Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A gift idea for that person you really hate

Drug stores everywhere are pushing the flu vaccine as part of their back-to-school sales. Still, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this marquee at a Walgreen's in Phoenix:

I know Christmas is still months away, but this gift idea can't wait. Especially since I read this article that urges anyone ages 6 months and over to get inoculated. Except those with severe allergies to eggs, as that is what they are using (well, chick embryos, really) to grow the viruses for these shots.

New this year is an all-in-one vaccine that protects against the swine flu, as well as a couple of other flu strains. Also new this year is a stronger version of the vaccine for seniors, which contains four times the standard dose for those 65 years and over. Yeah, let's give grandpa a gift that will kill him even faster! He might not get the flu, but he dead sure will get cancer.

In this clip, Bill Gates says:

"The world today has 6.8 billion people. That's heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent."

Why would he want to do so? Because, he says, we must cut worldwide carbon emissions to zero. As in, stop breathing. It can be accomplished by lowering the population to near zero, as he explains. Near zero, because he wants to be one of the few left standing. Of course, he's already a complete zero of a human being.


  1. what bill gates is trying to say (and has said else where) is that decreasing childhood mortality (the purpose of vaccines) will actually decrease the population size. I know it sounds odd, but it actually makes sense. He's speaking mostly about 3rd world countries where women try to guarantee that at least some (say 2) of their children will survive to adult hood (so they can be taken care of when they're old) by having many more children than they actually need. Lets say she thinks that in order to have 2 kids survive to adulthood, she needs to have 6 kids, she'll have six kids. But even if her guestimation is correct for the average family, it's not going to work out that way every single time (hence the use of the word "average"... so she and her neighbor both have six kids. Four of her children die, leaving her with the two that she wanted in the beginning... but her neighbor has much better luck and has four of the six kids survive. She has just "overpopulated" the earth.

    I know that you're thinking this sound ridiculous and harsh and very cold-hearted, but that's where he's coming from.

    He wasn't trying to imply that vaccines were going to be used to kill children or to render women sterile.

  2. I am puting this on my blog now. SICK!!!! People are so foolish to hear this and ignore it. Thanks for sharing.


  3. The sign is a marketing ploy- propaganda. A medical professional told my daughter(20) and I that when he joined the army he was given a flu shot then was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. He didn't think it was a coincidence and now he doesn't promote the flu shot or the chicken pox shot. He confided in us because my daughter has Type 1.

  4. There is only overpopulation in the cities. There was a book I wanted to read- The Birth Dearth by Ben Wattingham.

  5. Taryn, how would the military benefit from giving all of their soldiers type 1 diabetes?! You could argue that they're just testing it on them or something, but again, how is it beneficial to spend millions and probably billions of dollars to train soldiers only to turn around and debilitate them?!

    "there is only overpopulation in the cities." are you kidding me?! is your argument that if we spread the people out over the whole earth that we'd be fine? There'd be the same number of people with the same amount of carbon emissions. how would that solve anything?

  6. Christena, at the rate things are going, there aren't going to be ENOUGH people in the next generation! Overpopulation is a MYTH! Look at what happened in China: They limited the number of children people are allowed to have, and now there aren't enough young working people to care for the elderly.

    Carbon emissions aren't a problem. It's a political ploy. Stop drinking the Kool-aid!

  7. I have seen those gift cards as well. I stopped getting the flu shot many years ago because when I got one, I was sick ALL winter. NO THANKS! None for my family either. Good post.

  8. Page 63 of the book, The Way Home says Overpopulation does not exist. Mary Pride covers this subject well in her book discussing Malthus etc. Does everyone know that there are diploid cells in the chicken pox vaccine? People who pray for abortion to be abolished should know this. My older daughter came down with the measles after receiving the measles shot- no one told me of the risks. I had a miscarriage after getting the swine flu shot in the seventies then was told that it was a risk after I had been told that it was safe. Oh- my older daughter(27) has autism and lives in a group home. But I was recently told that a doctor faked the vaccine/autism connection. My children did not vaccinate their children and my pregnant daughter did not plan on getting the swine flu shot. She has a healthy baby daughter.

