Friday, October 14, 2011

Grocery shopping, my way

This week, as we do once every month, we got a delivery by semi truck from Azure Standard, an organic and natural foods co-op based in Oregon. Now that's large family living. I know my groceries are here when I hear the air brakes, and a 64-foot, 18-wheeler big rig pulls up in front of our house.

There are many reasons why I love Azure Standard. For one, I must say it's nice to be able to grocery shop in the middle of the night, pay online, and have everything dropped off in my driveway a few days later. But that's not all. The selection is fantastic, as are the prices. Because I operate what is called an "open drop point" (i.e. others who live nearby but don't meet the minimum order requirement may have their items dropped off with mine) I have gotten to meet many other health-minded locals, the vast majority of which are also Christian homeschoolers.

Everyone's products come boxed - we just sort them by last name in my driveway

My favorite products from Azure are their grains (grown on their own farm, and absolutely the best for all bread products), and their produce (again, grown by Azure themselves). This time of year, the produce is abundant and inexpensive. We bought three 20-lb boxes of organic apples for $10 each, and they are fantastic both juiced or eaten fresh. Azure plays a major part in our ability to afford to eat 100% organically grown foods. Most people that tell me they cannot afford to eat organically spend more per capita on food than we do, and don't eat nearly as well.

Azure now offers delivery to 22 states. The delivery is free if you live along one of their existing routes. If you live anywhere in the delivery area of Azure Standard, I highly recommend ordering from them!
Texas was added this year. See the big gap where New Mexico is? A little birdie told me that there are plans to start a route to New Mexico! So if you live there, and have been waiting for this, why not give them a call to tell them how much you LOVE this idea? Plus, you could suggest YOUR town as a stop on their regular route.


  1. I NEED them to deliver to NC! It is crazy how little access there is to getting a lot of organic foods here. I have a great desire to stop eating so much commercial produce.

  2. Any idea if there's a similar service in Canada? I live with plenty of access to fresh fruits and vegetables but some of my friends and family would love to take advantage of this.

  3. I would love to see a blog post telling about what you order from Azure. I just got their catalog, and I find it rather overwhelming!! (Good, just immense!)

  4. I also have their catalog but haven't ordered from them. There is a drop point near me as well, but like Diana J., it is overwhelming to me. I think I will look into it again. Thank you for the post.

  5. Hi there,
    I would also be interested to hear how you organise buying your organic food affordably. I have tried to buy organic in the past and found it too expensive at the supermarket and when I tried a box scheme I found there were lots of veggies we didn't eat and that the produce was not great quality eg: carrots that were rotten after 2 days in the fridge! I think I read on an older post that you have to volunteer some time at the co-op etc. It would be great to hear how you manage the set up to make it work for you. Is there a lot of organising to be done when you buy in bulk and how you got involved in the co-op? Perhaps you've written about this in an older post? I'm working my way through your whole blog but I've only just finished 2007. It is my little treat to read the posts in between work and chores, I'm learning so much, thank you!

  6. How brilliant! Tonnes of organic veggies right to your door!

    Super idea to tape everyones names to your driveway! ;)

  7. Azure Standard doesn't grow all their own fruits and veggies. They purchase many of the produce options from my work, up in the Pacific NW.

    Think to yourself... could they really grow papayas in Oregon? Or pineapple? Or bananas? No, of course not!

    But they do offer a great solution to the grocery store, don't they?

  8. I love Azure, we also use them!

  9. I would really love a post on your grocery purchases, and how you make your food stretch. I have seen you previously mention dinner leftovers for lunch, which is a great way not to let things go to waste.

    Thanks for this wonderful post on Azure. I live in Washington, and am always looking for organic options. As we live in a rural area, it is VERY hard to come by. I think you may have just solved this issue for us!

    - Andrea

  10. I just received my first catalog from them yesterday. Thank you for linking to their site.


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