saved, we are then born new into the Kingdom of Heaven, Children of God.
    Satan is not our father as in creation, but in sin.
    God is the Father of His Creation, but the Heavenly Father only of those who give their lives to Him and are saved.
    There's no such thing as an athiest in the bible. God calls you an unbeliever, not an athiest.
    And says you have a hardened heart. God says you are spiritually deaf and blinded by your pride and sins.
    The right thing to do would be to admit that you are a sinner, admit you need Him, repent, meaning actually feel bad about your sins and hate them the way God does, and beg Him to save you.
    He does not wish for any to perish, but those who refuse Him will perish and deserve it.
    While you are happily doing the will of satan and not God, I say satanist, because that's what atheism is. It's hatred of God. It's the work of satan.

  15. You obviously haven't looked up the definition of atheist. I shall enlighten you. According to Word Origin & History
    1570s, from Fr. athéiste (16c.), from Gk. atheos "to deny the gods, godless," from a- "without" + theos "a god" (see Thea). A slightly earlier form is represented by atheonism (1530s) which is perhaps from It. atheo "atheist." I don't hate something that isn't real. Just like i don't believe in the Easter bunny, fairies, elves, Santa, etc.
    There is no hard core scientific proof of any deity of any religion. You can quote your bible all you want. I'll go with the title unbeliever. Unbeliever of god, angels, satan, devil, hell, heaven, the bible, praying. I believe in science and what can be shown and proven.

    Have a nice day.
    Your Friendly Neighborhood Atheist/Unbeliever

  16. And that's fine. But denial of the existance of something doesn't mean it's not there. And it doesn't mean you aren't making a choice/decision by your lack of belief. It just means you either don't want to believe in the proof before you or won't believe.

    But, IF we are right, you are doing exactly what the Bible says. Yes, it's your choice and I am glad we all have it. I don't want to be a robot devoid of all free will. But saying, "well since I don't believe then that's not what I am doing" is silly. Lack of belief doesn't mean it doesn't exist. And, if it exists, that's exactly what you are doing. Find another line.

  17. God does not believe in atheist so they they do not exist. We can also choose to believe things like that. I don't believe atheist exist. So unless there is something that can prove to read your soul and prove that you in no way believe there is a God, I don't believe what you say one bit. Everyone knows deep down there is a God. Like I said their is no science to prove otherwise.

  18. There is not any science to prove where we came from, you have to have faith no mater what you believe. If you you believe what science tells you, evolution (which Darwin said before he died it was just a theory) then you have to have faith. If we all came from cosmic dust, then who made the dust? You have to have believe that cosmic dust always was. Just like we believe God always was. So you believe in dust, I will believe in God. I hope you start having faith in God, because if you choose to believe in him or not, everyone is going to answer to him. You will find out that hell is a very real place. God doesn't send anyone there. If you reject God, that is where you are choosing to go.

  19. We, as humans, don't know that aetheists are going to have to answer to God any more than an aetheist knows that there IS no God. Belief that there is no God is no different than faith that there is one. Both viewpoints are based on perception, upbringing, belief systems and whichever theory happens to speak to us as thinking human beings with the capacity for choice - nothing more, nothing less. There is no tangible, physical proof either way (and if there is, please let me know - I'd love to know). If there were, we'd all be "there" together on the same page, I'm sure. Until that proof falls out of the sky in the form of the Rapture, or something else is proven to be the divine ruler of the universe, it's really anybody's guess what's going to happen to us when we leave this physical shell. Until then, let's all live and let live, shall we? We’ll all find out in our turn, and then either side can stand around and say “See? Told you so..” Not that it will really matter at that point anyway.


  20. I can choose to believe Africa isn't real, I have never been there. That doesn't mean it isn't real. Really find another line!

  21. Anonymous at 12:52 - that's a silly comparison. We KNOW Africa is there, whether you choose to believe it's real or not, because we have scientific, physical and tangible proof that it is. Very different situation.


  22. We also know God is real, people just choose not to believe it. So do you believe in dirt or God?

  23. No, we DON'T know God is real. We don't KNOW that he is real at all. We BELIEVE that he is real. We have FAITH that he is real. But belief and faith are not based in evidence. There's a big difference.


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