  9. I don't think it was a case of someone thinking they received a flu shot and actually receiving a "diabetes 1" shot. In reality, after having done the extensive research of vaccines that anyone ought to do before jumping to a conclusion, you would know that vaccines have been linked countless times to many autoimmune disorders and chronic conditions. Thus, the relation between getting a shot and developing a chronic condition.

    I refuse all vaccines for my kids. And yea, those who disagree can go ahead and tell me that you hope my children get dangerously ill and die to serve me right for my decision. That seems to be the general consensus from the people who believe everything the medical establishment says. :( Truth is NONE of it is true. I hate it when I know the truth and want to share it so bad but folks' eyes and ears are closed. Is it that we are afraid to be proven wrong on what we'd taken for granted for years? :(

  10. i'm not saying that everyone should get the vaccine, all i'm saying is that his point was not that somehow all of these vaccines are supposed to kill children or that they're supposed to sterilize women or cause abortions. that's all.

  11. and I wasn't trying to insinuate that the military was giving them a "type 1 diabetes" shot instead of a vaccine... what i was trying to say is that if they new that these vaccines could cause serious negative health effects there's no way that they would risk giving them to all of the soldiers after they've spent millions and perhaps billions of dollars training them. I'm not that idiotic.

  12. Lady, you completely missed the point of this video. Bill Gates isn't saying to kill everyone. Bill Gates is saying that if the population continues to grow explosively there's no way that we'll be able to produce enough food for everyone.

  13. I respect anyone's right to make their own decision about vaccines, and I totally agree that some are unnecessary and even undesirable.

    However, if global governments really wanted to control population, all they have to do is ban all vaccines. Then we'll go back to the days of widespread epidemics like smallpox and measles. Now there's effective population control for you, for those epidemics would kill far more people than the vaccines for them ever did.

  14. Christena and others,

    1. The world is NOT overpopulated. You can fit every single person in the world inside the city limits of Jacksonville, FL. Granted, that's standing room only, but it gives you an idea how VAST this world is compared to how little space us humans take up, including what space we need to grow our food. If you have ever driven around the US, for instance, you will have noticed that even in the most populated state (CA) you can drive for hours and hours and see nothing but rolling hills, with hardly any houses or small towns. Only the cities are crowded, and it's because our government wants to get us all to be centralized and thus easily controllable in large mega cities.

    Environmentalism and overpopulation are a hype generated by global elitists like Bill Gates to sell us a totalitarian one-world government.

    I have blogged about this before, but even according to the UN figures, the fertility rate worldwide is only 2.55 children per woman. Just to maintain current population levels, a global fertility rate of 2.33 is necessary. So there is no global "population explosion" going on. To see my previous post on this, please follow this link:


    The reason why people are starving in third world countries is because of the abusive governments that run them, and the needless wars that prevent these people from building infrastructure or growing crops and raising animals.

    Overpopulation also flies in the face of the Bible. I am not claiming that this world will be around forever, nor that we are responsible for keeping it inhabitable for millennia to come. I guess that would be a pretty daunting task. Seems to me some people think the sun won't even come up in the morning unless the government makes sure it does. God is the one who will cause all kinds of environmental havoc when he pours out his wrath on this earth, and eventually, he will burn the earth and everything in it up completely, and create a new earth.

    2. Vaccines have been, and still are, used to promote infertility in developing countries. Again, I have blogged about this before:


    One example are the mass tetanus vaccination campaigns that the World Health Organization was carrying out in the 1990s. It raised suspicions because only women of child-bearing age were vaccinated. After the vials were tested, it was found out that they were contaminated with hCG, a hormone women produce in order to sustain their pregnancy. After being vaccinated with it, women then developed anti-hCG, with the result of chronically miscarrying any future pregnancies due to the anti-hCG in their blood stream. These miscarriages occur so early on that most women were never aware of them, kind of as is the case with hormonal birth control, which are abortifacients.

    You can read more on that subject here:


    Being a victim of forced vaccinations as a child, when I was growing up in the communist east block, I have read about and studied the subject of vaccines extensively. Sadly, the same can seldom be said about those who are quickest to defend vaccines. I am not one to blindly follow popular party lines, medically or otherwise. Bloodletting was considered standard practice two centuries ago, while routine handwashing has not even been a part of medical care until a hundred years ago. Of course, had doctors looked to the Bible, they would have known they were dead wrong (no pun intended) on both issues.

  15. I see that you published my comment, only after editing it. Classy.

    What I don't think you get is that the Bible was written over 2000 years ago by a bunch of nomadic tribes who were trying to explain their daily life. The people who wrote it had no idea that most of Europe existed, much less East Asia, and forget about North and South America, and Australia. They had no idea about anything outside of the Middle East. Originally, the Hebrew tribe was a fertility cult (hence the prohibitions against homosexuality), but eventually morphed into what we can recognize today as the precursor the Jewish faith. There is evidence that if some of these supposed Bible authors actually existed, they were suffering from psychotic delusions. You are essentially following the ramblings of a bunch of prehistoric paranoid schizophrenics.

    Although I can't say I'm surprised, seeing as you married a sociopath.

  16. Dear "anonymous",

    it's funny you should accuse anyone of having psychotic delusions when you, in fact, suffer from the same.

    I do not know what gave you the idea that I in any way "edited" your comment. When I receive a comment, I either publish or reject it.

    In fact, I received at least two dozen comments left by "anonymous" commenters that I didn't publish, because they were either rude, inappropriate, stupid, or just simply because I don't feel the need to publish comments from people who value their own opinions so little that they won't even attach their name to it. The two published "anonymous" comments above were received exactly as they appear here, since I have neither the time, inclination, nor option to edit them. If I didn't want to publish the comment in its original, I just would not have published it at all. You are flattering yourself.

    Either you cannot recall your own anonymous rantings, or there are a lot of other crazy cowards like you out there who left something similar to what you said.

  17. Zsuzsanna,
    Have you ever read, "How the Other Half Dies" by Susan George? The book is about the misconceptions regarding famine and overpopulation. What really amazes me is how many people, conservatives, liberals, buy into the (wrong) idea that women in underdeveloped countries should simply stop having children. It's as if some people are so privileged from having 401k's and social security they can't understand that those children are literally their parents future.

  18. So it appears this year's shots are now available in Oklahoma. The prices this year are $25.00 for flu shots, $15.00 for B-12 shots, and $55.00 for pneumonia shots, which are good for 5 years.

    Am I gonna get any of them? NO WAY! I'd rather maybe get the flu due to no shot rather than a guaranteed flu plus mercury plus syphilis plus whatever other germs they put in those things!

  19. Do not forget the mercury they put into some vaccines as a 'preservative" and it is named thimerosal. What do you expect from doctors who swear by a heathen god Apollo & whose caduceus symbol is a snake

    Rev 12:9 - And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

  20. Zsuzsanna,
    I respect the fact that you don't feel it's right to vaccinate your kids. That's your choice and no one can really change that except you. However, it is important to keep the current vaccine preventable disease outbreaks in mind. If you are unfamiliar with what I'm referring to here are a few links:

    I have at least 18 other credible sources that I can send you as well.

    I realize this post can't change your mind, but bear with me here.

    Imagine having to watch your 2 month old godchild suffer from whooping cough for WEEKS, all because one of the kids in the neighborhood wasn't vaccinated and was carrying the disease. The cough caused 2 of her ribs to crack and it was the most disturbing sound I have ever heard in my life. Personally, if I can avoid seeing a child suffer just by getting a few shots, then by all means I'll do it.

    You probably won't have a change of heart and vaccinate your kids after reading this and that's honestly not why I'm writing this. Just keep those around you in mind.


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